Take The Cult Kool-Aid Vaccines?

WILL WE SAY “NO!” BEFORE ITS TOO LATE? I’ve coined the term [so-to-speak] ‘Branch COVIDIANS‘, as people in our society who not only believes every word coming from corporations and ‘authoritative’ sources’ as God’s word to their ears, BUT will demand that YOU drink the Kool-Aid right along side them once these same gods say […]

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AI In The Problem Reaction Solution False Flag Era

Author Effie Trinket Manufactured Problem (via spec-ops, military industrial complex false flag mass shooting [More specifically, a compartmentalized USNORTHCOM/DHS operation made to go LIVE): REACTION: The globalists LOVE this, remember, from their point of view: “Terrorism is FOR THE CAMERAS” “SOLUTION”: Cybernetic dictatorship (“Governance”) via autonomous artificial intelligence weaponized surveillance and behavioral modification systems, planned and […]

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Regarding The Trump Operation…

I wrote… FACING TOMORROW’S HIGH-TECH SCHOOL SURVEILLANCE https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/69016/facing-tomorrows-hightech-school.html Total enslavement indoctrination. Could you imagine how people would have reacted to this thirty, forty years ago? ===================================================== Reply By Effie Trinket There’s some very important ‘finer details” you need to be aware of regarding the Trump operation.  Even people who are awake, I am pretty sure would […]

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