Don’t try and sell me on any of these Trump 911 insiders / neocons like a sleazy car salesman!

It’s amazing how the Trump presidency has got patriots to side with evil (i.e. Giuliani) so quickly and easily.
Peoples Exhibit #1.) THE BIG LIE
For Giuliani to claim that Building 7 collapsed in stages is completely bizarre and totally inaccurate. One has to wonder if he is intentionally attempting to mislead with such a wildly false statement. Giuliani attempting to re-write history in an attempt to deflect clearly documented accusations that Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition.

He admits the buildings imploded in a surprising fashion and that he knew they would collapse that day “over a period of time”. Never happened before, but he says the way other buildings collapse. Rudy Giuliani is a lying weasel that literally did 9/11 and got away with it to become a billionaire off the following terror hype (SEE GIULIANI CYBER SECURITY FIRM)

Giuliani Caught In Bizarre Building 7 Lie

Rudy Giuliani has been caught in a bizarre lie about WTC 7, in which he claims the building collapsed in stages over a sustained period of time, when in reality the structure fell in under seven seconds.

Peoples Exhibit #2) Prior knowledge twin towers would collapse

In an ABC News interview, Giuliani states that he was “told that the World Trade Center was gonna’ collapse,” and that it did collapse, referring to the 9:59 destruction of the South Towers, and implies that the warning was not well in advance of the event.

I’m sure the NYCFD would like to have known that because THEY did NOT get any warning that day.  Specially one from Rudy himself who knew that the towers some many firefighters were in would collapse

Is Rudy all of the sudden going to come clean on who gave him private intel that an unprecedented collapse of a skyscraper was just about to happen? Me thinks not.

Peoples Exhibit #3) Assisting Shadow ‘Authorities’ With The  ‘Scoop & Dump’ operation to remove evidence how 911 was conducted and body parts of victims as quickly as possible.

“Prior to November 2001, 101 bodies or remains of fire fighters had been recovered. And those on the horrible pile at Ground Zero believed they had just found a spot in the rubble where they would find countless more that could be given proper burial.

Nevertheless, Giuliani, with the full support of his Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, decided on November 2, 2001, to sharply reduce the number of those who could search for remains at any one time. There had been as many as 300 fire fighters at a time involved in search and recovery, but Giuliani cut that number to no more than 25 who could be there at once.

In conjunction with the cut in fire fighters allowed to search, Giuliani also made a conscious decision to institute a “scoop-and-dump” operation to expedite the clean-up of Ground Zero in lieu of the more time-consuming, but respectful, process of removing debris piece by piece in hope of uncovering more remains.

Mayor Giuliani’s actions meant that fire fighters and citizens who perished would either remain buried at Ground Zero forever, with no closure for families, or be removed like garbage and deposited at the Fresh Kills Landfill.”

 Peoples Exhibit #4) Cashing In On 911

Why Rudy Giuliani Can’t Stop Cashing in on 9/11
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has made millions from his Sept. 11 grandstanding and has positioned himself for a presidential run based on his 9/11 persona. How much longer will he get away with it?

Many Wonder, Did Giuliani Profit From 9/11?  Did Giuliani profit from 9/11 situation?

When Rudy Giuliani left office in 2001, he was worth a little less than $2 million. But official filings show he now could be worth 30 times that amount. And that has critics charging he’s exploited a tragedy.

Many in New York and other places wonder how Giuliani has suddenly become a multi-millionaire in just a span of few years. One of them is FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches, whose son died in 9/11 tragedy.

Riches says Giuliani is making money on the backs of his dead son and all other dead victims that day. Giuliani always uses 9/11 in his speeches and collects money for every speech he makes he wrote a book Leadership about this 9/11 tragedy and how he managed those troubling times.

Now I ask SOBAR patriots… Is Rudy going to kill the 911 goose that has laid so many golden eggs for the former mayor?  I think not.



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