Misinformation Operation With NAFTA / TPP And Trump. Buyer Beware!

Both the so-called ‘alt media’ and ‘globalist’ media organizations are ‘jointly’ putting out a disinformation campaign that Donald Trump’s election victory has… “Killed TPP” and that “the globalists are “FORCED To Renegotiate NAFTA because of Trump’s presidential victory”.

The above information is categorically FLASE.  TPP’s survival has been put on hold for the ‘long scheduled’ possible renegotiation of older globalist trade treaties (i.e. NAFTA) that TPP (not Trump) will have an effect on.

These treaty ‘renegotiations’ are a result of the TPP itself and, has ‘nothing’ what-so-ever to do with Donald Trump.

Because of TPP complications, Obama has been forced to admit he’s been trying to renegotiate NAFTA for quite some time.

“Finally, one final point, and it’s crucial. Because Canada and Mexico are a part of the agreement, TPP represents an opportunity to renegotiate NAFTA. In fact, by raising environmental and labor standards and beefing up enforcement, TPP will fix a lot of what was wrong with NAFTA in the first place.”  – Barack Obama,  Written Oct 27 2016 BEFORE Trump’s victory

The TPP itself has had to be ‘renegotiated’ because it’s caused problems for existing globalist treaties such as NAFTA.  If TPP dies, it won’t be because of Donald Trump whose presidential victory has provided a great distraction to the larger issue that the globalists didn’t think TPP all the way through on how it would effect existing globalist treaties like NAFTA.   Which I believe is the big cat the globalists don’t want to get out of the bag. You also may have to consider that TPP itself was just a trial ballon from it’s inception.  A ‘blue print’ to work future globalist treaties out of.

TPP Problems Long Before Donald Trump

Upgrading the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)


Obama’s NAFTA Promise Resurfaces, Harper Spokesperson Denies Renegotiations (which the 2014 ‘denial’ was complete BS all along, as gov document above clearly shows)



The point being, is that the Trump presidency hasn’t even begun yet already the controlled pro Trump and mainstream media, have used Trump to push a ‘joint’ disinformation campaign that Trump is single handedly ‘shaking up’ trade talks when in ‘reality’, the shake up in international trade talks has been going on long before Trump was even elected.

It seems to me that Obama is trying hard to get the NAFTA ‘renegotiation’ process hammered out quickly to make it easier for Trump to get TPP ASAP once he is in office.


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