The Big Banks Just Love Donald Trump

Where’s Gerald Celente when you need him?   Fortunately you’ve got me when others don’t speak up.

With Donald Trump’s presidential victory, all the world’s banks popped open the champaign to celebrate.  Uber globalist Forbes magazine boasted..

“Why Donald Trump’s Election Is The Best Thing That’s Happened For Banks In Years”

The jubilee by the banks seems to run in stark contrast of Trump’s populist message that got him elected.  Although my detractors would say… “but… but… but… money is going to be falling from the sky into everyones pockets to rebuild the entire planet creating a ‘super’ global economy”   Yeah, that’s the sales pitch, but I don’t think that’s what’s even remotely going to happen with Trump and the banks.

Lies Damn Lies

One of the reasons why the princess of darkness, Hillary Clinton herself, was probably throwing anything that wasn’t nailed down at her campaign team on election night, was for the cold hard fact that she knew she could NOT finish what her husband started when he ‘partially’ repealed  Glass-Steagall.

What was ‘supposed’ be diametrically opposite of the Clinton’s, was Trump’s populist message of “getting tough with the globalists”, which was ‘supposed’ to include the banks.

The celebration by the banks is all you need to know that Donald Trump flat out lied to the American people in his “no more globalism” promise, specifically on his promise of “breaking up the big banks” / “restoring Glass-Steagall” (Part of the larger Banking Act) and “banking accountability” [1]

According to every financial media outlet partial to big banks (not just Forbes), Trump’s economic plan is to finish what Bill Clinton started by fully deregulating the Banks.  Good-Bye Glass-Steagall.

However, as Trump deregulates the banks, I’m sure the corporate media will cry a river and act like Trump just threw his banker buddies into the ‘briar patch’

Money For Nothing

Obviously Trump’s election message about ‘happy economic days being here again” was simply the repackaging of what the Clinton crowd told us after they deregulated the banks.  My questions about this Clinton 2.0 bank deal we got from Trump are thus…

1.) The Banks are boasting that cash is going to start flowing like water out of a spigot, with Trump’s bank promise of deregulation.  We’ve seen over and over that the banks don’t have the money to hand out so, where will all this money come from?

My educated guess is that all this money the banks plan on handing out is going to come from the US taxpayer as the fed will undoubtedly print more funny money to give to the banks.  Which means even more debt for the United States.  Which begs a ‘sub-question’, will we see negative interest charges at the bank and pensions finally being sucked dry for good under Trump?

2.) Who are the banks going to be giving all this low interest money to in the first place?

With the deregulation of the banks, this crony capitalism scam get’s a new lease on life under Trump under the cloak of being a ‘populist plan’.   Trump (with the help of the corporate media) simply repackaged the same old neocon crony capitalism deregulation banking system as ‘populist economic reform’ plan.

You Can bet your bottom US dollar  that low interest loans will go to special interest groups like hedge fund entities, who will in kind, drive up the derivative market speculating on ‘globalist’ ventures.  We’ve seen this all before.  The very people who will be getting all this ‘new’ unregulated cash, are the very money junkies Trump was supposed to protect our tax dollars and economy from.


What the banks and their investors are most likely drooling over with Trump as their ‘banker’ president, is Trump’s so-called ‘infrastructure plan’ which according to Donald Trump’s own presidential website has much more to do with jet fighters than bridges and roads.

One has to wonder what other investment possibilities will become available once Trump needs to have this ballooned military of his actually do something.


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