Jeff Rense et al Indoctrinating Duped Trump Supporters NOT To Question Trump.

This very unpopular article was written BEFORE Trump has taken office.  Maybe in time, it will prove NOT to be so ‘unpopular’ after all, but uncannily accurate.

I’ll get this out of the way, right off the bat,  because ‘I KNEW’ Trump was a Trojan horse  long before the election so, the candidate I voted for was Castle, NOT Hillary.  Is that clear Jeff Rense?

Before, I give Jeff Rense the rebuttal he so deservers the following must be made known…

So, how did a non left, non Ted Cruz Patriot such as myself know not to trust Trump?  I mean, ‘everyone‘ trusted Trump right?

To answer that I’ll take you to the 2012 election where a guy named Barrack Obama was ‘sold’ to the public  (in 2008) that he in no way, would be anything like George Bush,  After All, this was “hope and change to believe in “, right?

I also knew that the self proclaimed ‘New World Order’ globalists, like to play the left, right paradigm against the general public who ‘allows‘ themselves to get swept up by such primitive thinking.  So, logic dictated, that those who control the elections and those who are ‘chosen‘ to participate in them, would bring forth a ‘republican‘ to lead the ‘captured‘ once United States into a ‘paradigm right‘ globalist agenda.

The 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Would Have To Be Reverse Engineered From The Obama Blueprint.

In order for the controllers to sell a ‘Hope and Change’ agent to the political right, he / she would have to be presented to the public as the anti-establishment candidate.  I knew this right after the 2012 elections.

Radio talk show host, and internet giant Alex Jones, had repeated over, and over, and over again, that in order to ‘SELL‘ the American people on a ‘believable’ globalist who has ‘all’ the outward appearances of an ‘anti-globalist’, the controllers would have to publicly demonize that candidate.   He was absolutely correct, and what better way to ‘sell’ a Trojan horse to the political right, than to hire the best professional ‘salesman’ for the job, Donald Trump.

The First Dead Give Away Donald Trump Was Chosen To Be The 2016 ‘Hope and Change Agent’, 24/ 7 Television / Radio Print Globalist Controlled Media Coverage and Demonization

When a presidential candidate / political figure is truly feared, or even disliked, the globalists will give that person a full globalist media ‘blackout‘.  Ala Ron Paul (who isn’t without some faults of his own.)

In 2014, almost a full 2 years before the 2016 election would even happen,  the globalist controlled media went all out giving Donald Trump 27 / 7 attention out of thin air.  This alone should have raised red flags with people (like Jeff Rense) who are supposed to be the ‘watchmen’ over the globalists themselves.

At the very time, in 2014, it made absolutely zero sense that the globalist media, (the mainstream media) would give Donald Trump 24 /7 coverage.  It made even less sense why they were so insistent that we had to listen to ‘every word‘ Donald Trump said and to make sure “we all tune in tomorrow” for the next so-called Trump outrage.  The reader has to remember that all this mainstream media coverage started in early to mid 2014, BEFORE there was ANYONE paying attention to Donald Trump, let alone anything that even remotely resembled a ‘Trump Train’.

All this attention made absolute zero sense because (at that time) Donald Trump was saying absolutely nothing that would have even warranted the globalist media coverage he was getting in the first place.

More Pieces Of The Puzzle Fall Into Place. 

Even though Donald Trump wasn’t saying anything to warrant all the attention, the ‘paid-for-left‘ was immediately given a platform to speak out against Trump, who again, wasn’t even saying he had any intentions of running for political office.   The placement of ‘left opposition‘ into this ridiculous early Trump media coverage began almost as quickly as the Trump coverage itself started.  These actions by the globalist media should have been the second red flag to ALL of those in the so-called ‘alt-media‘ on the internet. It SHOULD have been obvious to the ‘trained eye’ that the globalists were using their ‘social-engineering’ tool, known as ‘their’ media, to ‘create out of thin air‘ a right / left paradigm using Donald Trump to play the part of the right half of the paradigm.

It is of the utmost importance that the reader understand that Trump’s ‘left-opposition’ is actually apart of the ‘Trump deception’ itself.  Two asymmetric elements working together like two cog wheels meshed together going in different directions yet, working together for the bigger machine.

I will explore this right / left paradigm ‘operation’ and how it is working in real time to this day, at some other point in the near future.   However, the so-called alt media giving the Trump ‘left-opposition’ excessive media coverage is a part of this asymmetric warfare operation by itself.  Ala Alex Jones.

Trump Goes On CBS 60 Minutes, Betrays His Duped Followers, Jeff Rense And ‘Other ‘ So-Called Alt-Media Spring Into ‘Damage Control’ Action.

Jeff Rense can’t take ‘all’ the credit for fronting ‘Trump damage control’ antics.  Radio, TV, Internet sensation Alex Jones had been literally pounding into the heads of his follower’s ‘before’ the 60 minute interview that the “corporate media was brainwashing the masses that Trump was NOT upholding his campaign promises”.  Alex Jones must have been in panic mode as Trump’s globalist / neocon recruiting was moving forward at breakneck speed because, Alex Jones produced at least one video a week screaming at his listeners NOT to trust their own eyeballs as Trump selected one globalist / neocon after another to be a part of his transition team / cabinet.

When the 60 minuet interview aired and Trump himself gushed all over his good friends the Clintons and promised “not to pursue prosecution” of either Clinton, alt-media ‘regulars’ completely flipped out.  Alex Jones and company immediately produced a Youtube video…  “Media Lied About Trump No Prosecution of Hillary / First 100 Days” [1], This video was major disinformation on at least three accounts.  1.) The ‘corporate media’ simply ‘reported’ what came out of Donald Trump’s very own mouth during his CBS interview.  2.) In Infowars’ own posted video, ‘claiming’ that Trump’s prosecution of Hillary was “still on the table”,   Trump himself never said once that he misspoke during his 60 minute interview, reversing his ‘get out of prosecution’ stance on Hillary.  3.) As a side note, Trump did in fact, flat out lie in this Infowars video to his duped followers when said that he had “selected patriots” to his transition team and cabinet selection.  Infowars did not even challenge this outrages lie, when Trump has done nothing of the sort, except line himself up with a chalk-full-of hard core neocons and globalists that would make old man Bush blush.  (See ‘Project Trump’ [2] for a little bit of ‘truth’ for a change)

Jeff Rense, after the 60 minutes interview, also immediately produced a similar Trump damage control Youtube video with a different spin… ‘Jeff Rense & Linda Stone – Did The Cult Give Trump A ‘Briefing’?‘ [3] Jeff Rense who normally charges to listen to his interviews was gracious enough this time to put it out for free.  Imagine?

The supposition of the Jeff Rense Trump damage control video, is this idea that Trump basically had a gun put up to his head, and was “forced” to essentially ‘pardon’ Hillary by walking away from leading a ‘special prosecution team’.

The ‘briefing theorem’ concocted by Rense hinges on Trump’s ‘historical’ statements of i.e. 911 and Trump’s supposed being against the Iraq war.  Having personally listened to Trump post 911 interviews, I wouldn’t exactly call them proof positive Trump a ‘truther’ / ‘anti-war’.  As far as Trump’s ‘historic’ take on the ‘Iraq war’, Trump himself has stated on multiple occasions that he didn’t have a  problem with going into Iraq / Afghanistan but rather “how the war was executed” i.e. “we didn’t even get the oil”.  Such statements like that, sound more like something old man Bush would say and not some anti-war candidate.

Jeff Rense really must think his listeners are dumb as a box of rocks when he tells them in this video …  “Look who Trump has (historically) surrounded himself with.”  This statement is Jeff Rense’s absurd argument when defending Trump’s character.  However, and this is a big ‘however’, Rense himself neglects to tell his audience that a couple of Trump’s close friends ‘historically’ are the Clintons themselves! [4]   Which, makes Trump’s statements on the Clintons during his 60 minute interview logical from Trump’s  own point of view.

Rense also neglected to mention in his ‘Trump damage control video’, that Trump had been working with neocons and globalists ‘BEFORE’ trump even ever got elected.    Trump’s pro TPP and globalist VP section was the first alarm bell that was sounded which so-called alt-media news just blew off.  Other Trump neocon / globalist ‘hook-ups’ that were ‘blown off’ by the so-called ‘alt-media’ were… Mr. 911 himself, Rudy Giulani, Newt Gingrich (who Rense apparently is NOW cheerleading for) and Mr. PNAC’s (Michael Ledeen)  co author and William McCrystal’s boy toy, LT Gen Flynn.  Let’s not forget ultra globalist / neocon friend Ted Cruz as well just to name a few shady characters surrounding Trump pre-election.  As a side note, I wrote an article connecting the dots of neocon / globalist campaign contributions raised by Ted Cruz that were given t oTrump via a super PAC ‘conduit’ between the two [5]

Is the so-called ‘alt-media’ playing their part to ‘reboot’ the neocon 2.0 agenda of more ‘war on terror’? 

Stay tuned to this article..


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