They Don’t Thank You Or Apologize, When You Are ‘PROVEN’ Correct, They Ban You.

It was a good ride on the Prison Planet Forum while it lasted, but having been proven right that Donald Trump was indeed a globalist Trojan horse was just too much for the Prison Planet Forum to handle.  This, even before they banned me from the forum.

Responding to disagreements using facts and links to backup opinion clearly would NOT be tolerated on the Prison Planet forum when it involved the topic of Donald Tromp.  Disagreements of opinion was not something uncommon on the forum but being a thorn in the side of the Trump believers was just too taboo for the moderators

Freedom of speech that the Prison Planet  forum touts is ‘free’, as long as that speech doesn’t upset Trump supporters.

I was the very first person on the internet to SUCCESSFULLY predict that Donald Trump was New World Order plant with my ‘A Republican Will Step Forward’  back in early February  2016.  However, that ‘prediction’ was based off of an earlier 2012 post election prediction.

I documented on the above thread that Trump’s ‘actions‘ before and during the election were NOT consistent with the theme he and his corporate media sponsors were having us all believe.  This all is documented at the link in the above thread.

Post Election Deceptions By Trump And The Faithful Can’t handle it. 

Even though I did get support from some of the ‘moderators’ the Trump ‘deception’ issue was just too much for all of them to handle.

When Trump broke the very promise that arguably got Trump elected.  Setting up a special criminal prosecutor to indict Hillary Clinton, I wrote this to the Trump supporters at the forum:


“You can either take the blue pill and make up excuses that will make burying your head in the sand that much easier.  OR, you can take the ‘reality pill’ and face the fact that Trump a NWO (new world order) plant, who told you exactly what you wanted to hear, and you will not be deceived any further.”

Obviously, they chose the ‘blue pill’.  Yet it is poetic justice on my end that the above was almost the very last thing I posted at that ‘truth’ forum.



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