150 Million Reasons Why Trump Was A Neocon / Globalist Plant From Day One.


People who believed that Donald Trump was to be ‘Hope And Change’ 2.0 are NOW beginning to learn of the cruel deception they fell victim to.  I tried to warn fellow patriots that this is exactly what was ‘planned’ to happen by the controllers of this planet.


The above link will prove to you that I saw this ‘Trump deception’ coming as far back as 2012, and tried to warn many a patriot.    I also tried to explain to patriot Americans, that the controllers in no way, would ever ‘allow’ Hillary Clinton access to the white house.  This ‘should have’ become very apparent to everyone after her globalist master’s first denial to the white house was made back in 2008.

However, there is one thing that will be proven without a shadow of a doubt, that Trump had been working together with the neocons / globalists to get him elected, and it’s is hidden right in plain view.  I should also make it clear to the reader that these ‘neocon globalist’ under Trump are  not ‘your father’s neocons‘, but more of a ‘neocon 2.0’ variety

Neocon Money Bomb Operation  #NEVERTRUMP To Fuel Trump’s Presidential Campaign 

Does everyone remember the dog and pony show Ted Cruz and Donald Trump put on during the 2016 primary?  The two of them acting as if Ted Cruz (a bonafide neocon and globalist thru and thru) was ‘out to get Trump’ “if it was the very last thing” Cruz would do!  Well Cruz was indeed out ‘to get‘ Trump alright.  Ted Cruz was always out to get Trump elected to the presidency.

The neocons like the Bushes had to get money to Donald Trump’s campaign somehow undetected. (remember old man Bush giving the ‘cut throat’ sign at the primary debates? lol)  Well, the neocons came up with a pretty good scheme and it worked like a charm.

Ted Cruz was taking donations while on his so-called #NEVERTRUMP crusade that ended up netting almost 150 million dollars by the time Cruz dropped out of the race, and Trump  the FEC records shows, apparently seized the loot for his presidential campaign. [1]  What’s even more interesting, and something most of Trump’s followers don’t even know, is that Trump was one of the first donors to what would wind up being his own presidential campaign war chest, back in 2014! [2]

As a side note, if you go to the ‘Prison Planet Forum’ link that I provided at the top of the page, you’ll note that I wrote about the importance of the year 2014.  2014, being the same year that the corporate media began to give Trump 24 / 7 coverage while ‘branding him’ as a patriot (or so-called ‘alt-right’) to the masses.   “A man of the people.”  “Hated by the globalist” … A cover story we’re all led to believe to be true.

It’s my strong opinion that Trump and Cruz played this super PAC ‘con job’ to the nines.

#NEVERTRUMP served to distract the public from the very fact that the super PAC, AND that the direct funds it was raising from globalist and neocon donors, would apparently wind up in Trump’s presidential war chest. [3]  Trump played his part in this charade by threatening to sue Cruz for his anti-trump campaign ads .  No law suits were ever issued by Trump, and legally, Cruz never crossed the line, but all in all, it did make for one hell of a dog and pony show. [4]  A show that had everyone convinced Trump and Cruz were adversaries and NOT ACTUALLY WORKING TOGETHER.

Also as it turned out, Trump’s right hand man, Bannon himself, donated to the Trump / Cruze clandestine globalist campaign war chest via breitbar.com [9]

Which neocon / globalists donated almost 150 million dollars to Trump’s presidential campaign through the #NEVERTRUMP Operation? 

With Cruze embedded to top neocons and globalists these ‘linked sources’ below can begin to paint the secretive landscape of ‘possible’ neocon and globalist donors to Trump’s presidential campaign, covertly through Cruz #NEVERTRUMP donation crusade.  It should come as no surprise that some names in the linked sources have already appeared in Trump’s ‘transition apparatus’ [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]

The sources for the Trump / Cruz neocon connections are voluminous and only scratch the surface of Ted Cruz’s ‘deep ties’ to neocons and globalist. So, it is no leap of faith in putting 2 and 2 together, that the near 150 million Trump apparently seized from the Cruz campaign,  were donations from the same neocon globalist’s that Cruz was lobbying.  Which SHOULD, in turn, explain Trump’s pre and post election love affair with neocons and globalists.

But how was the neocon / globalist campaign super PAC loot transferred to Trump’s presidential war chest without raising suspicion?

Enter (Longtime Friend of Trump} [11] One Kellyanna Conway  ‘The Middle Woman’ 

The more I researched Kellyanne Conway, the more I came to the conclusion that ‘beauty pageants’ in the United States must serve as political ‘honeypot operative’ recruiting centers.  Ala Sarah Palin?

I’ll spare you Kellyannes remarkable resume, where she goes from blueberry packing to a black widow of sorts, whose web is tangled up with every political republican hotshot.  What’s important to know about Kellanne Conway is her long time relationship with Donald Trump, and how Trump’s casino luck was shinning down on him the day one of his former board members [12] ‘just happened’ to land a job as Ted Cruz’s campaign manager.

With Conway, The Globalist Media Created A ‘Sea Of Distraction’ From The Really ‘Big Question’.  The Obvious, Yet Strange, Transition Question.

Suspicious minds had ‘rightfully’ asked… “why on earth would Ted Cruz #NEVERTRUMP campaign manager soon start working for Donald Trump?”  This is an extremely interesting question that was asked because, one has to remember, that Kellyanna Conway herself was in the eye of the #NEVERTRUMP operation storm working for Ted Cruz.   The question of her sudden flip flop, ‘understandably’,  didn’t make any sense to the unsuspecting observer.

Obviously, if the corporate globalist media had pursued the WHY? question, the possible transfer of the globalist / neocon 150 million dollars of funds into Trump’s campaign war chest, would have been a neon flashing sign of deception.  The deception gig would have been up for Trump, and the globalist plan to get him into the white house as a political ‘outsider’.

So, every globalist mocking bird outfit flooded the airwaves and internet with the meme that Donald Trump was a “woman hater”, and that Conway “was able to keep him under control”. [11][13]  ‘Conway the woman hater tamer‘, was echoed high and low ‘instead of’ focusing on the elephant in the room, which was, her jumping onboard her ‘supposed’ #NEVERTRUMP arch enemy’s ship in the first place.

Who Paid The Plummer?  No, it’s More Like… “Who Transferred The Globlist Loot Into Trump’s Campaign War Chest?”

Trump’s neocon machine and his globalist partners think his faithful followers are so stupid, that they all can even boast in public about taking the globalist loot right under the noses of the Trump’s supporters themselves.  The swaggering by the Trump machine was so flamboyant, that Even Trump’s right hand man Bannon’s own website ‘breitbart.com’, couldn’t help but boast about the globalist funds transfer from Cruz to Trump.  [14]

The plan was to bring in the globalist loot through Cruze’s super PAC ‘Keep The Promise’.   Hedge fund mogul  Robert Mercer was the ‘front man’, and Kellyanne Conway was the middle woman [15] who over saw the operation for the Trump and now defunct Cruz campaigns.  To obfuscate suspicion, the corporate media put out the ‘disclaimer’ that the ‘new’ super PAC (‘Defeat Crooked Hillary’)  was “NOT” a Donald Trump newly seized ‘donation conduit’, but rather an anti-Hillary Clinton PAC. [16]  This would prove to be a flat out lie BUT,  naming the globalist / neocon donation conduit ‘defeat crooked Hillary’ gave the Trump machine a cloaking devise for globalist donors to donate, while patriot Americans who thought the super PAC funny and clever, never knew they were actually cheering for the bad guys in the process.

The Cruz / Trump neocon / globalist donation conduit would later morph directly into another name change, ‘Make America #1’. [17]  With the third name there was no question that the slippery Super PAC  was always a Trump donation conduit and nothing more.


Following the Cruz money transfer over to Trump, is interesting to say the very least.  Trump claimed early into his campaign he was financing much of his campaign himself.

In May of 2016 Ted Cruze drops out of the presidential race.

In August of 2016 Kellyanne Conway enters into the Trump campaign picture.  However, it was in June that the super PAC had morphed into ‘Defeat Crooked Hillary’ BEFORE she was ‘officially’ announced as part of the Trump campaign (which was in August 2016). This fact to me shows obvious ‘collusion’ with the neocon / globalist Cruz campaign financial war chest BEFORE Conway was ever a Trump campaign employee. (One has to ask if Trump getting the globalist loot was ‘THE PROMISE’ TO KEEP?)

Early October rolls around and Trump has in his financial war chest the exact amount of funds that WAS in Ted Cruz’s war chest, around 150 million.[18]  Just dumb luck?   My question was, did Cruze ‘donate’ his entire campaign money by rolling it over to Trump?  If it wasn’t for the fact that the two were involved in campaign money transfers, the question wouldn’t need to be asked in the first place.

The bottom line in all of this globalist / neocon 2.0 Cruz / Trump money go-round, is that the powers that be were much more behind Trump than the mainstream OR, ‘so-called’ alt media wanted you to believe.

However, let’s be clear about one thing.   The power brokers would NEVER ‘really allow’ a person like Trump making nationalist promises, any media coverage what-so-ever to get a following.  This lesson was learned during Ross Perot’s presidential campaign and was the reason Ron Paul in 2008 received a virtual media blackout.

The Trump neocon ruse is part of a operation / counter-operation-ONE-OPERATION.   The globalists want ‘a controlled’ nationalism (the operation), while they tear down nationalism (counter operation) at the very same time (one operation working together)

With the extent of the corruption globally, and all the collusion that surrounds it,  a ‘real’ “man of the people” will never be allowed to “drain the swamp” until he get’s ‘real’ non globalist backing in high places.   Which probably will not occur until the whole corrupt system implodes on itself.


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[18] foxbusiness.com Trump’s  FEC reported campaign finances.


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