Trump Operative’s Absurd ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’ Meme.

Every time Trump surrounds himself with yet another globalist or neocon it’s sure to be followed by some ‘jack-in-the-box’ who will pop up in the comment section, or in a YouTube video just to pound into your head… Don’t trust your own eyeballs… It’s not what you think… go back to sleep”  Trump’s “keeping his enemies close”

No matter that Trump’s betrayal is staked out on the front lawn for even the ‘blind’ to see.

It’s one thing to keep your enemies close when were talking about one or two guys.  However, this absurd meme that has been put out like a broken record has gotten rather old, and down right stupid since it’s been used on an ‘army of enemies‘ going all the way back to the hiring of TPP pushing Pence as Trump’s VP.

The ‘keep your enemies close’ meme being perpetuated by the Trump Op is so absurd at this point, that it’s on the level of comparing it to George Washington surrounding himself with the entire British command structure.  I guess if you thought the British military were that stupid and Washington had them ALL fooled, then more power to ya.

However, you don’t have Washington keeping an ‘army’ of enemies close, you simply have Benedict Arnold here.

In this totally absurd video it’s author tries to turn reality completely on it’s head by making the outrageous claim that Trump’s globalist / neocon cabinet selections are simply “decoys” and NOT to pay attention to them.

Here are the real ‘DISTRACTIONS

Jill Stein

Trump’s Tweets

Anti-Trump Protesters

Castro’s Death

ANYTHING coming out of the corporate media

Most ‘crap’ coming out of BOTH the right and left ‘ALT-media’

Breakfast Cereal Wars

Democrat’s rants

and on and on…

You know what is NOT a distraction / decoy?  WHAT TRUMP ACTUALLY DOES.    That is ‘real’ and NO distraction / decoy what-so-ever.


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