Globalist / Neocons 2.0 ‘Project Trump’

‘Project Trump’s Unofficial Foreward

In 2012, after watching the globalists install Obama for a second term, I knew at that point that the very same globalists would want to ‘install’ a republican ‘repalcement’ into the white house.  I knew the globalists would want to install a ‘second’ fake ‘hope and change artist’, much in the same way they ‘installed’ Obama.  I knew this. based on my knowledge that the globalists, who have full control of the American political system, like to use ‘right / left paradigm asymmetric warfare’ on the population to move their globalist one world dictatorship agenda forward.

How Would The Globalists Install A ‘Republican’ Fake Hope And Change Artist? 

The only logical way I could see the globalists pulling off installing a republican fake  Hope and Change artist into the American white house, would be to reverse engineer the Obama deception.  Even with reverse engineering the Obama deception , one thing would have to remain constant with regards to the Obama deception, that is, that the Republican ‘fake’ would ALSO have to be SOLD in his first election as a ‘man-of-the-people’.

The ‘republican fake’  would have to ‘say all the right things’.  Patriotic buzzwords like  ‘immigration’, ‘border protection’, ‘Federal Reserve’, ‘Tax Breaks For The Middle Class’,  and even throw out the fraise ‘anti-globalist’.

In 2014 I Knew The Globalists Had Picked Their Fake. One, Donald J Trump.

In 2014, I knew the globalist had picked their ‘fake’ because their ‘fake’ met the first two criteria of my ‘calculated’ prediction.   1.) That the fake replacement was getting 24 / 7 corporate media coverage and second, the fake was getting a full demonization by the very same corporate press.

It was staunch Trump supporter, and radio / TV / Internet sensation Alex Jones, who actually helped me with some of the ‘reverse engineering’ formulation, when he preached over, and over, and over again, that the only way for the globalists to get public support for one of their own, is to have THEIR OWN corporate media fully demonize him / her.  Alex Jones fully understood the logic of this ‘asymmetric warfare’ tactic, and I was waiting for it to surface as far back as the post 2012 election.

It also made no sense to an unsuspecting public that, the globalist fake Donald Trump, would, a.) get all that media coverage [in early 2014] and b.) get demonized when there really was no logical reason (to the unsuspecting public) that he should be demonized for anything to begin with.

There was a very brief time in this early period of ‘strange’ over-the-top corporate media coverage for Trump, that the corporate talking head minions themselves asked their masters ‘over-the-air’, “why don’t we just ‘pull’ the media coverage on Trump?”  This was not only a very logical question but, a rather telling one because, ‘real’ threats to the globalist agenda always receive a full media blackout.    Needless to say these questions the corporate talking heads were ALL asking was silenced as quickly as it was asked ‘never’ to be asked by the corporate media’s own minions again.

The early excuse that ‘all’ of the globalist media made for their own strange behavior of obsessing over Donald Trump, was that he gave a political contribution to what would eventually become his own presidential war chest to another fake candidate,  neocon / globalist Ted Cruz. (See link [1])

However, the question of the media’s strange obsession with Trump still festered into 2015, and by the time the globalists were gearing up to install Trump,  CFR friendly Washington Post  ‘warned’ the rest of their corporate counter parts to ‘back off’ of the obvious question one last time in a column aptly called,  ‘The Fix’ (lol)   [2]

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Two Peas In A Pod

By early February 2016, there was absolutely no question what-so-ever for me, that Trump was the ‘selected’ fake hope-and-change artist.  Here (linked below) I began to write publicly that Trump would be the 45th President and, especially Hillary Clinton, did NOT stand a chance to ever see the white house.

I wish to say at this point,  that the 2016 presidential election was a flamboyant  ‘in-your-face’ mockery of ‘freedom-of-choice’, by the globalists themselves.   Every major player was a globalist fake from Bernie Sanders to Gary Johnson.   Every major candidate collectively represented an almost ‘house of mirrors’ that you would expect to get at a carnival.

It’s a very sick joke by the globalist controllers that they would pick a near and dear friend to the Clintons [3], to be the ‘anti-clinton’ hope and change of the future.  Trump, on many occasions, had spoken highly of the Clintons, despite the occasional rhetoric bones he would throw out to his duped followers to contrary.  His absolute betrayal to his duped believers came during a post election ‘CBS 60 Minutes’ interview where he assured his globalist masters that essentially ‘nothing in anyway would come from him to bring any harm upon the Clintons “his dear friend‘.  [3] In other words, Trump told the world and his globalist master that he, in a sense, would ‘pardon’ Hillary by not acting to prosecute her.

However, even with the omission by Trump himself,  all the globalists had to do to put blindly obedient Trump supporters back into their coma, was to have memes put out by both the corporate and so-called ‘alt-media’ outlets, that “Trump’s Promise To Prosecute Hillary Was Still On The Table”  [4]

Infowars and, Donald Trump’s personal alt-media megaphone, posted the ‘linked’ youtube video…  “Media Lied About Trump No Prosecution of Hillary / First 100 Days“, was major disinformation on at least three accounts.  1.) The ‘media’ simply ‘reported’ what came out of Donald Trump’s very own mouth during his CBS interview.  2.) In Infowars’ own posted video, ‘claiming’ that Trump’s prosecution of Hillary was “still on the table”,   Trump himself never said once that he misspoke during his 60 minute interview, reversing his ‘get out of prosecution’ stance on Hillary.  3.) As a side note, Trump did in fact, flat out lie in this Infowars video to his duped followers when said that he had “selected patriots” to his transition team and cabinet selection.  Infowars did not even challenge this outrages lie, when Trump has done nothing of the sort, except line himself up with a chalk-full-of hard core neocons and globalists that would make old man Bush blush.  (See ‘Project Trump’ [5] for a just little bit of ‘truth’ for a change)

Hillary Clinton, A Turboboost Formula For The Fake ‘Man-Of-The-People’ Himself

To Be Continued…


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