Globalists Are Hedging Bets On Trump

The TPP Was Dead Back In 2015. Globalists Are Hedging Bets On Trump To ‘Renegotiate’ It AND NAFTA On THEIR Behalf.

The TPP Was Dead Back In 2015. Globalists Are Hedging Bets On Trump To ‘Renegotiate’ It AND NAFTA On THEIR Behalf.

The globalist plan has ALWAYS been to divide the planet up into 10 regions [1] (Club of Rome’s proposal to divide the earth into 10 administrative regions) and the WTO (whose members were also not full TPP supporters) believe that their globalist agenda would be better served in more ‘regional’ trade agreements ‘networked’ together than through one or two large scale treaties.

What Most People Are Clueless About

Since infowars and DRUDGE have gone down the tubes and have become just more background noise, and that these are the two main sources where people on this forum receive their intelligence reports from, most people have no clue that a.) The WTO was never a big supporter of the TPP and that the TPP was advertised to replace the WTO [2]  b) The TPP was dead in 2015 after congress refused to sign it. c.) Only Canada Japan and Australia were seriously committed to it. d) all the other asian partners rejected it, as did New Zealand. e) China was never part of the TPP  f) Putin was against the TPP only because it “violates the spirit and rules of the World Trade Organization and would frustrate free trade.” [3] … and that brings us to… g) it was determined (by the globalists) back in 2015 that both the TPP and the TTIP would “have to be renegotiated” under a new set of trade treaties.

Enter One Donald Trump

The globalist ‘free trade crony capitalist’ agenda NOW has turned towards more ‘regional’ treaties that a) can be SOLD to the public under a ‘protectionism cloak’ where b) they can be ‘linked together with other ‘regional’ globalist treaties {i.e. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)} where… c) changes to those treaties that favor globalism can be ‘ADMINISTRATIVELY CHANGED’ by the John Kerry’s and Rex Tellerson’s of the world WITHOUT the approval of congress because they were SOLD and passed by congress under the ‘cloak’ of an i.e. America First treaty.

Infowars and DRUDGE will hail the NEW ‘regional treaties’ as a defeat of the TPP and (possibly the WTO) as a “good deal for America”.  HOWEVER, they will NEVER tell their readers the ‘rest of the story‘.

Even super globalist CNBC is cheerleading Trump on taking down the TPP and the WTO (at least in part).  That alone should be a warning flag to patriots because CNBC and other globalists megaphones are hedging their bets that Trump will work out a ‘treaty network’ friendly trade agreement that can be altered without Congress getting in the way later down the road.

Bloomberg in a moment of honesty, admits that Chuck Schumer and Jeff Session HAVE BEEN working TOGETHER on this globalist Plan B regional trade agreement agenda.

“It’s an issue that U.S. senators, including incoming Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and Trump’s pick for attorney general, Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, called for the U.S. to address during TPP negotiations.”


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