Henry Kissinger Still Working With Donald Trump.

There is one thing both the (left paradigm) blind Obama supporters have in common with their (right paradigm) blind Trump supporter counterparts, is that they both have the uncanny ability to look the other way when ‘their guy’ goes against the ‘supposed principles’ that got them elected to the white house.

For Obama, the broken promises were not to be like the president before him (Bush Jr), by NOT spreading war all over the middle east along with government transparency promises.  Obama of course was not only the ‘drone strike’ president, his administration was funding Al Qaeda (Al CIA Duh) and what would then morph into ISIS / ISIL.  Not to mention his hand in the complete destruction of Libya and Syria, all while, the ‘supposed’ anti-war left that elected him looked the other way.

On top of all of that,  you had Obama becoming the hardest of hardliners when it came to government whistleblowing.  This is a trend which I am predicting will continue under the Trump globalist reign as well.

For Donad Trump, the betrayals began BEFORE he ever even won the election.   Donald Trump ran on lip service given to being an ‘anti-establishment outsider’ and ‘a man of the people’.

Even though Trump’s ultra establishment handler Roger Stone had been trying to sell (unsuccessfully) Trump as a man of the people for years and years,  it wasn’t until the corporate media out of the blue in 2014, started to give Trump nonstop 24 / 7 coverage did the ‘man-of-the-people’ scam pay off.

The first sign for Trump supporters that something was terribly wrong, was Trump naming globalist Mike Pence as his vice president.  Other signs began to emerge that Trump was NOT what he was ‘selling’ himself to be, in that Trump had a clandestine campaign finance conduit set up to accept neocons and globalists donations. [1]

More trouble was a foot for Trump supporters who bought into the Trump lie, was Trump himself going on a national television program and not only betraying his supporters by telling them he “will not pursue the prosecution of Hillary Clinton”,  but on top of that, he sang the praises of both Hillary and Bill Clinton as one would expect a long time friend of both to do.

Next betrayal on the list, was Trump’s near 100% neocon / globalist cabinet selections running complete counter to his ‘man-of-the-people’ campaign slogans.  Henry Kissinger was brought on board to oversee Donald Trump’s transition team and cabinet selections.  This action alone should have raised red flags with the very ‘anti-globalist’ supporters that got duped into voting for Trump.  Trump himself sang the praises of Bilderberg alumni Henry Kissinger on his presidential website greatagian.gov.

As it turns out, old man Kissinger is still behind the curtain pulling levers and turning knobs on behalf of his New World Order masters, this time in the Trump administration.  It seems that Kissinger wants to be directly involved with the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia.  Which makes sense, because it was Kissinger who was instrumental in ‘kissing’ America’s industrial capabilities good bye as they almost all ran off to China.

What deals between Russia and the United States is Kissinger and his globalist cronies cooking up?  Whatever it is, you can bet it will NOT be good for the people of the Untied States, that’s a guarantee.  However, the way things are being presented today, any ‘deal’ Kissinger and Trump cook up will be all wrapped up in a ‘for-the-people’ bow,  to be sure.

Ex-US Army Officer: Kissinger Backs Trump Plan for Cooperation With Russia

“WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will try to reduce US tensions with Russia as an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump and seek positive cooperation between the two nations, retired US Army Major and historian Todd Pierce told Sputnik.” 


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