Very astute individuals have been asking…. “Why would the globalists be trying to assassinate or sabotage Donald Trump when he is putting neocons and globalists throughout his entire administration?”

The historical record will show that these ‘voices of reason’ should have been taken much more serious than all the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump by both the corporate and so-called’ alternative media.


If you have NO interest on just how you’ve been deceived then, by all means, put your head back into the sand.  If you want to know just how far the rabbit hole goes with this ongoing Trump deception, then please read on….

Like everything else with the Trump deception, the Trump cabinet selection of Robert E. Lighthizer comes all wrapped up in an ‘anti-establishment’ bow.  This anti-establishment facade being projected by globalist financial reporting machines like the Wall St. Journal… Bloomberg… Financial Times  is categorically false in every way possible. [2]

If you want to know how the NWO operates ‘banking’ within our own government of the Untied States, you have to think of revolving doors (i.e FDA).  However, when it comes to the relationship with these banks, the federal reserve, the treasury department and most importantly ‘TRADE’,  these ‘revolving doors’ between globalist central banks and our US government is created at the presidential cabinet level.  When Trump hired Robert E. Lighthizer, he literally created a ‘revolving’ door between all the globalist ‘to big to fail’ banks and the US government.   Make no mistake, Robert E. Lighthizer has plenty of ‘experience’ as a revolving doorman within the US government for the NWO.  (see bio below)

What is the Skadden law firm exactly?
Let me put this into perspective.  What MERCK and MONSANTO is to the pharmaceutical and bio tech stock companies, ‘Skadden’ is to the ‘too big to fail’ banking industry.

Skadden’s client list reads like a globalist corporation who’s who list.  However, their most important clients for this publication concerns their ‘too big to fail’ banking clients.  Clients such as jp Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs just for starters.

What should be (and USED TO BE) of interest to people who are concerned with globalist agendas, is Skadden’s roll in the 2008 banker bailout (by your tax dollar) of specifically Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs banks.  What law firm handled this ‘application’ to the Federal Reserve? Take a guess

“The Federal Reserve yesterday approved applications by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to become a bank holding company in connnection with the establishment of a national bank subsidiary chartered by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.” [3]

What this banker bailout really meant in white paper form.  [4]

The architect behind the ‘bailouts’ [5]

“Richard Kadlick, head of Skadden’s Structured Finance Group, represents underwriters, financial institutions, banks, borrowers and investors in asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities transactions, and owners of and investors in those businesses. He also has represented hedge fund investors in forming investment funds that invest in structured debt obligations, including distressed obligations.”

True, Richard Kadlick is ‘not’ Robert E. Lighthizer BUT, it’s important for the ‘researcher’ to understand what exactly this law firm represents in relationship with the Trump selection of Lighthizer as the head of the US Treasury.

Skadden, the law firm of the globalist banker.
“The Banking Group at Skadden represents a wide variety of clients around the globe in cutting-edge financing transactions. Our international platform, with offices in the major financial centers on five continents, allows us to advise across a broad spectrum of legal systems to the world’s largest corporations, as well as the world’s leading investment banks, commercial banks, private equity sponsors, hedge funds and other financing sources. We provide our clients sophisticated advice through a combination of experience, an in-depth understanding of the global financial markets and a market-leading ability to navigate differences in local law that can have significant impacts on financing transactions”  [6]

If the selection of Robert E. Lighthizer as chief trade negotiator is so ‘anti-establishemt’, why then will the senate give him their stamp of approval?  I will bet the farm and everything on it, that the senate who we are told will fight Trump’s cabinet selections all the way, will ‘quitely’ get the go ahead.  As will most of Trump’s globalist, neocon cabinet selections.

Robert E. Lighthizer @ Skadden,  [7]

“Robert E. Lighthizer divides his time between traditional trade litigation, policy advice and legislative initiatives. His clients include large U.S. corporations and coalitions. He represents heavy manufacturing, agricultural and high-tech companies, as well as financial services institutions. He has been lead counsel in scores of antidumping and countervailing duty cases during the past three decades and is active in numerous pending cases and administrative reviews. He also has focused on market-opening trade actions on behalf of U.S. companies seeking access to foreign markets. He is equally at ease devising strategies for and dealing with executive departments and congressional committees.
Mr. Lighthizer was a deputy United States trade representative (USTR) with the rank of ambassador during the Reagan administration. The USTR is the cabinet level agency that develops and coordinates trade policy on behalf of the United States government and negotiates on trade matters for the president. Ambassador Lighthizer had responsibility within the USTR for industry, agriculture, investment and trade policy matters.

During his tenure, Mr. Lighthizer was involved in all the important trade issues. He regularly attended and chaired subcabinet policy meetings and often attended cabinet meetings when the USTR was unavailable. In addition, Mr. Lighthizer negotiated some two dozen bilateral international agreements on subjects ranging from steel to grain. He frequently participated in General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (now the World Trade Organization) and Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development meetings.
He also served as vice chairman of the board of the Overseas Private Investment Corp­oration (OPIC). OPIC is the U.S. government agency whose purpose is to promote economic growth in developing countries through U.S. investment.

Prior to his appointment as deputy USTR, Mr. Lighthizer was chief of staff of the United States Senate Committee on Finance. The committee has jurisdiction over international trade, taxation, Social Security and health and welfare programs. During Mr. Lighthizer’s tenure, Congress passed the basic economic legislation of the Reagan-Bush administration, as well as the legislation implementing multilateral trade negotiations.
Mr. Lighthizer remains active in national politics, and was national treasurer of the 1996 Republican Presidential Campaign. He speaks and writes often in the United States and abroad on trade and tax issues, politics and other developments in Washington. He serves on the boards of charitable and political groups.

Mr. Lighthizer repeatedly has been selected for inclusion in Chambers Global: The World’s Leading Lawyers for Business and Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. He also has been recognized in Expert Guides — Euromoney Institutional Investor, The Best of the Best USA, Legal 500, Lawdragon 500 Leading Lawyers in America and Who’s Who Legal. Mr. Lighthizer was named one of the 2013 “BTI Client Service All-Stars” by The BTI Consulting Group for providing outstanding client service. The Skadden international trade group received the Chambers USA Award for Excellence 2014.”


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