Trump’s Betrayals Continue As The Corporate & Alt Media Cloaks Them.

The ‘so-called’ patriot / populist’s should be paying attention to all the accolades Trump is receiving by globalists and neocons while, at the same time, they engage in the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ [1] to distract the patriot / populist from the fact that Trump is ‘their boy’ doing their dirty work in moving the globalist agenda in a new direction.

One such example is CFR ‘New World Order’ proponent, and globalist heavy weight Max Boot, who has repeatedly praised Donald Trump on his cabinet selections out of one side of his mouth, while vilifying  Trump out of the other side of his mouth [2] You also have ‘right paradigm’ neocon operative John McCain doing the very same thing.  [3] This Hegelian praise / anti-praise dialect has been the ‘hallmark’ of the Trump deception going back to Trump’s presidential campaign.

The Trump vilification ‘asymmetric warfare technique’ was highly effective in covertly financing Trumps campaign war chest by the very neocons and globalists who were ‘supposedly’ vilifying him. [4]

These facts bring us to the present day of January 11, 2017

Yesterday was the confirmation hearing of Jeff Sessions.  Not only did Jeff Sessions admit that he would not take part in an investigation leading to the prosecution of Hillary Clinton [5] but,  he also said he “would very much like to” legalize the people who illegally entered the Untied States. [6]   These are betrayals of monumental proportions when looking back to the rhetoric Trump used to ‘sell’ himself as an American ‘patriot / populist.

Of course these promises were fanned up by both the corporate and ‘so-called’ alt-media [7] who were playing the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ game that Trump was what ‘THEY’ were ‘selling him as’ to the nines, only to pull that ‘populist’ rug out from under the patriot / populist’s feet.

Where was the outrage from the ‘so-called’ alt media who worships the very ground Trump walks on?   Anti-globalist / anti-establishment individuals better start to think twice where it is they are getting their information from.  On all the ‘alt-media’ online outlets NOT ONE asked the obvious question… “What the hell just happened here?”

Online operatives of this Trump operation (from the inside), did their best to exercise damage control by concocting a number of absurd excuses to marginalize the obvious major betrayals by Sessions.  However, instead of ‘allowing’ the betrayal by Trump’s AG cabinet selection to fester online, both the corporate and ‘so-called’ alternative media pulled a huge ‘distraction operation’ by cooking up a story that Trump was / is working with / for the Russians. [8]  An obvious hack distraction operation if there ever was one.  Then of course there was ‘Trump dossier’ on top of it all. [9]

This latest ridiculous distraction serves a ‘dule’ purpose, one of distracting the people who were counting on Trump to follow through on his biggest and most important campaign promises from discussing yesterdays hearing bombshells, and second, to turn the Tillerson and other confirmation hearings into a dog and pony show at best cloaking the 10,000 lbs elephant in the room.  That is, Trump has betrayed his duped ‘populist / liberty movement’ base by installing the worst of the worst globalists and neocons that would make ‘Trump advisor’ Henry Kissenger blush.

Mission accomplished

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