As The Sheep Cheer / Jeer Trump On Inauguration Day, Trump Stab’s Them All In The Back.

You may have come to this article long after the Trump Inauguration circus was over, and have finally come to realize, that Trump was a globalist ‘FAKE President’ all along.

While you were either cheering or jeering Trump during the distraction of his Inauguration,  one thing for certain was happening behind your back by the globalist Trump.  That is, Trump had sent his globalist cabinet to Davos to undermine everything he promised his duped ‘populist’ base that got him elected.

I don’t make the above ‘accusation’ lightly so, before delving into Trump and his base, let me answer the question… “What exactly is Davos”?

Davos is a globalist ‘economic Forum’. [1]

While Bilderberg is secrete behind closed doors meetings of the globalist minds of the global ‘controllers / stakeholders’,  so to plan their world agendas, Davos is the more ‘overt’ meeting of those same minds to ‘implement’ those Bilderberg plans.  Which should explain why the Davos Moto is… “A Partner in Shaping History”  All for the ‘greater good’, which of course, is always the cry of the oppressor.

One reporter who attended put it this way…

“They have witnessed the rise of the Davos class, a hyper-connected network of banking and tech billionaires, elected leaders (Technocrats) who are awfully cozy with those interests, and Hollywood celebrities who make the whole thing seem unbearably glamorous,” Naomi Klein, a columnist for The Guardian [2]

Most attendees are referred to as ‘Stakeholders‘. Which I’m certain Bilderberg members are also referred as.

My question to you the reader is… “Are you a stakeholder”?  Have you been invited to Davos to give your 2 cents?   No?  That’s because we both are just simply a part of the ‘canon fodder’ population.  The whole ‘stakeholder’ reference is something kind of creepy and directly out of a scene in the movie ‘They Live‘.

DAVOS 2017

This particular annual Davos meeting is being ‘advertised’ by the corporate media (who no doubt attend) as an admission that… “Oops, golly gee, people (we ‘NON’-stakeholdrs) of the planet really do care about their nation state, heritage… and don’t really want to be an ‘identity-less’ blob on a globalist ‘plantation planet’ being looted by a bunch of Davos attending ‘stakeholders.

When going to the ‘actual’ Davos forum website you really don’t see any acknowledgement by them that they really care what-so-ever what the rest of us feel about their globalist, one world aspirations.

The Betrayal Of Donald Trump, The Davos Connection 

Fake president Trump’s economic hitmen who are on his cabinet is a topic in of itself, which I will be covering very soon.   However, the globalist controlled New York Times shed some interesting light on, not just the fake president himself, but other ‘populist’ fakes who are attending this ‘globalist technocratic’ forum when they write…

“A few people who were once anti-establishment crusaders — like Ms. May of Britain — are now insiders.”

– New York Times [3]

I can not stress enough how ‘key’ this one line is, by the New York Times.  Looking at Trump’s totally ‘insider’ cabinet the question needs to be asked… “Are these ‘so-called’ Once Anti-Establishemnt ‘outsiders’ who are being ‘sold’ to us by the corporate media, really just ‘controlled opposition’ insiders all along, whose job is to sell us the rotten apples of DAVOS and globalism?”

I think so, because the New York Times article is in of itself a celebration that… “Oh look!  The populist ‘outsiders’ are coming around to OUR (globalist technocrats) way of thinking.”

A look at the so-called political ‘outsiders’ that fake president Trump is sending to Davos.

“A bevy of Mr. Trump’s advisers and members of his business council are expected to attend, including Anthony Scaramucci, who joined the president-elect’s White House staff as an adviser and public liaison to government agencies and businesses. He will be joined by Stephen Schwarzman, chairman of the Blackstone Group and also of Mr. Trump’s President’s Strategic and Policy Forum.

Four Trump cabinet nominees have been to Davos in years past: Rick Perry (energy) once; Rex Tillerson (state) three times; Robert Lighthizer (trade) 15 times; and Elaine Chao (transportation) four times.”  [5]

Does Davos and their establishment rag, the New York Times, really think us NON-stakeholders are really this stupid to think these corporate raiders are somehow ‘establishment outsiders’?

Do these ‘insiders’ that fake president Trump sent to Davos, really have the populist base that they supposedly represent, best interest in mind?  I think not.


[1] Webforum Davos

[2] [3] [4] [5] ‘What to Make of the ‘Davos Class’ in the Trump Era’ New York Times

“The Human Power Elite”  ‘They Live’ Movie [YouTube]


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