The Trump Deception Part One Presidential Run(s), The Prequel


If you came to this blog post thinking that what you are going to read has anything to do with what both the corporate and ‘so-called’ alternative media have been putting out on Donald Trump, you will be very disappointed.  As a matter of fact, both the corporate and ‘so-called’ alternative media,  have been presenting what I call the ‘Trump Deception’ within the ‘box’ of the right / left paradigm.   This thesis, ‘The Trump Deception’ is my attempt to break the reader out of the right / left paradigm matrix box.  I will attempt to make clear to the reader, that both the Obama and Trump deceptions on the general population are in fact, a form of ‘asymmetric psychological warfare’.   Not only on the American people themselves, but the world population as a whole..

I hope to use the Trump deception thesis, in it’s conclusion, as a way for people to understand how the ‘left / right paradigm matrix works separately, yet together as one, moving both the ‘globalist technocratic’ agenda and thought, toward a desired direction.

To put it simply, what I believe the Trump phenomenon is, is an infiltration operation similar to the GOP infiltration of the Ron Paul led Tea Party movement.  There was a time when Ron Paul’s ‘revolution’ was a joint left / right member, true ‘organic’ movement against the establishment.  A real ‘populous movement’ completely feared by the social engineers who have control over the United States, and most if not all of the world.

I will also show that this infiltration operation by the ‘operative Trump’ and his handlers, have been grooming Trump for the 2016 election since at least the 1990’s, with great help from GOP establishment hack / operative Rodger Stone.

This is a very important point.

I have also predicted that Donald Trump has been groomed to be a ‘crisis president’.  As a ‘crisis president’, Trump will be given added insulation when he breaks away from the false “man-of-the-people” image that the globalists gave him through corporate media demonization, and the ‘so-called’ alt-media’s “out-to-get-him” hysteria tactics.

When investigating what would become the Trump ‘Hope and Change’ operation, and going back in time, one should have realized that the globalists preparing Trump for 2016, went beyond just giving him ‘over-the-top’ 24 / 7 non stop corporate media coverage back in in 2014.  At that time, this was extremely unusual corporate media coverage for Donald Trump, because Trump had a history of coming out every election cycle ‘claiming to be running’ for president going back as far as 1988.  By the 2012 presidential election, the corporate media gave him very little attention and treated him more like a novelty item, rather than a serious candidate.  Why would 2014 be any different between Trump and the corporate media?  Unless….

One has to step back from being a labeled ‘liberal / conservative’ to really understand not only how the ‘social engineering paradigm’ works when both grooming and presenting US presidents, but why the establishment puts so much of their resources in keeping the population in a right / left matrix.  Both Hillary and Trump helped the globalists fuel this paradigm matrix ‘to the nines’ in this ‘made-for-TV’  FAKE presidential campaign circus act.

Obama’s globalist rein helped his right paradigm counterpart Trump, gain the ‘false anti-establishment cover’, and propel him as a fake ‘counter’ solution, in the very same way Bush Jr’s globalist rein was instrumental in Obama’s rise as a ‘counter left solution’ to the ‘right establishment’ president Bush Jr represented.

The oligarchical establishment will always put a controlled ‘right’ or ‘left’ puppet in as a US leader, and it was not very hard to calculate that in 2016, these same controllers would put forth a ‘republican’ (right establishment) to move the agenda forward.

In 2012, I simply reverse engineered the Obama deception, and I actually predicted every aspect of the 2016 campaign, right down to a candidate just like Trump being presented as the ‘false savior’ to the liberty / pro constitution / American movement.   It was not hard to predict that this false messiah of the ‘liberty / pro Americana movement would “say all the right things” and the corporate media would attack their own established fake messiah to give him added insulation.

The Need By The Establishment To Create A False Patriot, ‘Man of The People’

As I demonstrated above how Obama was ‘falsely projected’ as a ‘man of the people’, Trump’s blind followers will point to the very wool the globalists pulled over their eyes in defending Donald Trump as ‘a man of the people’.

The globalists have been working on controlling the ‘populist movement’ against them for quite some time.   As a matter of fact, they have recently boasted this fact at the 2017 Davos globalist conference, and at NATO publications (which I am in the middle of researching)

Before the corporate media in 2014 gave Donald Trump nonstop 24 / 7 coverage, along with vilifying him,  someone in the liberty movement clued the globalists in on how to create a fake patriot to present to the public long before Trump got the all important nonstop corporate media attention.

Legendary internet sensation and radio talk show host Alex Jones for years would literally preach to the globalists, that if they wanted to become “credible” or “sell someone” as being “credible”, the establishment’s own corporate media would have to attack him / her or it.  I will go into much more detail on how the corporate media played an absolute crucial roll in the rise of their right paradigm puppet Donald Trump in part II of this thesis.

The globalists have known that they most likely would lose a major sector of the population if they continued to throw the same old political hacks at the American people.  It was under this notion that the globalists could not afford to put Hillary Clinton into office back in 2008, and instead, go with what was sold as a ‘political outsider’ in operative Barack Obama.  Obama was also ‘sold to the public’ as neither a Bush or Clinton political hack.  However, he would serve well as a ‘left paradigm’ operative, which would pave the way for his ‘right paradigm’ replacement in Donald Trump.

Media And Asymmetrical Warfare

Just as a side note.  I, in no way, recognize the corporate ‘established’ media as ‘media’, in a textbook sort of context.  Corporate media in my frame of mind, is strictly and purely an asymmetrical warfare weapon’, nothing more nothing less.  I can, and do watch it, monitor it in this frame of mind because ‘there-in-lies’ critical information where the globalists who own and operate it want the ‘heard’ to be steered toward.

Because I was ready for the rise of Trump (or someone just like him) I have now identified the so-called ‘alt-media’ working toward the same goals for their globalist masters.

The corporate established media can be considered the constructed ‘left paradigm’ media. It should come as no surprise that the established ‘left paradigm’ media would, in 2016 create the very ‘box’ they want the ‘heard’ or masses to think in when they labeled the ‘so-called’ alt-media the ‘alt-right media‘.  These ‘counter media operations’  are two separate operations working together as one to tear apart the population while steering it in a desired direction.  It’s for this reason why these asymmetric ‘counter media operations’ by the globalists are also very helpful in staying ahead of the globalist’s mind set and ‘steering operations’, all in ‘real time’.

Donald Trump, Right Paradigm Infiltration Into The Liberty Movement 

The GOP (‘right paradigm’) establishment has always infiltrated and hijacked ‘patriot’ movements in order take control of them, and steer them away from the ‘populist’ direction they would naturally go.  A second, and more important goal of the ‘infiltration’ operation by the globalists, is to bring the movement back to the establishment agenda under the ‘cloak’ of being ‘anti-establishment’.  The ‘Ron Paul’ Tea Party (organic) movement should come to mind, as a ‘pre-Trump’ hijacking operation by the globalist GOP.

Left centric patriot (non globalist) movements also get highjacked as well, as in the example of the ‘organic’ anti-Wall Street movement (occupy wall street), and the anti-war movements that ‘almost’ joined both the right and left populations together under one movement.  The ‘organic’ joining of the right / left centric population was subverted and ‘steered’ back into the ‘division matrix’ once ‘occupy’ was occupied by infiltrators.  Which, was not as simple at first because the movement, much like the Tea Party in the early stages, was organized as a whole made up of ‘NON-central parts’.  So, all the globalists did, was simply put a brick and mortar center to these movements and drew attention to their own ‘created center’.

There is no comparing the true organic nature of the Ron Paul 2008 ‘revolution’ to the completely ‘fake’ rise of Donald Trump in 2016, or even Obama’s fake rise in 2008 as well.  Ron Paul (for better or worse) was ‘truly’ feared by the establishment, and even though he got a virtual media blackout by the corporate media, his ‘organic’ popularity with people on both the right and left persuasions, is what the establishment feared most about him.  For a short time during the 2008 election,  Ron Paul’s presidential run actually broke the right / left paradigm matrix even though he was running as a republican.

Trump and Obama on the other hand, got help from the corporate media in both 24 / 7 nonstop media coverage in 2008 / 2014, but with Trump, he got man of the people ‘added insulation’ in constant ‘planned’ media attacks.   Which,  back in 2014 made no sense at all UNLESS,  the establishment was out to create a false patriot to do their bidding.

Radio / internet sensation Alex Jones made a very, very important point that the reader should understand.   Alex Jones for several years, would preach to the globalists ad nausea about the “effectiveness of publicly attacking their own” established people.   The idea is that the general population is not sophisticated enough to see through such a ruse, and will truly believe that a known establishment hack like ‘Donald Trump’ would actually ‘morph’ into a “man-of-the-people”.

I can not emphasize the above enough because  this same tactic worked to get Obama elected as the ‘anti-George Bush Jr’ candidate.  The same establishment media who cheered on George Bush Jr’s globalist agenda, turned on Bush Jr and sold Obama as a counter-left ‘solution’.

The Rise Of Ron Paul And The ‘Revolution’ Neither Obama nor Trump Could Have Created On Their Own.

Republican Ron Paul (for better or for worse) already had a head start on fake change agent Obama in 2008.  To understand the rise of both Trump and Obama as fake ‘Hope and Change agents’ the reader must understand what Rod Paul was able to get accomplished as a ‘true outsider’.

Ron Paul’s voting record within congress made him a true ‘outsider’ even by the corporate media’s own admission by labeling Paul as “Dr. No”.

The rise of the Ron Paul’s ‘organic’ revolution with patriotic Americans on both the right and left,  owes it’s success to events and people before him, going back primarily to the 1990’s.   These events were globalist centric in nature and the populations ‘natural’ opposition to them would have to  be controlled by the very same globalists through a ‘proxy’ (or controlled) ‘man-of-the-people’ FAKE anti-esblishemnt ‘front’ men / women.

If we go back to the 1990’s,  tension was at an all time high in the United States for patriot Americans to get out from underneath globalist control.  You even had the Clinton administration blowing up the federal building in Oklahoma City with the ‘two fold’ intended purpose of saving the ATF agency from being disassembled,  and also to blame the attack on political opposition to the globalist takeover of the Untied States. [1]

Political opposition to the globalist takeover of the Untied States was fueled greatly in the 1990’s after the butcher of innocent women and children by the ATF in Waco, Texas. [2]  Both the US federal government and their ‘assets’ in the corporate media ‘sold’ the Waco event to the public like something out of a ‘Law and Order’ / CSI episode, where righteous government goons take out the evil anti-government bad guys.  However, that false narrative quickly eroded as evidence poured out that the ‘government goons’ could have avoided the killing of innocent women and children from the very beginning by simply arresting David Koresh when he went into town. [3]

Many in the ‘patriot movement’ believe, that had the American people stood up and demanded accountability for the worst massacre of innocent people on US soil since Wounded Knee, the globalists may have been more reluctant to green-light 911.

Some historians may argue that the United States population ‘already’  had an  ‘anti-establishment’ / ‘anti-government’ sentiment growing ‘before’  the Waco, Oklahoma city and later 911 events pushed US citizens in that direction.    A good argument could be made that the rise of presidential candidate Ross Parot which predated those events, was the first true sign of a populist anti-establishment movement in the United States.

The Rise Of Ross Parot, And How It Would Play A Huge Roll In Donald Trump’s FALSE Narrative As a Patriot ‘Man of The People’ Candidate. 

Rodger Stone is a ‘corner stone’ (pun intended), in really understanding this patriot movement ‘infiltration’ operation that would become the Trump 2016 presidential campaign.  In looking back at Trump’s ‘history’ of ‘claiming to be’ running for president, (which goes all the way back to 1988) Stone has been mixed up with this Trump operation almost, if not just as long, since the 1990’s.

GOP Establishment ‘Infiltration’ Is The Very Nature Of What The Trump Operation (Deception) Is All About, And Roger Stone Is The Key Master Behind It.

In researching these GOP take overs, I believe that Ross Perot’s run for president in the early 1990’s prompted the globalists to start grooming Trump to be the FAKE Ross Perot / Ron Paul populist candidate that ‘conservative America’ would accept as their ‘savor’, and perpetuating the right / left paradigm matrix.  This takes us directly back to Roger Stone.

When looking at both Perot and Paul as populists, neither man would ever  have been caught dead being tied up with an over the top GOP establishment hack like Stone, let alone characters like Rudy Giuliani, the Clintons, Wall St. vultures, and many others of their ilk, as Trump has been notoriously connected with to date.

Ironically, so-called “anti establishment” Stone’s claim to fame was helping George Bush Jr, a guy as establishment as establishment could be, get elected by running a (fake, I believe) interference operation in Florida involving ballot recounts. [4]  Is it just a coincidence that the establishment has gone back to their old bag of tricks, making the 2016 ballot issue a reenactment of the Bush / Gore presidential election?  Which turned out to be simply more divide and concur distractions.

If you listen carefully to Stone in this 1999 CSPAN interview [5] concerning Trump ‘thinking about’ running for president, you’ll note that Stone is trying to akin Trump (a business man) to Perot (a business man), and that Trump himself is the reason why Americans who voted for Parot should trust that Trump is the same guy as Parot.

The rhetoric by Stone hasn’t changed since this 1999 CSPAN interview pushing Trump as a ‘man of the people’.   However, the notion that Trump was somehow Ross Parot back then was, of course, laughable to most people back in 1990’s for good reason.  It was for this ‘hard sell’ of Trump as a “populist” that you had all these ‘shock polls’ [6] that Roger Stone was constantly throwing out, dating back to 2000,  and amplified during the 2012 election.  As if a majority of people were actually taking Trump seriously.  These ‘shock polls’ were serving Stone and Trump as a bellwether and testing grounds in the early years and became yet another carry over into the 2016 election operation.

In defense of Ross Perot when compared to Trump, Perot really was much more of a true ‘outsider’ by who he associated with than Donald Trump.  The ultimate test to the Perot question of ‘real or fake’, should be noted by the ‘very real’ death threats to Perot and his family once his popularity grew outside of a globalist controlled election. [7]  We know the seriousness of the threats against Perot, because Perot actually dropped out of the 1992 Presidential elections because of the seriousness of the threats.

Trump on the other hand, I will show in part II of this report, used one fake threat after another to sculpt a completely ‘fake’ image of ‘Trump vs the establishment’ hero, who was able to thwart threats to his campaign and life unlike the ‘real’ anti-establishement candidate / president before him, Ross Perot.

Looking back at Stone in 1999, trying to make Trump out to be Ross Perot 2.0 and failing miserably, it should be no surprise that the globalists wanted to ‘project’ the REAL death threats Parot received onto Donald Trump.  The never ending threats created a  ‘threat theater’ hysteria surrounding Trump.  To top it all off,  the Perot ‘death threat comparison’ meme was put out as early as 2015 [8] at the very moment Trump announced his presidential run.  With Trump, you have a clearly ‘manufactured’ Parot style ‘death threat’ / ‘out to get him’ built in element which non ever really amounted to anything more that hearsay.

Rodger Stone apparently,  is the ‘master of projection’ science.  That is the science of ‘projecting a false narrative’ over his political projects.  Even Al Sharpton hired him, most undoubtedly to give the ‘establishment hack’ Sharpton more ‘street cred’.   Stone, always in the shadows, could have his own entire thesis written about him going all the way back to Nixon.  You you want to know more HERE is a good starting point.

The corporate media as far back as 2014, stoked the fires for such fake threats, by playing up their distain for Trump.  One has to remember prior to 2014 the media never really took Donald Trump serious, let alone vilified him,  even when he brought up the Clinton created Obama birth certificate ‘distraction’ in 2012.

In Conclusion, Part One.

Divide And Concur Priority #1 And  The Need To Hand The Globalist Thrown (The Office Of The US President) Over To A ‘Right Paradigm Operative In 2016.  

The globalists had captured their prize nation ‘The Untied States of America’ back in 1913 when it forced it’s citizens on both a globalist fiat currency and taxation system.  Ever since this monetary take over,  the goal by these same globalists were to create a right / left paradox of control, giving the globalists themselves not only a distraction but,  ‘insulation’ from the masses whose lives and destinies they now took control over.

For decades in the United States,  the money masters have been perfecting the anthropological right / left paradigm on the American people.  A part of this ‘command and control’ system / apparatus is putting a left regime up against a right regime every other election cycle.

However by the 2008 US presidential election, it was becoming apparent to most citizens of both right and left persuasions,  that the political right and left were in fact two separate operations working as one.

For the first time in maybe a century, you had people in the general public of the United States on both the right and left political spectrum agreeing that Wall Street’s crony capitalists, the federal reserve and the military industrial complex were core culprits in the misdirection that the United States was heading in.

Obama was the first ‘hope and change agent’ put forward to reign in the left with empty promises of ‘not being like’  both the right paradigm president Bush, and left paradigm democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.   The corporate media played it’s part by (for the first time) criticizing and even demonizing the outgoing president and focusing their attention on Hillary Clinton as a political ‘insider’.

After Obama came out of the wood work as a left ‘change agent’ in 2008. and knowing the history that the establishment needs a ‘right’ centric change agent to eventually replace him, it should have been quite easy for students of the globalist establishment to predict with precision the rise of ‘hope and change agent’ Donald Trump.

Many of the ‘so-called’ alternative media establishement watch dog groups not only did NOT see this obvious operation unfolding before them,  many whole heartedly took an active roll in perpetuating it onto so many duped American patriot / liberty movement individuals.   A crime in my humble opinion.

However, let’s not forget as the awakening on Donald Trump evolves, the globalists will project this ‘awakening movement’ on to yet another (left centric) ‘man / woman’ onto the population as the ‘solution’ to their right centric Trump.  We must be ready to counter that trick as well.



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