Don’t Thank Trump. He Did NOT Kill TPP. It Was Already Long Dead.

There has been a whole lot of propaganda on the Trans Pacific Partnership by both the corporate and alternative media going all the way back to 2015 when it stalled dead in it’s tracks.

Today the propaganda surrounding the TPP is further muddied by the meme “Trump Killed The TPP”.  I have some bad news for those of you who bought into this meme ‘hook-line-and-sinker’, the Transpacific Partner trade agreement was dead long before Trump got elected. The only thing Trump actually did was ‘officially’ declare it dead on it’s death certificate.

In actuality, the United States ‘never’ ratified the agreement because (according to the globalists themselves) in order for all the ‘stakeholders’  (outside the political system) to agree to the TPP, NAFTA itself would ‘have to be renegotiated’.  Which, in my option, demonstrates that true ‘globalism’ is more of a pipe dream than a working ‘reality’.

 Trump bringing back the auto makers may have been a foregone conclusion rather than the ‘brilliance’ of Donald Trump himself.

The biggest reason for the failure of the TPP getting ratified in the Untied States had to do mostly with the automotive industry, and this is how NAFTA got tangled up in this trade mess.

The snag had to do with what the globalists called ‘Auto Content’ rules within the TPP agreement. [1]  Basically, these ‘rules’ are what would grant a automotive company working in both Canada and Mexico the globalist holy grail of ‘Tariff Free Status’ within the TPP agreement.  This calculator included ‘outsourcing’ production of auto parts and the assembly of automobiles.  The outsourcing of both parts / assembly within the rules of the TPP would mean substantial loss in both jobs and revenue for auto production in both Mexico and Canada.   Japan and other asian countries appeared to be the benefactor of the TPP tariff calculator,  which most likely explains why Japan’s government was so eager to pass TPP even though the Untied States shelved it in 2015.

The auto sector snag also explains Donald Trump’s calling it ‘A Bad Deal’ and why he dropped his… ‘I’m going to kill NAFTA” campaign rhetoric  to the more globalist friendly… ‘I’m going to renegotiate NFTA’ version that Obama was babbling about after the TPP fell through.

One other important point, the ‘truth movement’ researcher should be asking themselves about this Trump killed TPP bull shit, is what Trump NEVER got ‘executive ordered’ out of existence.  That would be the ‘Trade Authority Fast Track’ bill that prevents congress from doing their ‘lawful duty’ to axe or amend any parts of a trade agreement that hurts the US ‘at any time’.  Trump has kept Obama’s fast track bill, putting the powers of congress and the senate’s (the people’s power to govern) solely in the hands of the executive branch.  This was a treasonous act by congress, the senate and Obama, but you don’t hear a peep about it in the pro Trump so-called liberty movement crowd.

“The obvious problem with his analysis is that the president (Obama) has already negotiated the Trans-Pacific Partnership and any congressional objectives put into legislation granting fast-track trade authority are rendered meaningless.” [2]

Regardless of the BS song and dance you will get from Trump supporters, Trump is in the very same lockstep with Obama when it comes to overriding the people governing themselves.  Trump will continue as the treasonous sole trade negotiator for 350 million people.


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Below is just the tip of the iceberg in media coverage on how the TPP was dead back in 2015.

Don’t look now, but the TPP just hit a major snag [3]

The unexpected upshot of John Boehner’s ouster: The Trans-Pacific Partnership is in danger [4]

A debate over U.S. pharmaceuticals is snagging the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal [5]

Trans-Pacific Partnership: TPP Trade Deal Hits Stumbling Blocks In The Final Lap Of Negotiations [6]

The Impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on NAFTA [7]



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