Trump’s UN Budget Axe A Neocon Plan Wrapped In A ‘Nationalism’ Cloak.

Reading the first paragraph of the CFR article [1] bemoaning budget cuts on the globalist created United Nations, one would think that Trump ‘scored one for the home team‘, his nationalist base that elected him.  The ‘insinuation’ that the CFR is making,  is that the budget cutting to the UN is a ‘America First’ centric agenda.  However, upon deeper analysis the cutting of the UN budget has more to do with ‘scoring one for the neocon team’ than it does for the nationalist base that elected Trump.

The idea of withholding certain funding to the UN has American Enterprise Institute and PNAC supporter John Bolton’s finger prints all over it.  Of course even the CFR admits this in their deceptive article.

The are two key components to this so-called ‘America First’ UN budget cut.  #1,  these funding cuts gives the neocons the ability to put pressure and greater influence on UN decisions, obviously favoring a more ‘neocon friendly’ decision making process.  Second,  any additional funding to the UN outside the money given to the UN will have to be agreed to by a newly created committee of  secretaries of state and defense, attorney general, Office of Management and Budget director, director of national intelligence, and national security advisor.  Which in the case of the Trump administration are chalk filled with neocons and other like mined globalists.

Not only will this mean a more ‘Israel first’ UN, but it will also mean less influence on UN decisions that favor both Russia and China as one ‘contradictive’ comment from a CFR member had made…

“Our contribution to the UN is a small price to pay for our major role in maintaining world order and the Pax Americana. Let this slip and we clear the way for China to take leadership of the 21st century and for Russia to take all that it wants from Europe. World stability is not a commodity to be bought and sold with dollars, the buy-in requires commitment and a much longer view of the health of the world than that of which the Trump administration appears capable. This narrow view was never the one that made America great, instead it will set us back 300 years.” [1]

Madeleine Burnside

Our contribution” as in, American tax dollars.  However, this greedy globalist contradicts her own comment when she writes… “stability is not a commodity to be bought and sold with dollars” .  However, the way this is being setup now, UN policy will be dictated by who can fork over the most cash to do exactly what this greedy globalist wants… “commitment‘, and the neocons with their oil, drug, weapons dirty money, will ‘Trump’ all other players in this globalist ‘grand chess game’ over at the globalist created UN.


CFR: Trump’s UN Executive Order Would Cut Off America’s Nose to Spite Its Face


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