Trump / Kissinger / Putin And The G20

Does anyone remember that I posted that the TPP was dead long BEFORE Trump even announced he was running for president, AND… that the TPP was a ‘replacement’ for the G20 by the globalists themselves? [1]

Putin & Trump will meet at G20 summit in July

The goal of the Trump project is to ‘economically’ divide Russia and China.  Putty Putin is a big time supporter of the globalist G20.  It’s going to be interesting to see if Russia goes or how far they will go along with the plot.

One has to wonder if the Trump / Putin discussion at the G20 will involve Russia switching it’s hard currency to a (more ‘controllable’) ‘digital’ currency like India? [2]

One other thing I have been researching is how the globalists are in a panic over Russia’s position on oil itself as an abundant abiotic product rather than the Anglo-American ‘fossil fuel’ disinfo lie.

Also, the globalists are in an equal panic over the amount of gold reserves both China and Russia are acquiring because the globalists, through their ‘proxy’ country the United States, will lose the globalist tool of ‘sanctions’ against both countries.


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