Donald Trump & The Globalist’s War On Cash

While everyone is distracted with the ‘globalist’ three ring circus that is Donald Trump (which is one of the main purposes Trump was ‘selected’ by the globalists in the first place) the globalists (and their ‘stakeholders’) are able to move their multi faceted agendas forward with very few of us paying any attention at all.

One such globalist ‘agenda’ was put out by a think tank very close to the Trump / Kissinger group. This agenda was laid out in a report published by the ‘FOUNDATION FOR DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES‘ [1] called ‘Securing American Interests, A New Era of Economic Power‘ [2]

The above report is a testimony by the globalists themselves on how the control of currency translates to how ‘they’ can keep the world under ‘their control’.  This report also makes it abundantly clear that ‘they’ (the globalists themselves) have control of the Untied States government, and most importantly, it’s monetary system.  The focus of this report by the ‘Foundation For The Defense Of Democracies’ is how to strengthen this US monetary system while weakening the rest of world’s monetary systems, thus the ‘new era’ of control.  This ‘agenda’ laid out by the globalists is obviously why Henry Kissinger (through the Trump regime) put the entire US monetary and banking system fully under the control of Goldman Sachs.

The report by the globalists bemoan countries that can operate outside of ‘globalist’ monetary control (true sovereignty) and, hypocritically call this normal behavior essentially a crime, while their own aggressions of control of those countries is somehow the ‘normal order’ of how the world should be operating.  This brings us to India

India’s president in November of 2016 just banned the use of cash over a $15.00 USD amount.  Apparently a US CIA think tank was ‘one’ actor behind this India decision to ban the cash.  Also, apparently the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was also had their hand in this landmark decision by India.

Let’s not forget that India is one of the leading BRICS countries and I have written and provided extensive documentation [3] on how BRICS is nothing more than a UN Agenda 2030  pushing globalist control scheme cooked up by both Goldman Sachs and the World Bank.

This also brings us full circle to Donald Trump who is using ‘nationalism’ to push globalist agendas.  For example, Donald Trump’s upcoming war on the internet in the name of cybersecurity and the ID’ing of individuals dovetailing with the totally fake war on terrorism, all of which may very well come to a head in the United States and it’s efforts to ban cash, control individuals down the road.

You can get a full report on all the players behind the India ‘canary in the coal mine’ cashless operation at these provided links.  I recommend you listen and do your own follow up research on the subject. [4] [5]  Also, Goldman Sachification of USA by Trump [6]


[1]  Foundation For The Defense Of Democracies

[2] Securing American Interests, A New Era of Economic Power

[3] Have You Been ‘DELPHIED’ On War With Russia, China & BRICS?

[4] Washington’s Dangerous War On Cash: What It’s Really About

[5] Demonetization and You

[6] Nomi Prins Exposes Government Sachs



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