Flynn Leaks Problem / Reaction / Solution 101

Trump And Supporters Play The Role Of The Democrats

What you have going on with this Trump leak ordeal is simply problem / reaction / solution 101 theater.  People who read my writings know that I predicted that the left paradigm’s (Obama regime) assault on whistleblowers (which was a carryover from the right paradigm Bush days) would continue unabated during the Trump / Kissinger globalist reign.

Now, as if right on schedule, it’s the right paradigm’s turn to play the roll of the victim in the latest Trump ‘distraction’ circus.  First, it was the left paradigm that was crying a river over both leaks of Hillary Clinton’s email server and the DNC email leaks.  Now, it’s the right paradigm who is the ‘self-professed victim’ as national security advisor Michael Flynn steps down over an email leak.

What will be the ‘real’ victim here?  Accountability.

What is the familiar theme we’re hearing in this latest leak?  The words ‘espionage’ / ‘treason’ / ‘criminal’ and so on.  Yet again, the content of the leaks are marginalized.

Not only do you have the corporate media beating the ‘breaking-the-law’ / ‘should go to jail’ rhetoric, you also have the so-called alt-media doing it’s best ‘Media Matters’ imitation by cheerleading the prosecution of the leakers just as when it was the left paradigm over Hillary and the DNC leaks.

The other psy-warfare op you have working here, is blaming the leak on the ‘deep (or shadow) state’ which will serve to ‘straw-man’ real whistleblowing leakers in the future.


Peter King: Leaks Against Flynn a ‘Criminal Action’ (

Did The CIA Just Stage A Micro-Coup Against Trump Administration? (Activist Post /

Now for the corporate media…

Divided Media on Michael Flynn: Patriotic Leaks or Political Espionage (NY Times)

The rogue weasels have struck (The Hill)

Trump, GOP lawmakers eye ‘illegal’ leaks in wake of Flynn resignation (Fox News)

Trump says the ‘real story’ is ‘illegal leaks’ (Washington Post)

And a secondary goal for this ‘leak psyop’ is to fuel the right / left paradigm divide and concur of the American people

Leaks, like the ones that did in Michael Flynn, are a great American tradition (LA Times)

ANSWERS NOW!! (Huffington Post)

Of course the left-paradigm apologetic media was NOT singing songs of patriotism, or accountability when it was their ‘team’ playing the ‘victim’ of the leaks.  So, in both cases it’s hypocrisy yet it feeds the need by both sides to come up with a ‘SOLUTION’ to the ‘legitimate’ whistleblower problem for the globalist controllers.  It’s for this reason the Trump administration leaking being conducted by the ‘deep (or shadow) state’ is irrelevant in this case because it’s the ‘solution’ to whistleblowing that will be the target from all these leaks whether legit or staged.

What’s yet to be seen is how globalist think tank chatter boxes will react to the so-called ‘leaks’ and how ‘THEY’ plan to deal with them and whistleblowing in general.  It’s here where the rubber will really meet the road on the future of whistleblowing.


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