The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement

If the so-called intellects at the Prison Planet forum could NOT understand why I was so adamant about keeping a spotlight on Trump no matter how it troubled them so, take a read of this passage by Brandon Smith of ‘Alt-Market’…   I recommend reading the entire article.  This is the kind of stuff the Alex Jones, Jeff Renses, M Rivero’s…. SHOULD HAVE figured out long ago.

Clinton Versus Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement

“Whenever you have a rebellion focused on the inherent ideals of freedom, totalitarian institutions struggle to intervene. The issue is, freedom is not only moral, but practical. Wherever true freedom exists, people are not only happier, but more productive and prosperous. It’s hard for a tyrant to fight a rebellion based on freedom because the idea is more powerful than any weapon or any form of treachery. No matter how advanced the tyranny is, and no matter how many rebels they imprison or kill, the idea of freedom endures.

The only way to destroy a rebellion like this, a rebellion like the liberty movement, is to make it about something other than freedom. The powers that be have to convince that movement to support policies that are destructive to their own ideals. If this can be done, then that rebellion has lost the advantage of principle – the only advantage that really matters.

So what does any of this have to do with the 2016 election?

As I have pointed out for many months, the election of 2016 is an obvious dividing point for our nation…”


As I had preached since 2014, the reason why Hillary Clinton was so important to the destruction or, at minimum, the dissolving of the ‘real’ liberty movement is that a complete fraud like Trump given enough attacks by the same corporate media shilling for Hillary, could turn the ‘organic’ liberty movement into a ‘divide and concur ‘our guy VS their guy’ NFL type of game.  This hysteria created by the ‘pre-game’ hype shut out those of us trying to warn the liberty movement that they were being sucked into a globalist psyop trap.  Because after all, if you were warning people about Trump you just naturally were promoting Hillary.

Certain people at the liberty forum Prison Planet comments to your’s truly is a testament of that.  Also, this warning by those of us awake to what was going down, motivated the same  at this forum to lobby my posts as ‘fake news’.  The globalist brainwashing psyop has worked like a charm, and as a cherry on top the dive and concur of USA marches forward.

I tried, even before Brandon Smith figured it out, to warn patriots that Trump was in fact ‘ALWAYS’ on ‘team’ globalist and NOT with the liberty nationalism movement.  It was for this reason, I posted ad nausea that in the globalists own communication with one another,  they would have to give some ‘nationalistic crumbs’ to us common folk in order to use ‘controlled’ nationalism to destroy it and the liberty movement that was exposing them from every direction imaginable.


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