Trump / Administration: An Asymmetric Warfare Op Wrapped Within A Misdirection.


John ‘Insane’ McCain’s boy-toy Richard Fontaine and president of the PNAC off brand  ‘Center for a New American Security’ gives the ‘NEOCON’ rub on our der leader Mr. ‘Showtime’ himself Trump on foreign matters.

The CBSN reporter admits that the Trump administration has Trump saying one thing and his cabinet members saying exactly the opposite.   I wish to make it abundantly clear to the reader of this blog that ‘MISDIRECTION’ has always been the key to why Trump was ‘selected’ to be the current president of USA.

Neocon lap dog Richard Fontaine makes no bones about how delighted he is with Trump’s (more like Kissinger’s) selection of McMaster as  ‘National Security Advisor’.  The neocons should be jumping for joy because McMaster was recently spilling his guts on globalist Charlie Rose program discussing more war, more boots on the ground, more asymmetric operations on foreign soil.

Neocon Fontaine dropped a real gem when he was discussing how attacks on the US related to policy shifts in the US on things like ‘civil liberties’.  This revelation was dovetailed into how North Korea was going to have the ability to nuke the USA and how such an ‘operation’ (false flag?) would motivate the Trump administration ‘to act’.   One has to wonder after hearing this from Fontaine, how such an ‘operation’ would effect USA’s dealings with China?  Just a thought.

However, Fontaine does have one thing correct when it comes to the Trump misdirection operation.  Pay zero attention to what comes out of both Trump’s mouth and the mouths of his cabinet members as well.   Pay attention to ACTIONS only.


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