Corporate Media Embrace Trump / While Censorship Of Truth Marches On.

As I predicted, the ‘fake’ hate fest for Donald Trump by the corporate media would have to be toned way down in order for the same corporate media to have ‘plausible support’ for Donald Trump after a False Flag or some ginned up crisis.  This ‘toning down’ by the establishment came after Donald Trump gave his address to congress.

With ‘approval’ from almost every globalist media outlet from the ‘Council On Foreign Relations’ right down to left establishment hack Rachael Maddow, one would think Trump’s speech was on par with some of the greatest speeches mankind has ever heard.

Even though the corporate established media is embracing Trump right on cue, disinfo alt media websites are laying on the ‘out-to-get-Trump’ narrative hard and heavy to keep the distraction alive and well with what is left of the liberty movement stilled suckered by the Trump operation.

Also those of us who have not been fooled by this Trump globalist operation are experiencing censorship all over the internet.  All of this is discussed in my correspondence with other truth seekers who have not been fooled by the controllers.

Meanwhile a few things.

The speech is another of the elites grand successes in many ways, too many for me to go over right now.

It seems like Trump’s speech was used to give the MSM who pretended to oppose Trump, to not have obviously been lying that they were faking it all along, using the recognition of his “obviously amazing performance, best ever in US history bs” for MSM to coyly concede that “Trump just became the President with this speech” verbiage.  This seems to me like it’s the beginning of that limited “shelf-life” of the initial phase of the Trump operation.  Your comment about Rachel Maddow is proof of that right there, plus there was some tweet by CNN, and probably a lot of other formerly hardcore “anti-Trump” mouthpieces now magically standing behind him.  And of course, you see no one will realize even that aspect of the huge deception they just exposed about themselves–being against Trump and now being for him–because to most people, this will seem completely reasonable, organic, and NOT suspicious at all, because people think to themselves “how can you not have loved that speech, I guess that fake news isn’t fake news anymore, CNN is finally coming around.  You see, so now all the MSM outlets can now play the role Alex Jones was already playing from the get-go regarding Trump.  All MSM has to do is parrot Trump and start telling Americans that “hey this guy might be all right after all (like Max Boot had said months ago with his semantic bullshit).

Look at this part of the psyop, which is also extreme trivilaity at the same time, but nonetheless part of what subconsciously made people look in awe at “King” Trump:

His exploitation of the navy seals wife, holy shit don’t even get me started on that.

 My reply…

How many people noticed this ‘about-face-march’ by the corporate media?  I predicted this at this forum. (Prison Planet)  The reason the so-called corporate media must be onboard with the Trump op (at least just enough) is so that when a big FF, or series of them hit the fan, the corporate media can stand behind the ‘solutions’ Trump and Kissinger have in store for the American people.Trump and his administration is almost very much like the Bush Jr early months, where Bush was exercising a ‘low profile’ until 911 went down, where after 911, Bush Jr and Co. seemed to ‘spring-into-action’ with all kinds of prepackaged solutions i.e Fatherland Security, Patriot Act…  The atmosphere seems very much the same with Trump as it was with the last neocon op with Bush Jr.  It seems Trump and Co. are waiting for a shoe to drop.

Also, at the same time….
You have disinfo alt media websites i.e. cranking out the ‘They’re-out-to-get-Trump!!’ hysteria.  As the corporate media begins to embrace Trump the disinfo alt-media is running a counter operation to keep what’s left of the liberty movement who remain suckered on board with the ‘outsider’ narrative.

Which brings us to this…..

William Engdahl who has been all over the ‘Trump Operation’ long before the election has had his website recently blocked.

I’ve personally witnessed / experienced extreme censorship all over the internet when information connecting the dots between the globalists / neocons and the Trump administration are posted in the comment section of many, many sites.  The powers that be do not want a ‘real’ mass awakening to Trump and the globalist operation surrounding it.  What they want is the awakening to be ‘controlled and narrowed’ to a right / left paradigm phenomena, so that when the time is right, they can bring in their left puppet solution online to the Trump problem they themselves created.


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