Wiretap Distractions, False Flag Futures And The North Korea Freakout.

The Trump media circus has given the globalists plenty of ‘magician’s right hand distractions while they make moves with their left hand under the radar.   I posted such a move recently, where the US is now (as of late February) apart of the biggest globalist trade agreement in over 20 years. [1]  This trade agreement is essential for the implementation of the globalist Agenda 2030, along with all the TPP goodies at the leisure of the countries that signed up.

The wiretap circus is yet another ridiculous over the top Trump media (both corporate and controlled alt-media that is) distraction, that even Ron Paul had to laugh at the absurdity everyone is getting sucked into, as covered in this video by James Corbett.

While everyone is looking at the wiretap right hand distraction, the globalists have absolutely been freaking out (behind closed doors) about North Korea’s testing of what ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’ an intercontinental ballistic missile.  Of course the corporate media barely covered the North Korea event, and they certainly haven’t covered the ‘freakout’ by the globalists, with one exception.

I posted the CNN interview of John ‘insane’ McCane’s Project For A New American Security boy-toy  Richard Fontaine’s warning that the “USA was going to get nuked by North Korea” and that the Trump administration “would have to take post 911-esq measures to ensure USA stability and security“.  [2]  So, does such an ‘early warning’ by the globalists mean that a false flag in regards with a nuke is on the table?  With regards to the neocon view point on ‘limited nuclear’ warhead use [3], I certainly would NOT put using a nuke past the globalists to move their one world total control agenda forward.

And of course it’s no secret, that Donald Trump has surrounded himself with some of the most notorious neocons out there.

What ‘gains’ could be made by the globalists if ‘they’ allow a US city or town to get nuked?  If The Narrative (Official Version) Was Put Out Just Right. 

1.) Obviously the never ending war agenda would get turbo charged, and the military industrial complex will see money pouring in as to would the intelligence industry complex.

2.) The total implementation of the ‘open’ biometric surveillance (papers please) police state.  This surveillance state would also serve as a giant leap forward to a cashless USA.  This total surveillance cashless state also could end bitcoin in USA as we know it.  Which brings us to…

3.) The end of the ‘anonymous’ internet, but instead, a completely controlled and regulated internet where blogs like this will have to jump through so many control ‘choke   points’ it (and many others) will not be able to function.

4.) The International Globalist Order Out Of Chaos.

While everyone was watching the right ‘wire-tap circus’ hand, the Council on Foreign Relations was having a left hand ’emergency meeting’  with US senators (I question if such meetings are even legal).  One would think after watching this CFR meeting, that the CFR is it’s own government operating outside the public’s own input. [4]

Of course false flags were not even remotely discussed however, what was discussed in great length was how behind the eight ball the USA globalists are in regards to China.   The bulk of the ‘senate hearing’ (at the government of the CFR?) was how to ‘control’ China in regards to North Korea.  However, it doesn’t take much of a leap to realize the ‘control’ of China itself, is really at the heart of this North Korea freakout.  How would a US nuke false flag position the USA in terms of controlling China?

Targeting China’s global financial interests was certainly on the table at this hearing as was meddling in China’s banking system.   Could a US nuke event give the globalist controlled USA both military, and financial leverage points with regards to China and it’s ‘sovereign’ future?    Do ‘they’ believe such an event would and could?

Iran was also briefly mentioned at this CFR meeting and one has to believe that if the US nuke narrative was such that the operation was a joint Iran / North Korea state actor event the neocon ‘stakeholders’ could really cash in on the event moving them closer to the PNAC promise land of declaring a war on Iran.  Even if that war is airstrikes and asymmetric leadership control internal operations.

By The Way, This limited nuclear (North Korea) scenario has been kicked around for quite sometime. [5]


It was just a couple of days ago, that the government of the Council On Foreign Relations was freaking out about how to go after China. (in the link I provided above)  Right on cue, Wilbur Ross hits the Chinese Telecom company ZTE with a 1.2 billion fine for dealing with North Korea and Iran.

While we are distracted with Russia-phobia by the corporate media a real cold-war cat and mouse game is being played by the western globalists against the communist Chinese government.  One real potential ‘could-get-out-of-hand’ scenario that’s going down is the US / Sino nuclear arms race in the making.



3.) The Real Likelihood Of A Nuclear War

4.) US Senate Committee (Council On Foreign Relations)

5.) On Limited Nuclear War in the 21st Century

2 thoughts on “Wiretap Distractions, False Flag Futures And The North Korea Freakout.

  1. Thanks for your articles, along with Corbett Report and alt-market , they are the go to sites for alternative media. Appreciate your efforts.


    1. Thank you Vince.

      James Corbett was just interviewed on ‘The Ripple Effect’. He discussed the ‘left / right paradigm’ with regards to the ‘so-called’ alt-media.

      He noticed how that when a right US puppet is in the oval office, left alt-media news (mocking bird) sites (i.e. Raw Story) will put out more ‘truth’ oriented content, and the same is true with regards to right alt-media when a left US puppet is in the oval office.

      This is NOT an accident or coincidence. The general population is in a psyche warfare operation and playing the right / left paradigm card non stop 24 /7 is a part of the divide and concur operation.


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