There is an American song from the 1960’s I’m Your Puppet.  Today, this isn’t just a song anymore, it’s a hardcore policy tool used by the globalists.

When the globalists want to install one of their ‘puppets’ the western corporate controlled state run media blast ‘REGIME CHANGE!!!!’,  high and low as if it really is their ‘right’ to meddle in other countries affairs.  The cry of the oppressor comes in a statement like… ‘We can’t afford to be isolationists!!”  As if that ideology gives the globalists the absolute authority to circumvent other countries self determination.  Right wrong or indifferent.

While the western controlled media has put out the ‘regime change’ cry ad nausea for Syria to the point at which we are to believe this is the word from God’s lips him or herself,  that there was regime change in a country made by the people themselves (acting outside of globalist approval) which received a full western media blackout.  That is of course with the exception of ‘globalist chatter boxes where the globalists them selves get their news.

Here the Council On Foreign Relations report (or bemoaning) the removal of globalist puppet President Park Geun-hye of South Korea [1]

“South Korea’s President Removed

Violent protests following a high court ruling that upheld the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye left at least two people dead in Seoul on Friday. Park supporters clashed with police outside the courthouse (Korea Times), where the eight justices of the Constitutional Court voted unanimously (FT) to uphold a December impeachment vote by legislators.”

Now this is the spin the corporate media would like us to believe.  That is, that the S Korean government is acting ‘outside’ the will of the people giving the daughter of cold war dictator (and globalist) Park Chung-hee the boot.

To the CFR’s credit, in their own analysis reality is much different than the corporate media projection on what is going on in the Korean peninsula.

“Park Geun-hye, the nation’s first female president and the daughter of the Cold War military dictator Park Chung-hee, had been an icon of the conservative establishment that joined Washington in pressing for a hard line against North Korea’s nuclear provocations. Now, her downfall is expected to shift South Korean politics to the opposition, whose leaders want more engagement with North Korea and are wary of a major confrontation in the region. They say they will re-examine the country’s joint strategy on North Korea with the United States and defuse tensions with China, which has sounded alarms about the growing American military footprint in Asia,” Choe Sang-Hun writes for the New York Times.”

“Millions of anti-Park voters will be hoping that the scandal acts as a catalyst for sweeping domestic reforms to rein in the political influence of the chaebol, South Korea’s family-run conglomerates. The acting head of Samsung is already on trial in connection with donations the firm made to Choi’s foundations, but there are mounting calls for other tycoons to face legal action,” Justin McCurry writes for the Guardian.

When you did deeper into the North / South Korea / US / Japan /  China situation that is brewing, you’ll find that the South Korean people want to try this totally crazy solution to the ever growing problem in the peninsula, and this is ‘deescalation’ of tensions between North and South Korea.   Of course the deescalation / work-together approach is completely wacky for the globalists.

The people of South Korea aren’t onboard with the globalist NATO / Pentagon Poland approach of putting in missile systems in their backyard.  This mentality shared by the South Koreans poses another huge problem for the globalists who want to put missile systems in backyards around the world.  Which means the entire Korea / China equation has just gotten much more difficult to predict how their continued meddling in South Korea politics will work out.

As a side note to all you ‘alt media’ loyalists… At Infowars Alex Jones news service never mentioned a peep about the  impeachment of  Park Geun-hye left, but instead, ran this …


The Pentagon has got to love this because it omits the sentiment and actions by the South Korean people which is a huge part of this THAAD NATO-esq Pentagon globalist plan.



  1. You have to wonder about Alex , has he been bought or was he always part of the grand plan. Similarly Julian and Wikileaks and Edward Snowden. One things for sure things are ramping up at an alarming rate of knots. I have a feeling it’s now or never for the controllers. Daily we are reading in the MSM (not that I read them much, usually to see if something important has happened so I can look elsewhere for the real story) stuff they would never touch, previously the realm of the conspiracy theorists.


    1. I can now objectively observe controlled media. Be it, corporate / state or ‘controlled alternative’, because I know that it is a part of the asymmetric warfare op. (explained and laid out in a USNORTHCOM document to FEMA I got a hold of)

      90% of corporate / state media is simply distraction. A magician’s trick. However, the 10% that’s not distraction, is ‘narrative setting’. So, it is what it is.

      Right now, one of the main functions of controlled alt-media (Infowars, rense.com, what Really Happened…) is a divide and concur psyop warfare strategy. See my blog post ‘The Co-opting Of The Liberty Movement.

      Testing the globalist military objective…
      On message boards, I know exactly when to show the public that what they are witnessing is a right / left divide and concur provocation. And right on cue the hired on-line goons can not help themselves and will blow a gasket when I demonstrate what it is that’s actually going on with a so-called news story. The divide and concur asymmetric warfare power play, is one of the holy grails of the controllers.

      Also, by the way, I have been spending lots of time reading white paper internal globalist chatter where they speak to ‘their kind’ (known as stakeholders), here is where you get ‘the news’ before it’s news.


      1. It sounds like a blockbuster spy film. James Bond esq. but the i guess Flemming knew a thing or two about that didn’t he. I met one once. Friend of my father. Had a few drinks with him and he said quite a bit, not that I appreciated it at that time, took a decade or two to wake up. Kids will do that. I feel for the kids though and worry what a orchestrated financial collapse, should there be one, will be like. Thanks for your kind responses. They are appreciated.


  2. A ‘controlled’ collapse leading to a cashless society. Or… a controlled false flag leading to a cashless control grid society.

    Looks like Vault7 is just a limited hangout getting us used to the spy surveillance state.


    1. I’d never heard that song. Just Had a listen, interesting. So many double meanings just like the Wizard of Oz. Agree on Vault 7. Too convenient. Always struck me that some of the real juicy stuff like Kennedy Assasination and 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston etc never gets any attention from Wikileaks or Snowden. Of course if it did then that might cause the whole charade to unravel.


  3. “Always struck me that some of the real juicy stuff like Kennedy Assasination and 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston etc never gets any attention from Wikileaks or Snowden.”



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