Meet The New Dictator, Same As The Old Dictator.

Truth Stream Media posted a ‘real’ editorial on how nothing has changed with the Untied States globalist / technocratic foreign agenda in the middle east.  A real in-depth must read [1]

And now Trump can add his hands to the US dictator’s list of the ‘blood on his hands’ presidential club, i.e. Obama for all of you who can only think in right left / paradigms.

While everyone was distracted with ‘he said she said’,  Obama this, Trump that, a real blood bath occurred in Iraq, in what was ‘once’ the city / civilization of Mosul.  I guess Trump’s Goldman Sachs ‘white shoe boys’ will “get the oil” (Someone else’s oil hem, hem,) after all.

Of course you have to admire how the globalist / technocrats operate.  Mountains of distractions in the country that is ‘hired’ (by the globalists) to do the killing.  Going after a mess that they and their allies (Saudi Arabia) created (insert terrorist name here) as the ‘excuse’ to not only slaughter innocent civilians but, remove an entire civilization from the earth itself.

Of course there never is an outrage spoken at the G20, Council On Foreign Relations, DAVOS, the United Nations… and all the other never ending globalist / technocratic think tanks and foundations.  As Madeline (not-so-bright) Albright said on behalf of all these greedy little goons… “Yeah, the deaths of 500,000 children are worth it.” (moving the globalist agenda forward)  BTW, think Bill Gates and vaccines.  Wink.

So, that’s the resource rich middle east.  But let’s take a look at the mess both Obama and Trump have made out of the Korean peninsula.  What most people don’t even know (media blackout) is that unlike Iraq who’s leaders are just as guilty of war crimes as the US, South Korea gave their US friendly president and puppet the old heave ho. [2]  ‘THEY’ absolutely do not want the American, Canadian, European, Australian… sheep to know that the South Korean people themselves want to work out the peace ‘themselves’ (emphasis added) without the US meddling and menacing the North Koreans.

The people themselves independently solving their own problems is ‘NOT’ what the globalists and technocrats want.

And while on the subject of the US globalist controlled corporate media, which get’s ‘mocking bird’ around the world, let’s not forget how the CIA uses the corporate media to plant stories for public perception and opinion purposes.  [3]  This is not just about the obvious fake news industry, but the bigger worry is this marriage in America with corporations and state intelligence, creating a textbook fascist organization between the two of them.

One can only wonder how much longer these globalist / technocrats strangle hold on the planet finally get’s away from them, because (like Rome before the globalists) they have bitten off more than they can chew.


1.) Continuity of Agenda: Thousands of US Troops Being Sent to Combat in Syria? (Truth Stream Media)


3.) How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media (The Corbett Report)


4 thoughts on “Meet The New Dictator, Same As The Old Dictator.

  1. I love your work but you have a lot of grammar and typo errors that could be cleaned up making your piece present itself more professionally. Perhaps have someone proofread it first? Blessings to you.


    1. Love your comment. … and you’re correct.

      As you know, even the best writers have editors prof reading.

      As you can see, no sponsors or advertisers none of that thus, no editors. I’m doing the best I can. To me what is important is the content, and context which I’m bringing to the table. Plus to be honest with you, I don’t have the time I would like to spend polishing the writing they way I would like it to be polished. I’m just trying to get the thoughts out more than anything else.

      If readers want to ‘contribute’, I would not be opposed to editorial corrections.

      I do have one thing going for me that most of the ‘big blogs’ / news sites don’t. I actually ‘reply’ to people’s comments.


  2. Please keep your thoughts coming. No one’s perfect and perfectionism is for the birds anyway. Thanks for taking my comment in the spirit given. I am old school, trained by Catholic nuns 🙂
    You are doing a great job.


    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I’m taking a short leave but I plan on doing a feature soon on the ‘medical asymmetric operation‘ that people are getting sucked into. They don’t need to line people up and shoot them anymore. All they have to do is pollute them with toxins, then send them to a doctor.


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