I Told You So. And this, Is Just the beginning.

Some people critiqued my writing (and rightfully so, to some degree) of not being polished.  However, true or not so much true, there is one thing I have ‘NOT’ been criticized for, being wrong.

What I have brought to the table, you did not hear from Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, and you will certainly will not get this from the recently sold out Alex Jones.

Before I get into Trojan horse ‘Mr. Showtime’ himself, Donald Trump.  I have a message to give to all the people pushing Hillary Clinton right now.  Your globalist, establishment loving lap dog Hillary wanted the very same thing that her ‘good friend’ Trump did in Syria,  that is, a ‘hot’ conflict with Russia.  So, don’t you dare point your plastic fake finger at anyone and tell them “we saw, we came he died” – Hillary, would somehow have been the ‘great peace’ maker.

Now then, it was little old me, who said that Donald Trump would be a ‘crisis’ president back in 2014, and he has officially started his crisis chain of events in Syria.  However, this is only the beginning.

As of this very moment, Putin has put a stop to the US / Russia ‘flight data agreement’. [1] You need to pay attention to that because, what the end of that agreement means is that a US or Russia aircraft could get shot down (over Syria) by the opposing US / Russia military.  If a Russia or US plane gets shot down things between the US and Russia will heat up very quickly and become a ‘crisis’ as like nothing we’ve seen since 1962.

That’s just the beginning.  There will most likely be a ‘wartime’ internet shutdown where  only state sponsored (US) websites will be ‘approved’ for public consumption.

Perhaps travel restrictions will apply, ultra surveillance.  Most likely false accusations of domestic espionage under ‘wartime’ against the very politically minded people Obama had the IRS single out.

In my opinion, and something I wrote extensively about, it probably is the (pre-planned) end of the United States as an empire, and in it’s ashes, will rise the one agenda 2030 world order.   A dystopic world, complete with a cashless global banking system protected by a one world army / navy.

Stay Tuned.


1.) Tass Moscow suspends US-Russian memorandum on flight safety over Syria


6 thoughts on “I Told You So. And this, Is Just the beginning.

  1. Agreed. No doubt about it, all planned long ago. Hold on to your hats, it’s going to be quick, bloody and nasty. Corbettreport.com worth a look for analysis. He seems very level headed and balanced in his writing. I expect to be relatively save in downunder Western Australia. We are so Broke as a state no one will want us! Keep safe all and enjoy the show, it’s going to be a doozy.


  2. I still can’t believe alternative media who I see as having a good handle on the new world like Jon Rappoport are still supporting Trump and thinking he will make a difference. Why?


    1. The why is the important question. Maybe some of them are not as good at analyzing the matrix as others.

      It also begs the question why have some of these people got so much attention to begin with.

      You also have people like Joyce Riley who have also done great work, ‘now’ interviewing and praising people from the globalist Heritage Foundation.

      All I can say is “buyer beware”.


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