‘US-AID’ Terrorism’s ‘Soft Power’ Engine Behind Global Control

I just want to point out a buzzword the globalists are all discussing within their circles with glee, and that ‘buzzword’ is ‘soft-power‘.  You can read the globalist’s reference this term, ‘soft-power’ in places where the globalists like to hatch-out their agendas for global control. i.e. The CFR, DAVOS, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, US / EU universities….

Soft-power is a new buzzword for an age old strategy of control.  It is multi functional like a swiss army knife, and can be use is many different and separate applications.

As a brief ‘singled out’ example…

Say the globalists want to takeover a village ‘without’ looking like the bad guys they truly are, they simply use a ‘soft power’ strategy as opposed to a ‘hard power’ approach of sending in an army and occupying it directly.  So, with ‘soft power’ asymmetric operations, you simply (in this example) send in ‘you’re own people’ to stir up problems within that village, and allow the village to tear itself apart.   You than get the globalist UN to come up with some ‘resolutions’ (that your people) drafted, to solve the ‘problem’ and take control under a ‘humanitarian illusion’.

This brings us to one of those soft power tools the globalists have in their tool kit of control.  US-AID.

It seems US-Aid provides many covert resources to globalist operative terrorist actors.

Below the CFR sing a sweet song on the virtues of one of their soft power tools known as US-AID

What are its objectives?

As former State Department official and aid expert Carol Lancaster pointed out in her book, Foreign Aid: Diplomacy, Development, Domestic Politics, modern U.S. aid originated in Cold War geopolitics: the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe was designed to blunt the influence of rising Communist political forces on the continent. National security concerns have continued to drive U.S. assistance policy, aiming to provide stability in conflicted regions, bolster allies, promote democracy, or contribute to counterterrorism and law enforcement efforts abroad. 


The current foreign aid system was created by the 1961 Foreign Assistance Act, which attempted to streamline the government’s efforts to provide assistance around the world. The statute defines aid as “the unilateral transfers of U.S. resources by the U.S. Government to or for the benefit of foreign entities.” These resources include not just goods and funding, but also technical assistance, educational programming, and other services. Recipients include foreign governments, including foreign militaries and security forces, as well as local businesses and charitable groups, international organizations such as the United Nations, and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

How much does the United States spend on it?

Given the many agencies, funding methods, and categories of aid associated with U.S. foreign assistance efforts, estimates can differ. According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), which uses the broadest definition of aid [PDF], including military and security assistance, total spending was nearly $49 billion in 2015. This accounts for roughly 1.3 percent of the federal budget.

The Flip Side Of US-AID

So, the CFR like most globalist actors, gives us a warm fuzzy sales pitch on the virtues of US-AID.  The US-AID sales brochure works great for a global population that only pays attention to ‘cover stories’, and have no real interest in knowing how the word really works and how this Tom foolery will effect not only their lives but their children’s children’s lives.

For those individuals who begin to scratch the surface of issues that unlimitedly effect their lives, they start to see that the ‘sales brochures’ are indeed, nothing more that a cover story to sell the deeper agendas.


One person who does scratch the surface on geopolitical issues that the globalists are neck deep in, is F. William Engdahl.  Mr. Engdahl and many other s like hime have discovered that there is much more to US-AID than what is in the ‘sales brochure’ the globalists are peddling.

USAID Created the NGO

The White Helmets were created in 2013 by USAID’s Office of Transitional Initiatives, a slush fund for US-backed regime-change Color Revolution funding. They’ve gotten $23 million in funding from the USAID.1 USAID supplies the White Helmets through Chemonics, a for-profit contractor based in Washington DC. They are “managed” by a slick image-maker PR firm with offices in London and New York called Purpose.

According to award-winning researcher Max Blumenthal, the Syrian White Helmets were founded March 2013 by a former British military intelligence officer named James Le Mesurier. Le Mesurier is a veteran of NATO interventions in Bosnia and Kosovo and Iraq, who set up a private mercenary security company before being recruited by USAID to train what became the Syrian White Helmets under the USAID’s Syria Regional Option program.

Le Mesurier’s job for USAID was to organize a band of Syrian people who would go to the terrorist-held regions. They were trained to rush into freshly bombed buildings to extract survivors—while filming themselves—in terrorist-held areas, facing routine bombing by Syrian army aircraft. Curious we never see videos of Jihadi John or other ISIS figures cutting the heads of any White Helmets.

–  F. William Engdahl

To quickly expanded on the use of globalist controlled ‘soft power’ to influence the ‘outcome’ of ‘synthetic’ geopolitical events created by globalist actors such as NGO’s, US-AID… there is the financial fuel driving it all,

Globalist Oil Ventures ‘Fueling’ Terrorism.

Donald Trump was right about one thing when he said… “We didn’t even get the oil!”  Sounding like a ‘pirate of the Caribbean’ when discussing US president Bush’s destruction of Iraq.  Trump was correct the US population did not get the spoils of imperialism conquest the Rothschild’s and royal families did, as Randy Johnson reported in 21st Century Wire Rothschild and royal family oil finances the ISIS terrorist oil ‘black market’ soft power financial engine.

Blood for oil for cash

Now for the dark side of this trade. It’s also the most profitable too. ISIS is stealing oil in Syria and Iraq, and dumping it on the blackmarket cheaply for quick and easy cash. Whoever is buying this oil can then sell it for double or triple the profit.

In a recent report, investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed explained who and what is involved here:

“The [British] Foreign Office meetings included three receptions hosted by British Petroleum (BP), including a “high level dinner” to discuss “global energy challenges”; a Genel Energy annual reception; and a lunch meeting with Centrica Energy “on business prospects in the Middle East.”

British firms BP and Genel are heavily invested in Iraq. BP is involved in the giant Rumailah oil field and the huge northern Kirkuk field in the Kurdish region, while Genel is invested primarily in Iraqi Kurdish fields of Taq Taq and Tawke.

An exclusive investigation in July by INSURGE intelligence uncovered startling evidence that the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and Genel are tied to local firms secretly facilitating black market Islamic State (ISIS) oil sales. The Foreign Office did not respond to requests to comment on these findings.

In a sister report to this, the author adds:

Using a carefully cultivated network of intermediaries and ‘middlemen’ in the Kurdish region of Iraq, as well as in Turkey, ISIS has been able to produce a phenomenal 45,000 barrels of oil a day, raking in as much as $3 million a day in cash by selling the oil at well below market prices.

But the sheer scale and impunity of this oil smuggling network has caused local politicians to ask whether certain officials in the KRG and Turkey are turning a blind eye to these operations.

Many believe that this sophisticated smuggling network directly implicates the embattled Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan.

So ISIS is battling Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Northern Iraq, as ISIS moves its oil through Kurdish territory into Turkey for sale, while Turkey wages airstrikes against Kurdish PKK militias in Kurdistan, Iraq? The inter-workings of these relationships are much more complex than most people would care to know, or any western politician or new anchor would ever want to admit.

Earlier in 2011, KRG Barzani and Turkey’s Erdogan met in Irbil. The KRG’s website proclaimed:

“In his speech at the opening of the new consulate, Prime Minister Erdoğan said, ‘Last year Turkey did more than $7 billion worth of business in Iraq, and more than half of that with the northern provinces [KRG controlled]. There are more than 20,000 Turkish workers currently holding permits to work in Erbil governorate,’ … As this demonstrates, there is a strong economic relationship between Turkey and this region, he said. The consulate already issues visas to Iraqi citizens, which has helped to strengthen ties.  Following the public events, President Barzani and Prime Minister Erdoğan held a private meeting to discuss bilateral relations, economic ties and cooperation on energy.”

One wonders. Did Genel Energy and pipeline security ever come up?

-Randy Johnson

I would strongly recommend reading the full report above it covers the history of the middle east over a hundred years span in regards to the globalists meddling in it.

Globalist Controlled ‘Soft Power’ Steering The globalist Agenda

So, soft power from a globalist perspective, is simply the age old Hegelian Dialectic  asymmetric warfare technique being financed, played out using military forces and excused by controlled media, UN, university, think tank actors on a global scale for the purpose of th population’s acceptance of ‘SOLUTIONS created to solve the very same problems created by the globalist themselves.





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