“It Takes A War To Build A Wall”

“It Takes A War To Build A Wall” Trump Cheerleaders Try To Sell Us A Lemon

Trump’s Cheerleaders over at the Lexington Institute / National Interest explain that the only way USA can build a wall (As if that is a ‘real’ solution to begin with) is to have a war.

Ah, the virtues of globalist order out of chaos at the cost of so much human life and suffering.

“War is the greatest engine of technological and organizational change. The fifteen-year fight against Islamic jihadist terrorist groups has proven this once again. The nature of these conflicts demanded the development of new intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance technologies, processes and organization. U.S. companies responded with a revolution in sensors, command and control systems, data management and fusion software and platforms. Now they are bringing the capabilities and know-how acquired from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq back to the U.S. and applying them to the effort to safely and humanely secure the U.S.-Mexico border. I have written more on this subject for The National InterestThe National Interest


2 thoughts on ““It Takes A War To Build A Wall”

  1. Is this to keep immigrants out or US ‘tin foil hat terrorist” citizens in when the great reset occurs. Easier to round dissents up if there is no where to run?


    1. As I stated ‘before’ Trump won the election and posted later on this blog… “There will be NO physical wall”. As you point out Vince, the only wall will be virtual for keeping the ‘global citizen’ in check.

      ‘The wall’ was always to be used as a ‘propaganda tool’ as the US globalist controlled neocons are using it now to sell more wars.


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