The ‘Walter White’ Effect

You know, everybody likes to throw around the word ‘Hitler’ when vilifying another individual.  The name ‘Hitler’ is often used to vilify, not so much for the evil symbology it connotes, but it’s universally used for the ‘primary reason’ of mass recognition of the ‘evil symbology’ itself.

Nothing could be ‘more evil’ (to 21at century human beings) than a person who symbolizes ‘everything’ evil in this world, right?   Well, I’ll take the unpopular position by explaining that there is an evil ‘far’ more ‘evil’ than a single Hitler and that ‘evil’ should be called the ‘Walter White Effect’.

I just got finished watching a television series called ‘Breaking Bad‘, where a high school chemistry teacher slowly transforms into a drug dealing murdering kingpin.  You maybe asking… “How could a ‘Walter White’ be more evil than one single Hitler?”   I’ll make the reasoning crystal clear for you the reader, however unpopular it will be received.

For me, Vince Gilligan’s ‘Breaking Bad‘ became a ‘metaphor’ and even a bit of an ‘allegory’ about ‘we’ as a species, than even Vince Gilligan himself intended Breaking Bad to be.

The character that Vince Gilligan created, ‘Walter White’ a man who leaves behind a wake of destruction where ever he goes, lives among us day in day out.  I will also dare to say that there is a bit of Walter White in each and every one of us.  So, suffice to say,  ‘armies’ of Walter Whites are in fact, more destructive than one Hitler.  At least with a Hitler, there is no question as to what you are dealing with,  and what it is that is coming straight at you.  A ‘Walter White’ is a monster that hides behind ‘pillar of the community‘, ‘nice guy‘, ‘A Trusted Regular Seen On TV‘… and so on.  However, besides the evil doings that both the Hitler’s of the world and the Walter White’s of the world have in common, one very important commonality between them exists.  That is, the ‘ends always justifies the means‘ with these people.

The Walter White Effect.  A Multi Hydra Wreaking Ball Tearing Down Civilization Itself. 

There are layers upon layers to the ‘Walter White Effect’ tearing down civilization today, one example is the outright entire destruction upon whole civilizations in the name of ‘the greater good’ / ‘ends justifies the means’.  The planet’s population sits around watching the ‘wiping out’ of entire civilizations (Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria…) which ‘would be’ and ‘should be’ called ‘genocide’ if a known ‘bad guy’ was behind it all.  However, since our ‘seen-on-TV pillars of the community‘ are behind it well, non dare call a spade a spade.

The Walter White effect then produces what a rock group called ‘Pink Floyd‘ correctly called ‘On The Turning Away   So, instead of recognizing the enviable outcome for the people who somehow survived the wake of destruction by the so-called ‘pillars-of-the-community’, we further demonize these victims because another group of Walter White’s  tells us that these ‘war survior’s totally predictable reaction to losing everything and everyone around them makes ‘them’ the ‘bad guys’.    But, the Walter White effect doesn’t stop here, I see it everyday in my own personal life as well.

The Entire Medical Community Is Built Upon The Walter White Effect Foundation.

My oldest daughter was three years old, and my youngest just over a year when we brought them into the ‘friendly’ pediatrician’s office for the checkup ‘ritual’.

On that day, a young resident doctor and his attending physician, came in our exam room to give both our daughters there so-called ‘wellness’ checkup.  This particular ‘residency’ was symbolic of ‘passing the torch’ from one generation to the next, as the ‘attending physician’ was at an age of near retirement.

Our children are ‘vaccine free’ due to the ‘Walter White Effect’ of the entire pharmacological industrial complex.  So, in the exam room, the resident physician ‘unintentionally’ exposed the entire ‘vaccine fraud’ when he looked into both our daughter’s medical files and found both girls with ‘no‘ illness history what-so-ever.   The resident physician said, and I quote, “It’s amazing!! Every one of these ‘vaccine free’ children have ‘no‘ medical history of illness.”  The attending (supervising) physician’s body language was all one need to see that, a.) this old timer physician was fully aware what shooting up mass amounts of ‘known‘ toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and 1000’s of stealth viruses into the bloodstream does to these infants and children. … and b.) the fact he continues to do what he damn well knows is causing, the now ‘normalcy‘, of pediatric illness is simply ‘justifying the means to the ends’,  just exactly like Walter White in Breaking Bad does in justifying his wrong doings.  No difference.  Because once the resident exposed the ‘truth’ on the vaccine issue, the supervising physician began to shake, and ‘clearly’ wanted to find somewhere to hide.

We all should at least admit to ourselves, that getting children into the ‘medical system’ as ‘early and often’, is profitable for the ‘nice people’ working in that industry who ‘turn away‘, and endlessly justify what they themselves know, or damn well should know, what is wrong with ‘normalizing’ armies of sick children where we have to build numerous children’s hospitals everywhere across the land.    But, this Walter White effect of the medical industry doesn’t stop with children, adults are also being sucked into this corrupt medical ‘system’.

The Walter White-ification’ of the medical system literally killed my father-in-law who blindly trusted it.  My father-in-law didn’t get killed from a ‘bad diagnosis’, he was killed due to a ‘non-diaganosis’ of something easily detected, ‘anemia’.

My father-in-law was a big strong guy who was showing early signs that he, at minimum, should have been given a blood test to account for his ‘obvious’ greatly weaken state.  One doesn’t need to be a physician to know that common sense would tell you that because of his condition, a simple blood work up should have been given on his first visit.   Yes, ‘good doctors’ would have done this immediately.  Not to say that there are no good ones out there however, my father-in-law had great insurance and the so-called ‘best of the best’ doctors.  It was these ‘great doctors’ who allowed his ‘unknown’ anemic condition to continue for at least a year before they even discovered, and addressed it.

Anemia is a condition that has to get addressed immediately, because once a person has it, they’re on the clock to get it resolved before their immune system is greatly compromised to reverse it.  By allowing the anemia to worsen for so long, my father-in-law’s immune system was so compromised that cancer of his bladder began.

Of course these genius doctors who allowed his anemic condition to worsen, gave the knee jerk death sentence of giving him chemotherapy.  This was an outrageous suggestion, considering that they hadn’t even been able to reverse his anemic state, and common sense is all one needed to know that chemotherapy would destroy whatever was left of his immune system killing him in the process.   Family members tried to get my father-in-law’s wife to listen to the voice of reason and ‘not’ use chemo but alternative ‘effective’ cancer treatment at least until his anemia was resolved and he got his strength back.  The Walter White doctors would have non of this common sense approach and talked ‘trusting wife’ into the death sentence.

So, after two round of chemo poison, and two trips to the emergency room as a result from those rounds, these so-called great doctors said…  “no more chemo it’s killing him (duh)… and by the way, you have only two months to live if you’re lucky.”  Of course in less than a month he was dead.  But, in true Walter White form, these great doctors made a ‘killing’ off the chemo treatments before insurance was expired with the patient.  The ends of course justifies the means, right?

The real scandal with my father-in-law isn’t even the Walter White doctors he had the entire time, but the lack of outrage by his own wife and kids who in there own Walter White sort of way, ‘justified’ what should ‘not’ have happened in the first place.  Other people ‘outside’ the ‘close circle’ were outraged.  The so called ‘great doctors’ knew that ‘their’ lack of professionalism killed my father-in-law because they hammered into the wife and kids that the cancer and anemia were “unrelated things” because they were separate things.

One question remains, how do these so-called doctors look at themselves in the mirror each and everyday after obfuscating their own responsibility in a man’s death.  How many other people have these ‘nice guys and gals’ killed?  Of course my father-in-law’s death won’t even be a historic footnote of the millions killed by these ‘nice guys’, ‘pillars of the community’?  Of course, in Walter White fashion, the ends ‘justifies the means’.

The sad thing and point being, is that there are great medical professionals who want to do the right thing, and every time these great men and women speak up they get attacked just like in Breaking Bad when Walter White is asked to do the ‘right thing’.  These Walter White medical professionals attack these people ‘trying’ to do the right thing with Walter White-esq arguments of ‘reason’, arguments of what ‘must be done’, arguments of ‘ends always justify the means’ exactly with no exception to Walter White.

Next Up… Walter White in Government. To Be Continued…




4 thoughts on “The ‘Walter White’ Effect

  1. Interested to hear your take on the French election outcome and its relationship to British Brexit? All confusing signals at the moment. Does the establishment want a fractured European Union? If so why did they allow the British outcome and not Le Pen. Macron is said to be a globalist. I thought the Union had to fail for the long term order to be established. All very odd.


    1. It’s exactly as predicted (by me).

      You have to remember one thing. The controllers have to control all sides of all the numerous issues, and even created a few out of the clear blue sky to distract you from seeing one clear path they’re staring us toward.


    1. True that.

      I’ve been put back to work on Maggie’s farm. A little Joke

      I’ll post something new yet short but, near and dear to everyones heart.


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