One Of The Most Interesting Asymmetric Psy-ops Is Unfolding.

Stepping back one begins to see the forest from the Trees.  Here we go again, as another ‘there out to get Trump’ media circus psy-op is ramped up.  What does it really mean?

To understand the actual psy-op that the ‘controllers’ are putting on primarily the Americans but, the rest of the world to a lesser degree, one has to look at what they were working on with Obama.

Stepping back, and looking at the psy-warfare operation under Obama on the American people, one theme stands out overall, and that is divide and conquer.  Or, better put, the ‘balkanization’ of the (once) Untied States.

With Obama, we had the funded and directed racial division equation leading the psyop list.  That operation funneled into a greater operation of right vs left ideology.  This ‘right vs left’ psy-warfare operation is how the controllers not only control the narrative of these right vs left issues but, how they control individuals themselves.

The Trump operation itself fits into this right vs left overall operation quite nicely.  For decades now, the establishment that controls ALL the political players in the American political game, have set up this right vs left pendulum long before Obama or Trump came into the picture.

What is interesting with Trump, is this absurd notion that Trump (representing the so-called ‘right paradigm’) is a man against the shadow government / deep state / establishment.  As if first of all, it is impossible that the so-called left (or liberal) side of this self erected establishment / deep state / shadow corporate government pendulum game, could ever be opposed to the establishment / deep state / shadow corporate government in the first place.

As the facade faded away that Trump was this anti-deep state crusader, the establishment gave him (once again and on cue) anti-establishment cover in a media circus, we are told to believe, to impeach him.  Of course this is pure theater, but it does serve a few objectives.

One, the ‘appearance’ of going after Trump reels in the duped yet again.  Two, it strengthen’s the right vs left paradigm.  After all, anyone who points out that Donald Trump is part of the deep state game has to be a ‘radical lefty’.  Three, by controlling the ‘man of the people’ fighting the deep state, the deep state can control the anti-deep state narrative as time marches on.

This clever pay-op also works to keep the ‘appearance’ that any anti-deep state ideas are simply far rightwing cooky and dangerous Trump ideas.  As a matter of fact,  deep state agenda pushers like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), push the idea that their agenda is the far left.  Once again, reinforcing this notion that anyone who is ‘left-centric’ has to be with out question, a total establishment sellout.  Hello college students.

So what it appears we have here in the form of an asymmetric psyop, is that the ‘solution’ to decent over the ever growing global deep state, was to set up a totally controlled right vs left paradigm.  This,  to control natural opposition coming from BOTH the right and the left to this one world deep state.   The bottomline of these presidential asymmetric psyops is to divide and conquer the masses.

So, after president Trump gets through this so-called ‘tough investigation’ (wink-wink) and he’s defeated the deep-state once again (wink-wink, nudge nudge), he can resume ramping up the police / surveillance state, send billions to NATO and the military industrial complex, war monger across the globe, participate in horrible globalist trade deals, allow Wall Street to continue to fleece the planet… and if you call Trump a deep state agent, you’re nothing more that a left wing nut job out to get Trump.


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