Trump’s Impeachment? It’s Total BS Theater.

When the head of the FBI (Comey) got the old heave ho, guess who got an oval office photo op with the president on the very same day?  Why none other than Henry the ‘Kiss-of-Death’ Kissinger, that’s who

To the dumb down public, that perfectly timed photo op with the president probably went completely unnoticed.  Not so much with those in the ‘need-to-know’ fold.  That photo with Trump on the very day Comey got the axe, was a signal to those ‘in-the-know’ who is exactly running the Trump show.

Funny thing is, old Henry seems to pop up for very important photo ops all across the globe.  For instance, Henry Kissinger was just ‘photo-oping’ with the Chinese president (Xi Jinping) for his (China’s) big announcement on ‘Belt and Road’  (The kinder more gentle New World Order)

Something rather amusing, is that the New World Order boys have made old Henry Kissinger the old ‘Wal-Mart’ greater at Bilderberg meetings.  There he is, photo after photo, greeting all the ‘conspirators’ to humanity.

Back to this nonsense of Trump’s so called impeachment.  Why?  Why would the New World Order group get rid of an act like Trump?  I mean, here you have an actor playing the part of ‘the man against all odds’ who’s actually working with the very globalists his cover story says he’s fighting tooth and nail.  This idiotic narrative is working with a dumb down public so, why would they get rid of it?

Not even the Council On Foreign Relations is calling for Trump’s impeachment.  All you’re getting with this Trump impeachment nonsense is a ‘made-for-TV’ show for public consumption.   Nothing more, nothing less.  Keeping the narrative alive and well.  As a matter of fact, this man vs the machine… “OH NO!!! THERE GOING TO GET HIM FOR SURE THIS TIME!!!” … has been played on the public ever since it was the GOP who was “going to stop Trump.”  It’s really getting quite old.

As far as Comey goes.  His replacement was planned by the Kissinger group.  Comey’s replacement has already been determined, and will be presented to the public when the time is right.  Of course, the FBI ‘preselection’ will come with all kinds ‘tough scrutiny’, but in the end, the ‘preselection’ will get the establishment seal of approval.  Comey did what he was ordered to do during Obama’s reign of terror.  My guess is that the Kissinger group has something big planned for the rouge units within the FBI and the ‘to-be-announced’ has been thoroughly briefed on those ‘rouge details’.  Is a false flag on the horizon?


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