Trump Paris Climate Biggest Trade Smokescreen On Earth.

Historic: Trump rejects Paris climate treaty?  While US Still Stuck With The Paris Climate Treaty.

This actually is a Trump / Kissinger psyop at it’s best.

In February of 2017, while Trump was fresh in the White House, the USA was locked into the biggest trade agreement since the end of the second world war. Do you have ‘any idea’ just what major trade agreement that was? Try the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

What does the TFA, that nobody has ever heard of, have to do with the Paris climate agreement or TPP or NAFTA… and all these other agreements? Well, first you should be asking yourself why you haven’t heard about the WTO’s first trade agreement ever passed by virtually every country in the world including the Russian Federation and China. (No they aren’t really fighting the globalists all that hard) Then, as you research this deeper and deeper, you’ll see why this major trade agreement was off everyone in the alt-media’s radar.

To make a long story short, the TFA will ‘facilitate’ (over time country by country) TPP, NAFTA, Paris Climate… zero tariffs…and even cashless ‘e commerce’. ,,, and guess which country is signed on to this TFA? Why the USA of course.

If you think I am just some sort of ‘creative writer’ check out this 2016 article on how the TFA is going to get the Paris Climate ‘get rich scheme’ implemented into every country that signed on to the TFA, and that would be the USA as well.

Did Trump bother to tell the American people that the USA is bound by the TFA? No? Imagine that!

The bottomline is, that all Trump did and the media of course (both corporate and alt) is put out one of the biggest smokescreens on trade. So, as Paris, TPP, NAFTA…. slowly get implemented over time, people in USA will falsely believe Trump saved them from the very agreements they’ll be stuck with while no one is paying attention.


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