Trump Paris Smoke And Mirrors 2

The ‘So-Called’ alt-media is sounding the trumpets…

‘Trump just SAVED America from the disastrous Paris Climate Treaty fraud’

What the alt and corporate media is NOT telling or even allowing me to post at their comment section is this…

Not Natural News fault but, the above headline is one of the biggest hoaxes / distraction from the truth that there is, for two major reasons..

What Natural News and most other alt-news websites does NOT understand, is that countries around the world do NOT have to ‘sign’ the Paris Climate Agreement (I don’t think it was ever a ‘treaty’ to begin with), to have it’s ‘provisions’ implemented in a town near you.

#1) Provisions within the Paris agreement can be implemented through the TFA. (trade facilitation agreement) Almost every country on the planet DID join the WTO’s TFA. That would include the USA. (As of February of 2017) Did Trump bother to tell the American people this?  Of course not.

Mike Adams needs to research ‘how the TFA will ‘facilitate’ the Paris Climate Agreement through ‘other’ trade agreements like NAFTA, OR… under catchy names like… ‘No Climate Trade Agreement’. THEY, can name these ‘agreements’ brokered through TFA anything THEY want to. The globalists have written specifically about the TFA and the Paris climate agreement.

Say you don’t even want to research the above to see if I’m making it all up…. it doesn’t even matter because…

#2 Implementing Paris ‘cimate provisions’ locally in a ‘city’ near you. #cities4climate

More than 80 city mayors, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and New Orleans, announced plans for their individual cities to adopt the Paris Climate Agreement. Members of the group signed a statement announcing their commitment to adopting, honoring and upholding the goals of the agreement.

You can bet your bottom dollar (or carbon credit) that all these so called Mayors, governors…. are getting their carbon ‘payola’ directly from the globalists to stick it to all of us with this crapola.

In a nutshell, all Trump’s so called Paris climate ‘announcement’ did was put good people asleep who would fight the climate nazis.  Great job Trump!

The entire climate ‘agenda’ is nothing more than the UN’s Agenda 2030, zero growth New World Order religion policy for planet Earth.


One thought on “Trump Paris Smoke And Mirrors 2

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