CNN & Trump Tag Team For ‘Softpower’ Control Of Internet Narratives.

There is a war going on right now, online, over narratives, and more importantly to the globalists, who controls them.

For those who have followed my posts @ The Global Gulag, I have posted CFR white papers / articles and podcasts, on how the globalists are desperate to take control of internet narratives.  I posted the CFR’s own podcast discussion on how the globalists used the war on terror as an excuse to take control of narratives, online.

I posted that particular podcast @ The Global Gulag,, because I pointed out that the same strategies CFR ‘thought leaders‘ (joke) were using to ‘combat online radicalization’, could be plugged into formulas on how to counter any online ‘consensus’.  You see, the occult (hidden) state can not ‘force’ the public to ‘believe’ anything, and since THEIR (the globalists) agenda doesn’t serve the general public, their best strategy is to take control of consensus online to get the public to go along with the ‘narrative’ that is most favorable to their multiple agendas.  But how?

One method of control, of internet narratives, is the ‘Strong Arm’ operation approach.  An example of this just happened when CNN and Trump put together an online dog and pony show (operation) that met the first objective, get lots of attention.  The second criteria is to have a ‘joe public dupe’, to play the part of YOU (joe / jane six pack) the online ‘poster’ / ‘commenter’ who plays the ‘outcome’ exactly the way the globalists have scripted the outcome that best serves their endgame goal.   This meets the third criteria, the public’s identification with the globalist shill who condemns their own online comments / posts and promises “NEVER to think like that again”.  You don’t want to be that evil person do you?

We saw this very soft power ‘strong arm’ operation play out when an (obvious) globalist dupe posted a video clip on Reddit, Trump tweeted it, CNN hyped it up reaching objective one, viral recognition.  CNN played the part of big brother condemning the stupid clip (as a part of the hype).  The ‘strong arm‘ tactic was played by the ‘authoritative’ CNN threatening the dupe with ‘public exposure’.   OH MY!!! ???  The Reddit dupe folded like a lawn chair and begged, YOU the public, for forgiveness.  This met the goal criteria of ‘normalizing’ CNN (globalist corporate media) as an ‘authority’, and the dupe’s part, ‘normalized’ the obedience to that authority.

James Corbett did a feature on this, if you are not sure of what specifically went down.

James couldn’t believe CNN would do this.  James does NOT realize that this is a ‘somewhat’ sophisticated operation.   In JADE Helm style actually.  These online / corporate media operations on consensus will get more and more sophisticated as time goes on, and it will get to the point where people will actually go along with this ‘strong arm’ and other tactics.

Let me conclude.

It’s not important the details of the Trump CNN operation, the video clip in this case.  This is the most important point I can stress.

Let’s take this same ‘strong arm’ operation and use it in the Sandy Hook operation.   While exposing Wolfgang Halbig would NOT have been the objective by the globalists, going after all those who supported his work and their own work would have been a top priority.  IF the globalists can use strong arm tactics to silence the nay sayers…  “OH NO!!! I better keep quite they may come after me!”  They win on multiple issues that support THEIR agendas.

Even if this tool ‘strong arm’ backfires.  (I Think the Trump / CNN / Reddit dupe was just a trail balloon)  The globalist will work to control the ‘narrative / consensus’ from multiple angles in the future.  Be prepared for their dirty tricks.


4 thoughts on “CNN & Trump Tag Team For ‘Softpower’ Control Of Internet Narratives.

  1. Some questions – what is this belief system – surely not the simplistic Occult that one can read about. Do they have a deeper belief/connection. Second question is why? They have more money and therefore power to last a lifetime or is that connected to the belief system and who selected new initiates and indeed why do they want to belong to such a immoral system? In the end we all die, was it really worth it for them beyond the material wealth. Cheers.


    1. I love questions.

      When you ask me about the world ‘occult’. I am assuming you are asking me about how I use the term ‘The Occult State’.

      The definition of the word ‘occult’, makes it much more applicable to quantify a ‘shadow government’ working inside a larger centralized government, than the term ‘deep state’. This is because the definition of the word occult means ‘hidden’. Occult is another world for hidden.

      The deep state was created by the controllers to replace the word ‘shadow’ government. Which (‘shadow government’) implicates government more directly than the much more ambiguous phrase ‘deep state’

      So, my “belief” that a ‘hidden state’ or occult state is operating within larger states stems from years of the EU operating in secrecy until it revealed itself. The Trilateral Commission, The Council On Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg committee, are organization who the ‘establishment’ swore up and down did NOT exist until they revealed themselves. These organizations dictate to governments and industries / corporations their agenda which are kept ‘hidden; from the public until they are ‘PR’ed into the public domain.

      The G20 not hidden yet their meetings / plans are held behind close doors, and we as a public have been conditioned to believe that these organizations must dictate policy that become law of the land. Yes, so my belief comes with astute observation of how the world really works VS the way it presented by the same establishment planning everything under the sun behind closed doors.

      Your second question money…

      The accumulation of money is NOT important to the occult government leaders / controllers.

      Control, and maintaining that control, is paramount with these psychopaths. Control of money is quite different than money / wealth accumulation.


  2. I don’t watch CNN nor any other major network news. I only superficially heard about this Reddit and meme business – not paying much attention but it may have had something to do with wrestling??? *See, that is how happily I am to be unconnected, but I check into this blog for a dose of sanity and insight*. I think James Corbett is controlled opposition. Same for Julian Assange and “Anonymous”. I trust VERY VERY LITTLE any more.

    I’ll check into a local channel for weather or traffic reports. If one watches CNN or any of the other channels and believes any of it, they are a fool. Lots of fools out there. If more of us turned off the boob tube and stopped buying the music, magazines, books, newspapers, professional sports tix and all the other s**t that the controllers heap on us to keep us dumbed down and distracted, we might be able to put a little dent into the controllers’ plans. It would take more people waking up of course. But I do like to day dream about the possibilities.

    Sometimes I have the feeling that ultimately, the controllers’ plans will go awry and not go the way they think they will go. I think it’s going to blow up in their faces. Maybe another day dream I have.


    1. You should be skeptical. When it comes to everything being ‘broadcast’. Even with my work.

      I can now watch CNN, FOX MSNBC… with zero emotion because I understand that these broadcasts are asymmetric warfare operations. They have become vital in my work catching what it is exactly that the powers that be want the public to believe to be true, or what direction they want the public to be lead. I can and do read globalist publications i.e. Council on Foreign Relations… for the same intel.

      Why I can’t say Corbett is 100% not controlled opposition, I trust Corbett’s work more than others because it has paralleled my own research which differs from ‘real’ controlled alt-media narratives i.e.. that ‘China is going to be the worlds savior’, and many other narratives of course being put out there, i.e.. ‘they’re out to get Trump’ and so on.


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