SHHHHH Trojan Horse Trump To Renegotiate The TPP & More.


“But now, in an act of political judo, Trump is trying to use the same anti-establishment, pro-American rhetoric from his campaign to craft a neoliberal NAFTA renegotiation that will include everything demanded in the recently scuttled TPP – and more. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, as well as others in Trump’s administration, have been surprisingly straightforward about these intentions.”

The above is absolutely 100% correct.  However, what this author does NOT realize and is completely clueless about, is that someone had to be ‘installed’ SELLING anti-globalist propaganda as a Trojan-esq decoy (in this case Trump) to use the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (WHICH IS HUSH HUSH) to renegotiate NAFTA.  (Which I have written about extensively at this blog) A Hillary could not pull this off.

Just so you know, the G20 is simply the WTO back porch where these globalist leaders meet to get their orders from both Bilderberg and the WTO.

Also note in the G20 CFR link I posted (@ global gulag), that the ‘public consumption propaganda‘ CFR (and other globalist publications) narrative is that “nothing is getting accomplished“.  DON’T believe that for a moment.  Plenty of globalist trade  / dictation is being implemented at breakneck speeds.


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