#Charlotte Is #Arabspring Globalist Operation Against World Wide Nationalism

Nationalism world wide is the target globalists fear the most.  Why, because nationalism runs counter to globalism  So, the globalists have reached into their bag of ‘color revolutionary tricks’ to deconstruct U.S. nationalism starting with the southern United States.

The ‘operation’ is to REBRAND nationalism as ‘extreme’.  Even though globalism is very ‘extreme’ run by greedy oligarch extremists hell bent on ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’

DECLARATION of The Club of Rome
Brussels, April 25, 1996

“The world is undergoing a period of unprecedented upheavals and fluctuations in its evolution into a global society for which people are not mentally prepared. As a result, their reaction is often negative, inspired by fear of the unknown and by unawareness of the global dimension of problems which seem no longer on a human scale. These fears, if not tackled, risk driving people to dangerous extremism, sterile nationalism and major social confrontations.”

So, in order to ‘mentally prepare you’, nationalism MUST be rebranded by the globalists from being ‘patriotic’ to ‘Evil’, ‘Racists’…   but they need help from globalist NGO’s, law enforcement, paid for politicians, globalist corporate media, and willing dupes to play their part.

This is why the globalist have to control all sides of the equation.  In USA, the feds have infiltrated and literally run most skin head / Nazi groups as well as Islamic extremists groups.  While NGO’s support ‘black nationalist groups’ i.e. #Blacklivesmatter

They play each against the other PROBLEM, in order to get a REACTION.  Of course, these very globalist controllers will give the population they prey upon the very SOLUTIONS that benefit THEM at the price of the general population.

#Charlotte was a color revolution false flag in the name of ‘rebranding nationalism’ as extreme.

Unbiased witnesses reported that the police actually facilitated the clash of the two opposing sides.

The corporate media used the violence to fully demonize ‘nationalism’ in subliminal way over and over.  The effect of the demonization is called “soft power” by the globalists.  The idea behind such ‘soft power’ tactics is that (in the case of nationalism) people will ‘self police’ their nationalistic feelings and be afraid that love of one’s country, local community (no matter gender, race..) is equated with far right extremism, even though the roots of ‘American nationalism’ are liberal, as in liberty from monarchy.

Also, see…

Charlottesville – Riots – Terrorists – False Falg – WTF going on ?

… as it is updated regularly.

#Charlotte is a false flag / soft power ‘asymmetric’ operation with nationalism in it’s sights and USA’s right to assemble as a secondary target.


5 thoughts on “#Charlotte Is #Arabspring Globalist Operation Against World Wide Nationalism

    1. I’m still here. I have been unable to write full length articles (aka Las Vegas OP). I have been writing extensive notes, found interesting connections. I may even be responsible for the Las vegas police having to change the ‘hero’ narrative to the guard when I discovered the ‘first’ hero the MSM rolled out was an intelligence operative that worked for a company (Leidos) that would benefit directly from the police state ‘solutions’ that will be rolled out from these types of ‘soft target’ operations in the USA. That and the fact that he and Paddock both worked for Lockheed (At least that’s their ‘official’ designations)


      1. Great to hear from you! I highly recommend miles mathis paper on LV hoax – he also makes the connection of Paddock to Lockheed.


      2. I also want to mention that the entire Lawsuit situation is highly suspect, considering no other lawsuits outside globalist run Brady Gun Control Lobby / NGO and a sole lawsuit against MGM. All these suits fall right into the CUI Bono / ‘solutions’ area of the operation and NONE of these lawsuits go after the concert promoter, the security company (which I would like to know) who ran security at the concert, Las Vegas police / Sheriff, addressing the multiple shooters. The two lawsuits magically align with the official narrative.

        I’m beginning to think Jim Fetzer maybe correct after all, that no one was actually killed at this ‘drill’ / operation.


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