They should have interviewed me instead.


In response to… Agent of the controllers speaks out.

Analyzing the NWO blueprint for el president. I successfully predicted, back in 2012, that the ‘controlers’ would ‘install’ a FAKE populist US president in 2016. I knew the puppet masters would attack their own puppet in the media, giving him ‘street cred’ with the now defunct truth movement.

I have to give the NWO boys and girls a tremendous amount of credit for exceeding my own expectations. Never in my widest dreams would I have thought people who claim to be on the ‘right’ side of this fake left / right construct, would have ever rallied around the sort of guy that they themselves have been speaking out against. In short, I never thought the controllers could get away with passing off an enemy of the working person, friend of the banker, long time democrat / establishment supporter, womanizer, pedophile connected globalist to self proclaimed persons on the so-called ‘right’. It’s truly mind boggling how telling these people on the right what they wanted to hear, along with the fake media attacks, would work so well on selling this guy to those people.

I would like to point out that NWO agent Donald Trump, like Obama, servers the divide and concur strategy to the nines. Also, Trump serves the function of being an ideological punching bag or straw man for ‘we the people’ anti-globalist principles. Ron Paul, who had his own faults, actually brought the so-called left and right ideologies together on ideas and principles that the ‘everyday person’ could identify with regardless of the right / left construct. That ‘union’ / ‘coming together’ does NOT serve the interests of the controllers. So Trump, indirectly, has served the destruction of those unification ideals quite nicely.

What I also find interesting, is that predictively, Trump has betrayed his constituents, and no matter the amount of betrayal Trump racks up, his supporters go even further into denial. This denial metal-gymnastics by Trump’s right supporters is much more pervasive than it was with the Obama left supporters.

However, the so-called left side of this construct can’t be left out of this post either. The left has also been caught up with this fake president puppet as well. The globalists have been using the ‘attack the messenger’ approach to distance the so called left from the populist ‘we the people’ ideas which they supported back in 2008. But, the most disturbing thing the left fell for hook-line-and-sinker, is this preposterous idea that the Russians had anything to do with getting their fake candidate eliminated from a completely fake election. But the Russia Trump hysteria being consumed by the so-called left is only a very small part of a much bigger problem.

Russia = Oceana

The controllers have been constructing a ‘narrative’ in USA right out of Orwell’s 1984. Basically the narrative goes… anyone speaking out against the box called globalism that the controllers are constructing around us all, “must be an Oceana sympathizer”. Fake websites, like ‘Hamilton 68’ are being created by the military / intelligence industrial complex with the self fulfilling mission of “spotting and outing Oceana sympathizers”. Where is this all going”

The self proclaimed agent of the controllers at this linked to website above, discussed an upcoming world war to further the controller’s grip on this planet. This ‘prediction’ by this person is not at all out of line. Once the globalist controlled United States declares this war by a el president who surrounds himself with generals, this Russia = Oceana will only intensify, and of course, ‘drag net’ enemies of the globalist state, a.k.a. anyone who speaks out against the controller’s and the tyrannical control state.


2 thoughts on “They should have interviewed me instead.

    1. Absolutely he is in on it.

      The goal of the controller’s is to destroy USA as a ‘constitutional Republic’. Destroy USA as a sovereign nation. To destroy USA as an army of armed citizens and in it’s ashes erect a globalist controlled agenda 2030 hell hole.

      Putin has no problem being used for this endgame objective.


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