Florida School Shooting & The ‘FAKING’ Industrial Complex


As the Florida school ‘look-live’ drill and or ‘special ops’ operation shooting begins to unravel at breakneck speed,  globalist controlled USA, is desperately trying to get every mile out of this school shooting deception they possibly can.  Before I get into ALL the details of this latest ‘lone nut assasin’ operation,  I want to point out a component to the deception you will NOT get anywhere else but here at this blog.

As the evidence of ‘faking’ or, just flat out ling by the controllers mounts on the latest ‘crisis theater’ going on in USA, facts that would and should bring people together on both sides of the FAKE right / left paradigm construct are ‘purposefully’ being turned into a ‘anti-Trump’ football.  This is what the intelligence community would call running interference.  So, why do this?

Bombshell ‘evidence’ has come out, or maybe even purposely ‘leaked out’,  shedding light on our good friends at crisis actors incorporated.  But, instead of this bombshell information bringing together people who simply want the truth, no matter where it leads, the ‘controlled alt-media’ has turned this latest evidence of FAKING into an ‘intentional’ polarization / distraction operation unto itself, with the intent to create infighting.  This is classic asymmetric warfare 101.



EXPOSED: School Shooting Survivor Turned Activist David Hogg’s Father in FBI, Appears To Have Been Coached On Anti-Trump Lines [VIDEO]

Excuse me, but shouldn’t this information be headlined as…

Exposed: Crisis Actor Passing Himself Off As Victim, Caught Rehearsing Lines With Corporate Media And Or Government Employees.

One would think that if this headline became the internet meme instead of some ridiculous Trump nonsense, that this FAKE actor would get a lot more heat from ALL sides of the political spectrum which MAY have the effect of him spilling his guts on a much bigger conspiracy behind his scripting.

7 thoughts on “Florida School Shooting & The ‘FAKING’ Industrial Complex

    1. Funny thing….( not really ) happened yesterday after I downloaded that video of a Hogg being ‘greased’ …and then uploaded to JewToob. I received a “strike” on my account for “Harassment and Bullying”!
      So, let me get this straight, I upload a video of Hogg being coached by his handler ( “Just say, ‘I don’t know how to put this in perspective’.” when Hogg kept faltering and flubbing his lines, ) without personally making a commentary of motive or even if the shooting was valid or hoax yet the UPLOAD is considered “harassing and bullying”?? Hogg’s attempt to defraud the public at large is NOT considered “bullying”, contemptible, terrorism or even “intent to incite violence”…..against his own countrymen/women? ( Unless he is, in reality, an Israeli Citizen ) then I suppose no moral crime committed on his part!

      What is even more bizarre is that I only have 2 subscribers. Why bother with my channel?
      It’s a bother, I suppose, to have any evidence of their collusion and crimes against humanity on any format.

      Keep up the good work. I may not comment much but I do read everything .


      1. This is why people are leaving YouTube for Dtube in mass. I just watched a Dtube video of a couple doing travel shows getting their YouTube account suspended.

        On the subject of ‘Harassment & Bullying’, I can clearly see the ultra paranoid globalist controlled US government sending out their FBI goons to ‘Harass & Bullying anyone who uploads this video in a ‘silence the message’ by accusing them of being a “Russian agent”. Maybe yellow stars are not too far behind.


      2. Just typed in Dtube and do not like what I saw. I will not be visiting your site again.
        **Warning to all who read this thread. Do not type in DTube if you are a decent human and want to retain that decency..**


      3. ..but if you like censorship follow Jamie to the nearest exit. For those of you ‘indecent individuals’, here is the direct link to Dtube. https://d.tube

        I couldn’t figure out what Jamie was referring to. I can only assume porn. I didn’t realize it was on DTube because I never went out of my way to look for it. However, if you do NOT want someone else censoring you or falsely accusing you for simply uploading non offensive material… then one would have to become responsible and self-censor what they wish to view or not view. That is the responsibility of every individual of a truly free society.


      1. Hmmmmm…..you might have a point there. Wonder what happened to those of us who will not OBEY? Were we intentionally overlooked or perhaps………
        That is another topic altogether….and maybe not.


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