Color Revolutionizing The U.S. First & Second Amendments Out Of Existence



It would really be amazing if these same students marched in mass against the globalists who use clandestine operations glohblally, including right in their own backyard, to foment ‘color revolutions’ against their own well being.

The same powers that ‘shouldn’t be who lied in order to bring war on children around the world, now use USA’s children to save them from guns?  There’s something wrong with this picture.

Corporate behemoths Facebook and CBS team up with other corporate controlled media to bring student protesters to your social media, TV, Radio, print feeds 24 / 7, while demonizing anyone who questions just what exactly went down in Florida.  This is psychological warfare 101 people.

“Guns Is The Dictator Who Gasses His Own People” &… How School Shootings Can Be A Well Planned ‘Color Revolution Psychological Warfare Operation’ In The Name Of ‘Regime Changing’ The US Constitution.

The globalists ‘stakeholders’ have long bemoaned that the ‘law abiding’ individuals in the U.S. are “allowed” to ‘protect themselves’ with a ‘legal’ firearm.   The reason being is that you, a globalist who wants to dominate a population, would have to take ‘away’ the #1 form of resistance to your ‘domination agenda’,  and that would be firearms.  Because, let’s face it, individual citizens who own guns is a ready made ‘standing army’ to globalist resistance.

So, what would be the best way to disarm law abiding U.S. citizens?  #1 create a PR nightmare for guns and their ‘law abiding’ owners.  #2 shape public opinion that you, the globalist have crafted, into what ‘appears to be’ a completely ‘grassroots movement’ against your target.  In this case the U.S. constitution itself. #3. Create and disseminate a distraction and smear campaign on ‘anyone’ who shines light on the fact that the entire event which initially kicked off the so-called ‘grassroots movement, was in fact, an asymmetric operation against the general population.  #4 Use the event and psyop to target other parts of the main target… i.e. U.S. constitution i.e. first amendment and other liberty centric laws as well.

Globalist Controlled USA, The Dictator Who… “PsyOps It’s Own People”.  Conspiracy Theory Or Fact?    

Enter FACT #1: U.S. Operation NorthWoods: The Weaponization Of U.S. Propaganda On It’s Own People.

It was NOT a ‘conspiracy’ website that uncovered the 1962 U.S. Pentagon plan / agenda to use military grade operations on it’s own people for the purpose of ‘manipulating’ public opinion, it was the corporate news ABC itself. [1]

Enter FACT: #2: The Legalization Of Using Propaganda On U.S. Citizens

It wasn’t a ‘conspiracy website’ that not only confirms U.S. government ‘policy’ of using psychological war on it’s own people, but extremely establishment magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’ actually ‘celebrates’ this FACT.

U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans


USNORTHCOM’S CONPLAN 2501-05 is where the psyop ‘event’, i.e. school shooting, meets the propaganda road, ‘engineering’ public opinion, ‘part 1’.  USNORTHCOM’S CONPLAN 2501-05 is a huge operational umbrella that can include events like a ‘natural disaster’ but don’t let globalist disinfo bots lie to you.  This ‘CON PLAN’ is absolute proof that the globalist controlled U.S. government plans to use psyos on US citizens, and they can also be used from this plan to be implemented in a ‘pre-planned’ false flag psyop event just as easy as a natural disaster.

Here are just a few juicy little ‘excerpts’ from this USNORTHCOM document on ‘managing crisis’ on the fly, and how that could easily be used in a globalist gun grab operation.

1.) Tab D – Psychological Operations C-3-C-1


DOD Directive S-3321.1, Overt Psychological Operations Conducted in


2.) Employment

PSYOP forces and capabilities in support of DSCA will be coordinated and synchronized by phases to maximize effects of dissemination in designated locations within the joint operations area (JOA). During all phases of the operation the objective for PSYOP force and capability use is to disseminate critical information that supports the civil authorities and their desired end state.  

Of course the ‘civil authorities’ in this case would be the very law enforcement which ‘stood down’ while this shooting operation was underway.

Enter FACT #4:  Intergrading USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 2501-05 With Social Media To Control Narrative & Demonize Narrative Opposition.

Where the psyop ‘event’, i.e. school shooting, meets the propaganda road, ‘engineering’ public opinion, ‘part 2. 


In James Corbett’s Words…

Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The Weaponization of Social Media. This is The Corbett Report.

I would add to this excellent psyop presentation by James Corbett that instead of “turning off” social media as James suggests when confronted with an ‘arguemnt’.  I would “keep exposing” relentlessly.

Columbine School Shooting Operation 2.O

School Safety Expert Wolfgang Combs Through The Ridiculous And Tragic Event In Florida [Videos 1 & 2]

NOTE:  To all the globalist shills who waved Mr. Ponzer’s [If that, is in fact,  this Ponzer character’s real name, or if he really even exists.]  lawsuit at everyone’s face with regards to Wolfgang Halbig’s credibility.  This Ponzer character who, by-the-way has several aliases, DROPPED his lawsuit against Wolfgang Halbig, once this Ponzer [in my opinion] ‘cutout’, was ordered by the Florida court to give a video deposition.  Of course he dropped his lawsuit, because the deposition would have exposed this guy’s ‘true’ identity, which also would have exposed that ‘the guy’ named Ponzer was simply a ‘cutout’ and that the corporate media knowingly lied about this guy from the very start..


The Corporate Media Is An Accessory To This ‘Gladio‘ Style Globalist Operation / Crime, If They Demonize Anyone Asking These Questions That Need To Be Asked In Regards To The Parkland School Shooting Operation.

The Parkland School Shooting Operation Is a Carbon Copy Of the Columbine ‘Operation’. Which Means, We Will Have To Revisit What Actually Came Out During The ‘DISCOVERY’ Process In The Columbine School Shooting Lawsuits.  Stay Tuned.



#1) Why Does The Croporate Media Refuse To Address Eyewitness Testimony To Full Military Tactical Garbed Men Not Only Seen But, Shot At By Them?

Men in tactical gear shooting people were also seen by eyewitnesses during the Columbine shooting ‘operation’. (During this operation, sheriffs deputies testified in court to have engaged men in tactical gear.), Sandy Hook (seen, but not shooting), Aurora Shooting (teen girl shot in face ‘outside’ theater by man in tactical gear), San Bernardino, Las Vegas.   There seems to be a pattern here with these operations, men in tactical gear shooting guns.

#2) The People Of The Untied States Need To Know If This Parkland School Shooting Was A ‘Color Revolution’ ‘Gladio Operation’, Using Special Forces Operatives.  And Was It For This Reason, Why Sheriff Israel Stood Down His Deputies While The Operation Was Under Way?

Enough of acting as if the above question is absurd.  Globalist controlled United States has a century under it’s belt of such operations around the globe,  Not only is the question NOT out the realm of possibilities but globalist controlled USA needs to be a #1 suspect due to it’s long history of doing these very operations around the world for decades.

#3) Was Cruze An FBI Directed Patsy In The Very Same Way The FBI Tried To Make Emad Salem A ‘Directed’ Patsy In The First World Trade Center Bombing.

Again, the FBI has a long history of corruption and asking the question is hardly absurd, but rather necessary.  Considering that the FBI can NOT get around the fact that Cruz was ‘well on their radar’, the fact that they could have been interacting with him before the school shooting operation is a very distinct possibility.  His so-called confession certainly doesn’t answer eyewitness testimony, one of which a witness was engaged in a conversation with Cruz WHILE THE SHOOTING WAS IN PROGRESS!  Talk about a glaring hole in the globalist’s ‘lone wolf’ narrative.

#4) Was The Parkland School Superintendent Ordered To ‘Break’ School Safety Protocol By Evacuating Students during this operation?

This is has to be the 1000 lb elephant in the room for the people trying to pass off this Gladio style operation as a ‘lone nut shooter’ happenstance,  for the simple fact that this completely harebrained order by the school, most likely cost 17 people their lives.

#5) According to USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 2501-05 Own Documents. Such Psychological Operations On The US Citizens “MUST Be Authorized By The President”  

Did president Clinton ‘order’ the green light on Columbine?  Did president Bush green light 911?  Did president Obama green light Sandy Hook and there similar operations?  Did president Trump green light the Parkland operation?

These questions are NOT above reproach as USNORTHCOM clearly states that a.) Globalist Controlled USA engages in “psyops” against it’s own people and. 2) that the office of the president must sign off on these operations.

The question also must be asked in order to trace who gives the order to ‘green light’ these operations and hold them accountable.

More questions than answers regarding the Parkland operation, stay tuned.

Google, Who Is Partnered With The NSA, Does NOT Want The Public to know That Multiple Eyewitnesses Saw Multiple Paramilitary Dressed Shooters On The Day Of The Shooting.

From Report:

“The information  showed on Google was often not relevant to our search, and the results  always seemed to support the official narrative. The most striking of these results came when we searched for the words “girl says 3 shooters parkland,” expecting the news footage  of an eyewitness from the school saying that there were multiple  shooters. On google this video did not come up, nor did any articles  about the statement that the student made to the news, despite the fact  that our search was extremely specific. Don’t be fooled by the top  article “Calling B.S in Parkland, Florida,” it is an op-ed promoting gun  control.” 




It seems quite clear to me, that ‘color revolutionary’ himself David Hogg, was inserted into the corporate media narrative as a way to ‘discredit’ accusations that color revolution ‘actors’ are, in fact, used in these color revolution operations.

I would submit that the globalists working under psyop directive CONPLAN 2501-05 intentionally ‘leaked out’ the video of color revolutionary David Hogg ‘rehearsing his lines’ to ‘bate’ real journalists / truth tellers into exposing his actions in order to ‘pounce on’ anyone exposing Mr. Hogg as a… “terrible” “Horrible” “Insensitive”… You get the picture.  However, in the corporate controlled media’s attacks on ‘real’ journalists exposing Hogg for the FAKE he truly is, did NOT one time dare show their own audience the actual ‘rehearsing his lines’ video he was caught on tape actually doing.

The Globalists Just Love waving crisis actors at a gullible public in order to get as much pr milage out of their created color revolutions as they possibly can.

How could anyone forget Yulia Marushevska’s “I Am a Ukrainian” orange revolution propaganda video”?   Who could call out this teary eyed ‘actress’ for being a 100% FAKE?

The actress’s video SOLD to a gullible public as… drumroll please… ‘grassroots’,  turned out to be shot and produced by a ‘hollywood team’. [source]   It get’s better.  For her ‘acting’, Yulia Marushevska was whisked off to do a number of pr gigs on all sort of globalist media platforms to sell the US State Department color revolution in the Ukraine.  But wait, there’s more… It seems that the ‘powers than shouldn’t be’ behind the orange color revolution in Ukraine, were so pleased with Ms Marushevska’s ‘zest appeal’ that they gave her a cushy government job as head of Odessa customs, one of the most corrupt government departments in the Ukraine. Ms Marushevska was later rewarded for this blunder by  Mikheil Saakashvili by being thrown under the bus for utter incompetence.

So, it should be no surprise why David Hogg and his fellow ‘actors’ are enjoying the color revolution pr ‘tour deception’.

Color revolution crisis actors ‘honorable mentions’ need to include the much heralded Little Syrian Girl’ Bana Alabed who actually turned out to be Turkish, … and the so-called 15 year old “Nurse” Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ who cried a river to the gullible public that babies were being thrown out of  “incubators”, who, herself, had no connection to the hospital and was coached on how to give her testimony by the US public relations firm Hill and Knowlton in a 10 million dollar pr scam on the gullible public the corporate media ran with.

Both FAKES were given the usual pr circuit tour including a trip to congress to plead American globalist politicians into bombing innocent people in Iraq. The US globalist government, and their corporate media partners, were behind all of it.

So, the corporate media waving these FAKES at us, need to stop acting ‘shocked’ when THEY have a rich history of wagging fakes at us all day long for each FAKE crisis they are behind.

Enter NGO’s Into The U.S. ‘Homegrown’ Color Revolution Equation Spearheading & Financing ‘Constitutional Regime Change’.


Microcosmic Thinking back in 2014 wrote an excellent article on the ‘step processes’ of… “Regime Change and Creating “Protesters” and “Democracy Movements”

The steps are the same with globalist US foreign color revolution operations, only with the homegrown U.S. version, they are simply reshuffled a bit.

#1.) Stage a number of incidents involving mass shootings. Allow it to continue, building up the ‘problem side of the… ‘problem, reaction, solution’ effect that you the globalist need.  Then, once the timing is just right, kick in the ‘solution’ faze of the ‘regime constitutional change’ operation.

#2) Use the humanitarian guise of “pro democracy” or “human rights” to start up your NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) inside of the target nation. Provide cover for yourself by doing actual good works, while building up your N.G.O. with local malcontents, liberals, and gullible idealists.

#3) Recruit your network of domestic traitors.  Student / victims are golden because, anyone calling them out, and the NGO’s financing them, is after all… fill in the pejorative. Disarming the U.S. citizen while demonizing opposition is, “all for ‘saving’ the children”.

#4) Pick a catchy theme or color for your “revolution“.  Examples include #MarchForOurLives #VegasStrong…

#5) Kick off your “revolution” with a “spontaneous protest” / preplanned marches onto the whitehouse

#6) Get several large progressive organizations, donors, and a high-powered public relations firms to pay for and promote the entire pr operation [Source]

A possible #7) Create clashes with ‘student protestors’ to firmly demonize opposition to their color revolution against the U.S. constitution.

Gun Control or Mind Control?

This post is going to be an on going work.  The reason mainly is because, I want to get out the information that what is going on in USA with regards to these public ‘active shooter’ operations, are in fact ‘operations’,  as quickly as possible.  Get out the information that these shooting operations are no different then what globalist controlled USA is doing, and has done in so many other countries around the world.  Get out the information that what is happening in USA, is an on going ‘color revolution operation’,  This is NOT a ‘color revolution’ against the Trump regime.   it’s not in the name of ‘regime change’ however,  these mass shooting operations are part of ‘blueprint’ that have been used in many ‘globalist run or controlled’ color revolutions.  I want to get out, that this particular color revolution, is targeting the US constitution, NOT just their second amendment, but also their first amendment, as well as other amendments along with USA’s bill of rights.

I also want to get the word out that this is a psychological / asymmetric warfare operation against the American people,  just as every globalist controlled  ‘color revolution’ is ‘against’ the welfare of the people, in the name of the ‘welfare of the ‘people’.  This is what is classically called the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’, problem reaction solution.

I also want to get out the information, that these mass shooting operations in USA, is part of a larger operation to mix old style Soviet Union ‘metal illness accusations’ and fuze that idea into a ‘self policing nanny state’ where terrorism by the globalists, fuel a paranoid public into spying on one another ‘for the greater good and safety’ of course.

I will also demonstrate how the same ‘usual suspects’ in these globalist ‘color revolutions’ are using their school shooting operations to create an ‘NORMALIZE’ a ‘new twist’ on old Stasi style public snitching and info gathering on one another’s neighbor starting with the schools themselves.

Globalist controlled United States has been actively involved in ‘FAKING’ revolutions in other people’s countries for decades, all across planet earth, with the help of various intelligence agencies. and now non governmental organizations a.k.a NGO’s.  But why? The details vary for each country but, there is one constant between all of them.  The globalists seek ‘control’ of those countries above all else

In the Untied States, the globalists have a monopoly on control except in one area, that would be the second amendment.   Make no mistake, the globalists are tyrants and what tyrants can’t stand is a sovereign nation, of sovereign people, who are armed to the teeth.

Armed citizens in the USA will make carrying out the globalist’s ‘agenda 2030’ utopia next to impossible to implement, even on a global scale.  This is an agenda which includes forcing people off their land into compact cities, which is what the globalists have done to their unarmed neighbors in Mexico.

The globalist controlled US government have been stealing land from their own citizens however, some have stood up to these globalists fully armed until the globalist controlled US government actually had to back down.  See ‘Bundy’ incident.  But land grabs are only one example of where armed citizens clashing with globalist goons can not be tolerated.

There are plenty of people around the world who have suffered greatly because the population was not armed, and what many anti-gun Americans don’t realize. is that there are tens of millions of people around the world, at least, who not only understand why many Americans will NOT give up their ‘right’ to bear arms, but have verbally warned them not to give them up as well.

So, what are the globalists to do about this armed sovereign population in the US anyway?  Well, it’s easy.  Pull out every dirty trick in the book you would use in a ‘FAKE’ color revolution to overthrow a democratically elected individual, but in the case of USA, that ‘individual’ to be ‘overthrown’ is the second amendment itself.  The rest of the amendments like the first, including the US Bill of Rights itself, will soon fall afterwords.

Ask the globalists themselves about killing innocent people to achieve this goal.  The globalists themselves like Winston Churchill when discussing the means to the sinking of the Lusitania ends… “You’ve got to break a few eggs if you want an omelet.”  Or nut job globalist Madeline Albright, when asked about killing 500,000 Iraqi children to achieve that end… “It was worth it”.  No, when these globalists want something, they will stop at nothing to get it.  Same goes with ending the US second Amendment.

In studying all the note worthy USA ‘mass shootings’, every one of them have the ‘earmarks’ of a ‘color revolution’ style operation behind them, with the goal of using the globalist corporate media to obstruct the truth of the ‘operation’ itself, in order to push a carefully ‘scripted’ PR campaign to destroy the second amendment by the American people themselves.  Just like any other FAKE color revolution.

A Color Revolution, Not Just Targeting The Second Amendment But, The First As Well

For all of  USA’s faults, one thing it has going for it that many countries do NOT, is ‘guaranteed’ free speech by law.

Because so many people in USA on all sides of the political spectrum have been ‘purposely’ targeted with the globalist operation called the ‘Trump deception’,  most have no idea that this contrived made up ‘Russia paranoia’ created by the globalists, and fueled and fanned by the globalist corporate media, is ultimately an attack on speech / decent of the sovereign individual in USA.   I was a lone voice on the internet saying that these “Russia operative” accusations directed at the Trump regime were really ‘created’ to be used on the American people themselves, as we are now beginning to see,  as in this example where Pentagon run CNN is ‘normalizing’  the Russian operative ‘projection’ onto a US citizen.

Note: The ‘Trump Supporter” meme interference used to muddy the water on what is really going on here.  That is, using CNN and their pentagon satellite based so-called news machine, to intimidate / harass the average citizen.  This Russia nonsense will continue to grow like a cancer unless people call this out for what it is, and it is NOT a ‘Trump issue’, but a ‘first amendment’ issue.  This ‘trial ballon’ backfired on the globalists by-the-way.

But there was one trial balloon attack on the first amendment that did ‘not’ get the attention the above did because it has school shooter operation ‘cover’ 

Like San Bernardino, like Las Vegas, like Sandy Hook, Like Columbine, the Florida school shooting is a globalist ‘color revolution operation’ against the US constitution. A globalist operation NOT just targeting the second amendment, BUT the bullseye is on the first as well.

Broward Sheriff Israel, who by-the-way, has a very shady career history in law enforcement, and of course is up to his eyeballs in this very ‘color revolution’ shooting operation, is using this Florida operation to ‘LOBBY’ globalist politicians into giving law enforcement the ‘authority’ to detain, A.K.A. ‘disappear’, anyone law enforcement feels is mentally in need of detainment / disappearing.

Florida Sheriff Scott Israel Pleads For ‘Power’ To Detain People For Social Media Threats

So, let’s get this straight. The very sheriff that ‘stood down; his deputy as this operation [1] was conducted, is NOW asking that law enforcement can interpret when social media posts ‘warrant’ detainment / disappearing?

Now, the walking dead zombies will argue that… “don’t worry law enforcement will not take anyone away, unless they flat out say they will do some violent crime”

There are several problems with this absurd line of thinking. #1) How many school or other ‘actual’ active shooters have come out and said “I want to shoot up whatever”? None, zero, until miraculously, this Cruz character ‘allegedly’ did.

#2) How and when is any post online considered a ‘mental health’ offense?  We have just established that globalist controlled YouTube Facebook Twitter… considers any number of ‘posts’ as hate, violent… which in fact, have NOTHING to do with hate, or violence what-so-ever.  Will US law enforcement send out the Gestapo when the ‘NON violent’ post is ‘flagged’ by globalist friendly Facebook YouTube… as violent?

#3) Detain / disappear ‘authority’ is ripe for abuse. While the globalist ‘color revolutionaries’ will argue that “only in extreme cases” will law enforcement disappear / detain anyone. This can in NO OTHER WAY, be taken with anything but a very small grain of salt. Why? Because we have already seen this ‘flagging’ system grossly abused by globalist corporations and there is nothing to say law enforcement, who are already participating in treasonous acts against the American people, will not greatly abuse this unconstitutional power through a sea of interpretation of what exactly is ‘offensive’.

Which leads us into #4). This idea of detaining / disappearing people who post anywhere online, is right out of the old globalist created Soviet Union, where authority just loves to use ‘mental health’ as a ‘reason’ to disappear people and silence decent.

#5). If someone is posting content as menacing as Cruz ‘allegedly’ did, police / FBI already have the ‘authority’ to get involved with that individual. This has been going on for far less criminal behavior however, when it came to Cruz, the FBI conveniently turned a blind eye.

#6.) Don’t let the ‘color revolution zombies’ try to tell you that “new snatch and grab” laws are needed to prevent more school shootings”.  ‘It’s for the children’ does not apply in this case. Laws already exists and this treasonous sherif knows it.

What Is A ‘Color Revolution’ & Quo Bono i.e. Who Benefits?

Make no mistake, A color revolution is an ‘asymmetric psychological warfare operation’ against the people of a target country.

Normally a ‘color revolution’ is associated with an ‘asymmetric’ warfare operation using FAKE or globalist bought and payed for sponsored protests to ‘project’ a ‘false grassroots’ sentiment by the people of the targeted country, that the population wants a ‘regime change’.

Normally ‘regime change’ is the objective by the globalists who ‘sponsor’ these asymmetric warfare operations.  However, since these ‘color revolutions’ have worked so well in the past i.e. 1950’s Iran, i.e. current Ukraine…, the template for them can be used to achieve ‘other objectives’, such as rewriting long standing constitutional laws that do not serve globalist interests in countries that the globalists already control.  It’s with this understanding that ‘globalist controlled’ USA is using the ‘color revolution’ template to destroy one of the biggest challenges to their power, not just the second amendment but the first as well.

Who Stands To Gain From ‘Color Revolutionizing’ The U.S. First and Second Amendments out Of Existence?  Crocodile Teary Eyed Self-Rightious Globalist U.S. Politicians For Starters.

Globalist U.S. politicians who love to pander in front of cameras ‘acting shocked’ when accused of orchestrating events, even though globalist controlled USA, who ‘self-acknowleges’ the fact they they have a ‘well documented’ history of being behind almost every false flag driven ‘color revolution’ on the planet, and that these ‘same’ politicians and their ‘cheerleading’ globalist corporate media, have been firmly behind each and everyone of them.  Also, these absurd globalist politicians need to be put in their place, that they are in the front of the line of ‘who benefits’ from their own ‘home grown’ color revolution operations against the US constitution.

Setting Up USA For A Color Revolution Against Their Own US Constitution.  Create ‘Polarization’.


Before I get into the meat and potatoes with regards to these shooting color revolution operations themselves, the first ingredient to be fully understood by the reader for this ‘color revolution’ to work in USA, is for the globalists to create polarization among the manipulated USA public.

Globalist controlled Barack Obama A.K.A. Barry Soetoro paved the way for right leaning USA to fall, hook-line-and-sinker, for globalist controlled Donald Trump.

As readers of my blog are fully aware of, I had predicted that the globalists would in 2016, insert a ‘conservative character’ into the white house after Obama was inserted for a second time into the white house back in 2012.   I successfully predicted in 2012 that this fake right leaning character would run his campaign off essentially, the 2008 Ron Paul platform, a platform in 2008 by-the-way, that brought people on both sides of the fake right / left construct together on many issues. i.e. the fed, wall street, open borders and even the second amendment.  This brief moment of agreement between the two sides was an absolute threat to the globalist who thrive on divide and concur in order to control the masses.  I correctly predicted back in 2012 that this fake in the white house would be attacked by the globalist media giving the FALSE ‘perception’ that he was a “man of the people”.  I successfully predicted that the media would ‘ramp up attacks’ as this fake in the white house betray them every step of the way.

What I would have never dreamed to have predicted, is that the globalists led by Henry Kissinger, could pull off selling a man as establishment, globalist, ‘anti-man-of-the-people’ far left centric and morally deranged to the right centric USA population.  Obviously the gamble paid off and one thing even the pro Trump / anti Trump ‘collective’ can agree with me on, is that the country has never been more divided. Obama did a decent job of that himself but,  it pales in comparing to what the Trump operation has accomplished in polarizing USA.

To be continued….

Of course, the more I study all the angles of this globalist asymmetric Color Revolution, I will have to make a special ‘shrink-wrap’ edition to this write up, as the globalists go for getting into the heads of every young person in USA.  A good article on this…

Also up next…

Script writing, Facilitating,  ‘Flash Mob and crying Actors’,  preplanned marches, preplanned #hashtags, Russian bots memes, Safe Schools and ‘shrink wrap’, Agenda 2030 The usual suspects involved in FAKE Color Revolutions,  USNORTHCOM CONPLAN 2501-05 psych warfare on the American people using the corporate media… Just to name a few dots to be connect to this color revolution op against the people of USA.

7 thoughts on “Color Revolutionizing The U.S. First & Second Amendments Out Of Existence

  1. I’d like to add that this is not just aimed at the US. We, in other western countries are also ‘influenced and affected’ in such operations and often can be the training or rehearsal ground for future operations around the globe. We disarmed effectively in Australia decades ago after a savage shooting in a little island off the coast called Tasmania. The guy had a low IQ, had only ever shot a air riffle but somehow managed an incredible kill rate. Analysis by an ex investigator shows that there were multiple shooters at the scene but never mind. Try getting a gun here unless you are in a registered gun club.


    1. Guns Is The Dictator Who Gases His Own People

      They, Them, The Globalists also gunned down the ‘real’ crocodile Dundee, a true Australian from my American point of view.

      Beg my pardon but now, that Australia has been fully neutered and brought back down to ‘penal colony’ status, there is no coal THEM, THEY, the Globalists won’t rake your fellow Australian over because if Ozzie’s say “NO” how are they going to back NO up?

      NOTE: in both the Australian and British gun grab ops, it was the lone wolf nut’ with a ‘legal gun’. Also note that the globalists like ‘collective punishment’ by taking law abiding citizens fire arms away.

      Yes, Americans still being armed to the teeth is a major road block to the globalists ‘world wide.’ And Asymmetric operations are indeed a globalists favorite tool world wide.


  2. Well most Aussies don’t seem to be in tune with whats at stake. She’ll be right mate is the attitude. They love their reality tv downunder so ‘no hope’ If they do try to take a stance re against war in Iraq protests after 9/11 then we get ourselves a Bali bombing and we go into meltdown. Pathetic really but we do have nice weather!


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