Doing The ‘Heavy Lifting’ For The Establishment.

Colorado guns in schools debate

High School Protesters Doing The ‘Heavy Lifting’ For The Establishment’s ‘Reaction’ Operation.

Kids these days. We adults failed to teach them who their ‘true enemy’ is. … and it ‘ain’t’ armed law abiding citizens.

How do you know if you are ‘really’ protesting something worthy of a ‘true protest’?

The indoctrination center a.k.a. ‘school’ #1, does NOT supply your speakers with a podium on a platform for starters. Second, the ‘institute’ comes down on you for skipping class.

Third, you get a full ‘corporate media’ blackout no matter how many students fill the streets.

Fourth, you are NOT invited into the state capital and will be met by either the police or the national guard.

The ‘real’ antiestablishment protests actually take some balls. This is the difference between a REAL protest and a ‘state sponsored color revolution’ as we now have going on in USA.

What high school students SHOULD BE protesting… accountability. They need to be asking the ‘authorities’ just what hell went down in Florida, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook… Students need to be educated that the globalist controlled US government is the #1 perpetrator of such operations a.k.a. ‘school shootings’ around the world in order to foment a NON grassroots ‘color revolution’.

If high school students were even educated enough to hit the streets over the US psyoping their own citizens, they would quickly get a lesson on just how vicious the very establishment which wants to disarm them truly is.



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