Setting Up The ‘Counter Left’ El President?



Why not?  When the establishment got mega miles out of the.. “OH NO!!! THEY’RE GOING AFTER TRUMP!!! scam.

One has to ask why ‘exactly’, is the establishment going after their ‘surveillance state’ boy toy Mark Zuckerberg?  Going after the Facebook mogul with an ‘information breach’ axe, ‘they’ the establishment, are making the entire witch hunt seem rather comical.

So, I’m wondering if this completely ‘out of the blue’ Facebook ‘persecution’ is simply taking a page straight out of the ‘puppet Trump’ playbook.  If the establishment is going to run one of their own, for globalist controlled USA’s El President in 2020, doesn’t it make sense that Zuckerberg ‘appear’ ‘OUTSIDE’ the establishment box?

One thing missing from this ‘hit’ on Facebook, is Zuckerberg screaming from the roof top, … “NSA! / CIA!”.  If Zuckerberg came out and said anything about the ‘lettered agencies’ part involving ‘information breaches’, it certainly would seem more authentic, but this entire Facebook flap seems rather contrived when Zuckerberg is mum on his company’s involvement with these ‘spy’ agencies and THEIR breach of Facebook user’s information.

So, what is a ‘counter left’ president puppet anyway?  why run Zuckerberg?

In 2012, I correctly predicted that the establishment would run a completely fake / controlled populist USA el president in 2016, as a ‘counter right’ figurehead to ‘counter’ the ‘controlled’ left ‘spectrum’ that the establishment took the American political system for eight years.

I also predicted back in 2012, that the bought and paid for corporate media would have to attack their FAKE el president to give him ‘man-of-the-people’ cover and ‘insulation’ from being one of ‘THEM’, the establishment’s very own.

Running such an obvious fake as Trump, was something not even I could have predicted, but with Trump pouring on the ’empty promises’, mixed in with his ‘never before’ 24 / 7 news coverage along with the added attacks on him, those on the ‘right’ side of the political spectrum fell for the ‘deception’ hook-line-and-sinker.

Now, enter one Mark Zuckerberg.  Mark Zuckerberg is a logical globalist choice for USA’s left spectrum el president, to ‘counter’ the ‘controlled right’ political spectrum that Trump is now filling.  Zuckerberg is a logical choice based off of the current ‘student’ led ‘color revolution’ that I have written about.   I can even see the establishment running Zuckerberg’s campaign right out of John F. Kennedy’s 1960 playbook with… “Students For Zuckerberg”, being the campaign battle cry.

However, ‘before’ the establishment attacks on Facebook, there were problems for the establishment running Zuckerberg.   One problem being that Zuckerberg is obviously ‘one of THEM’.  It’s kind of hard to run with ‘students for Zuck’ when their fearless leader was quoted saying… “Dumb Asses” in reference to Facebook’s partnership with spy agencies CIA and NSA.   Which again, makes this entire information breach by Facebook a total joke.  What I do find interesting about this ‘going after Zuckerberg” brew ha-ha, is how the same bought and paid for corporate media is setting Zuckerberg up to be this ‘made-for-TV’ hero, with Zuckerberg quotes like…  “I vow to clean up Facebook and right the ship”.  So, when people ‘like myself’ call Zuckerberg for what he is, an establishment hack, puppet, I’m sure we’ll hear… “but… but… but the establishment went after Zuckerberg so he can’t be one of them” nonsense right out of the Trump playbook.

Running Zuckerberg as el president doesn’t mean they, them, would actually ‘select’ Zuckerberg to be globalist controlled USA el president, but it would at minimum, serve as great ‘election theater’ for public consumption, and use it to better place their selected counter left el president once the globalist green light the left to take control of the FAKE right / left  paradigm which dominates the USA political landscape.




4 thoughts on “Setting Up The ‘Counter Left’ El President?

  1. Yes all getting a bit tedious.
    Be interested in what you make of Sibel Edmonds of Newsbuds latest tyrade regarding Beeley and Bartlett. Even Corbett Report got a little snide remark on twitter. I’ve always subscribed to the belief ‘once a spook, always a spook’ . Is Sibel running a ‘discredit alternative media psyop’ ?


    1. I agree with you 100% Once a spook… I would always keep close tabs on people like Edmonds. please send me some links on what you are talking about to get me up to speed, if you could.


  2. The youth of America have just signed the death warrant of your second amendment with the marches overnight. I hope they enjoy the ‘big brother 1984’ existence.
    I guess at my age I shouldn’t be too concerned, its going to be their world and they will have to live with and in it.
    Let them be joyous and ignorant as they engrose themselves in their favourite ‘fondal slabs’ be it Apple or Samsung. All hail Big Brother or is it Facebook.


    1. … and they live in the very country that kills millions of kids just like them on the regular. If they are afraid of school shootings, these kids ain’t seen nothing yet.


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