Once A Spook, ALWAYS A Spook? Infighting 101.



Update:  Reason Why Globalist Shill Sibel Edmonds Was So Gung-Ho To Go After Reporters Beeley and Bartlett.

USA el president Trump ‘played the part’ of wanting to get out of Syria to appease the American people who are sick of globalist controlled USA spending the kings random, not to mention lives on global conquest.

Of course the globalists have different ideas about what THEY want out of Syria, and like they always do, staged another false flag so that their corporate bought and paid for press could cheerlead more bombing, arming terrorists, taking other peoples land and resources..

Beeley, and Bartlett’s reporting in and on Syria have been torpedoes sinking all the globalists lies and the lying actors themselves concerning the globalist’s operation in Syria.

The globalists thought by the time this latests “Assad gassing his own people” hoax number whatever we’re up to now attempt, Beeley and Bartlett would be fully discredited by their assets in the alt-media.  Unfortunately for the globalists, they are not.



For me the corporate ‘bought and paid for’ media is absolutely invaluable.  WHY?  Because as Mr Spock said, in the Star Trek episode ‘Spectre of the Gun‘ …  “I know the bullets are NOT real therefore, they can not hurt me.”

Watching the bought and paid for corporate media, I get constant updates on what the globalists want the public to swallow.  Basically, I look at it as a measuring stick on the multitude of agendas the globalists are throwing at us.

One thing I will give the bought and paid for media credit for, is that they don’t wonder far from script, and the only infighting the corporate media engages in, is ALSO scripted and controlled.

But what about the SO-CALLED ‘alt-media? 

On the Prison Planet forum, before they got usurped by the globalists, I provided a lot of links from globalist think tanks and mouth pieces where the globalists were bragging that 2018 would be a “boon year” for alt-media infiltration.  This infiltration would also include ‘forums’ by-the-way.  This infiltration of forums, by the globalists, is real and the very reason, I no longer post on ANY forums at this time.

So, I am writing this in response to a question that was given to me.  What do I think of Sibel Edmond’s latest “tirades” and attacks on the reporting of Beeley and Bartlett.

Sibel Edmonds latest tirade concerning “journalism” and journalists “Beeley and Bartlett” in particular, reminds me of Michael Ruppert in the early days of independent journalism and the Rockefeller / Rothschild’s ‘peak oil’ scam he was trying to sell the public. Anyone who did NOT tow the Rockefeller / Rothschild’s peak oil ‘beliefs’ were, according to Ruppert, “non-journalist / disinfo agents”… When in fact, Ruppert himself, turned out to be a disinfo agent for the ‘Oilagarchs’.

It seems to me, that these characters like Ruppert and Edmonds are given to us under the same auspices of being ‘one-of-us’, wink, wink. With Ruppert, he got his ‘truth street cred’ by exposing CIA drug running in LA. Sibel Edmonds got her Truth Street Cred’ exposing the FBI and I believe CIA’s covering up their knowledge of the bad guys involved somehow with 911.

Twitter &  infighting

First of all, I obviously don’t pay enough attention to twitter, I had no idea what Sibel Edmonds was up to.  Below James Corbett breaks down Sibel Edmonds actions.


Speaking strictly for myself, this appears to be Sibel Edmonds’,  ‘Alex Jones moment’, where the cloak is coming off, and what ever it is her ‘masters’ are asking her to do, is certainly along the lines of pissing in the punch bowel she has made between her and her followers.

It seems obvious to me that Edmonds, like the globalists, don’t really understand TRUE independent media, or even ‘how it works’.  What ‘seems’ to be afoot here, is what I read in the globalists ‘white papers’ on “destroying” their competition in the, ‘free from corporate control’, press.  That is, have a globalist controlled puppet get some sort of independent journalism ‘street cred’, then use this puppet to ‘discredit’ REAL independent journalists / websites …   That’s the general idea anyway.

Moral of the story here is, that former spook Edmonds has just shot herself in the foot,  and she may not ever bounce back from it entirely.  Just like Alex Jones, whose core audience now is neocons and dumb as a stump diehard followers.

I want to greatly THANK James Corbett…

… for ‘telling it like it is, and it certainly IS WHAT IT IS, and not ‘towing the line’ for his onetime cohost of Boiling Frogs.


5 thoughts on “Once A Spook, ALWAYS A Spook? Infighting 101.

  1. Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts and observations together. Great to see James respond earler today. I’ve always thought if you truely expose those in control or at least working for those who control there is nothing they would not do to put an end to the exposure. Unless they planned it from the start. They would have done her in! It seems to me that although the MO is the same the planning and execution of their plans is becoming more sophisticated. It has to be to fool those who on the cusp of catching on to thier rouse. Cheers and a safe Easter


    1. This was a great ‘tip’ on your part… I’ll be back to that thought.

      Because Newsbud is so proprietary with their news service, I could NOT get the full video James provided in his analysis of what it was Sibel Edmonds was up to. I’m no Newsbud member.

      It seems the globalist ‘plot’ for Newsbud, and Edmonds in particular, was to create a ‘perceived’ high standard of journalism / alt-website like an ivory tower where Edmonds could throw down her lightning bolts to discredit ‘real’ non-establishment journalism that irk the globalists most.

      I think Edmonds inflated head about her little globalist project ‘Newsbud’ caused her to get over confident, jump the shark, thinking she would take down globalist enemy #1 Beeley and Bartlett.

      So, what does this say about her news ‘team’ anyway? Obviously James Corbett could not be brought into Edmonds’ little news venture because he would be one of the online ‘journalists’, she would have to later discredit.

      About “sophistication”…
      The globalists will most likely arm Edmonds with a ‘FAKE’ army of online bot followers supporting Edmonds, but in reality, she shot herself in the foot, and I think without support from ‘real’ people to her news service, she will have to get globalist funding if she plans to move forward from this.

      Again, ‘great call’. I disagree with James Corbett and whole heartedly agree with you in one aspect. It is very important we vet these ‘online’ heavy hitters, as you ‘correctly’ say, the globalists have ‘as promised’ stepped up their disinfo operation.


  2. It seems to me that Prison Planet and Alex Jones have been suspect from day one. Jones has always been controlled opposition, as are Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett. It is sad that we have very little we can turn to except rare sites like this Asymmetric WW. The controllers set up guys like James Corbett to look like a good guy/truth teller/independent when in fact, he is a gatekeeper and steering the narrative. I don’t trust him.

    Keep up the good work!


      1. “Trust yourself.”

        Yes, that is what it comes down to ! The most enduring Truth is found within.

        Cheers, kind Sir!


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