Globalists Position Troops On USA Border


[quote author=Effie Trinket link=action=profile;u=2022 date=1523068184]
Anyone who is awake, fully realizes that “illegal immigrants” are a total asset to the globalists, to be used for destabilization purposes, and to facilitate austerity.  The “border” propaganda is the perfect starting point for globalists military forces to appear on the scene.  You see, that wouldn;t workl if they just suddenly appears on the streets all across the US–there needs to be a *conditioning build up*–so that WHEN they finally expand beyond the border, inside states, it will  “just become a new normal” (RAND Corporation term [new normal]).

If a hundred+ people get blown to pieces from a Northcom/CACI/DHS car bomb, they can use a false flag like that to *overwhelm* traditional, centuries old law enforcement.  It will be a new domestic “9/11” to usher in their illegal standing Army.  Remember, Boston bombing false flag was a beta test.  See the wired article about that.  It’s as though they used something that I would call “reverse predictive programming”–and what I mean by that is this.  In the article it says “see, Northcom wasn’t needed here, state LE, and FBI were able to handle the situation.”–“right”–Because this is EARLY ON IN THE GAME, of course they weren’t ready to go full-bore with their agenda yet.

The “reverse” predictive programming applies, because later down the road, you’re going to hear about a similar false flag, where the aforementioned authorities will be screaming for “support”–and out of complete nowhere, you might actually even hear the term for the 1st time ever on TV or in a paper, that “Defense Support of Civil Authorities” was “requested”.  So the wired article is trying to tell you to calm down, move along nothing to see, all the while knowing that THERE WILL BE SOMETHING “TO SEE”, NOT FAR DOWN THE ROAD, and the same type of wired (globalist) reporters will say, “whelp, due to the severity of this latest attack, Northcom had to show up because civilian law enforcement “just couldn’t cut it” with “these levels of extremists”.

Watch it happen.


Asymmetric Warefare

First they have to disarm Americans.  Here’s one for you about the border…  I even wrote about this two or three years ago over at ppf.

I have come to the school of thought that the globalists will make USA the ‘new normal’ Nazi Germany, and start a war with both China and Russia, who are both uber new world order agenda 21 / 2030 super star actors.

This will happen once the USA police start hunting down, and gunning down, gun owners with the corporate presstitutes cheering all the way .  We have already been conditioned to expect this.  The hope of the globalists being that this brutal show of force and the corporate press cheerleading the deaths of Americans will cause MOST sheep Americans to turn in their fire arms.

Once the guns are out of the American citizens hands, and USA gets in this war with both Russia and China and looses it,  all the ‘domestic occupational’ training the Russian military got here in Colorado will manifest itself.

Globalist occupational forces Russia / China will work with both Northcom / Southcom and ALL fusions centers in USA which are ALL globalist run military / intelligence industrial complex actors and that’s when the ’rounding up’ of ANY American who believes in guns, the constitution… will begin.

The American civilian military, just like post world war Japan and Germany, will STAY on the border keeping Americans from fleeing the Country.


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