Regionalism And Cognitive Dissonance 101

Asymmetric World War-

You may be surprised that this is exactly ‘how’ Agenda 2030 works and ‘why’ they, the globalists. incorporate Agenda 2030 with ‘regionalism’.



Contributor Effie Trinket:

Cognitive dissonance 101, here’s an example how it works:

First off, a lot people only pay attention to what happens at the federal level.

So when puppet Trump says:  “The 2nd amendment is very safe.”  And then people see Trump say things (after false flags) like “teacher need to be armed” – it further reinforces the illusion that Trump is pro-2A.

While these kinds of antics are going on, the globalists are openly destroying the 2nd amendment on the state/local level:

People do not realize the globalists do not need anything to be done “federally”, when carrying out their agenda on a state by state basis–to line up with their planned WORLD government policies.

People still think their rights are safe.

Parallel to Gray State actually unfolding before your eyes, the same tactics were and are being used with “climate change”.

Trumps “official” -PUBLIC CONSUMPTION STANCE is to agree with “conspiracy theorists” who say it’s a hoax (actually it’s a euphemism, for cybernetic control).

So people think that “the economy is saved” because “the Paris Accord” was “rejected”.

Meanwhile same thing as with guns–state/local level RAMS through climate change policies, to make the US line up with Agenda 2030/2045.

All this with cheeky, “bold” comments via Trump “tweets” and other complete dog and pony show bullshit, people will think America is really going back to oil, gas, coal, et,al.

The globalists could literally complete their entire takeover, and if Trump went on TV and said how he defeated the things he claimed he was against (the things he “ran on”)–people would believe him, even while already completely enslaved.  This is the devastating effect of hero worship at an unbelievable level.

Trumps mind control effect is way, way beyond what the globalists had with Obama.  Somehow he’s really convinced people that he is “fighting for them”.  Because of this, Trump is far more dangerous than a full blown, open dictator like Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, because he fuels the illusion of some of the things that made Ron Paul popular.  He facilitates indoctrination on such a level to continually cause people to make statements like:  “God, I love this man!”  “God KING Trump!”, “Lord, Emperor Trump!”.

Along with that, as you know, the globalists will also frequently invoke attacks from their fake “left”–have the left engage in fake outrage “if the left is pissed, Trump must be doing something right.”

People are such simpletons, and literally cannot even begin to contemplate such psychological warfare operations–and if you try to tell them, you’re a conspiracy theorist and/or you must be a rabid leftist on food stamps who worships Rachel Maddow.

The other thing they’ve done, is take the legitimate, normal, true patriotic counters of pro-globalist Trumps statements, and deliberately lump them in with the LEFT.  I.e.  “only the left” would call Trump a traitor.  What this does is it pre-emptively neuters REAL opposition from gaining momentum that would be expected under normal circumstances.  They have all angles covered in their mind control operations.

The really scary thing is that, this is happening WITH a mostly free internet/freedom of speech right now.  If we can’t even begin to stop the globalists WITH the level of freedom of speech we currently have now, what the hell do you think it’s going to be like when we have virtually NO freedom of speech?  CHECKMATE.

What’s happening in other countries WILL happen in all countries eventually:



Malaysia outlaws ‘fake news’; sets jail of up to six years

Malaysia just made fake news illegal and punishable by up to six years in jail


I would like to add that in a New World Order hell hole you are also NOT allowed to speak out against the globalist corporate state and their deadly products.

California state senator who pushed vaccine mandate now seeks to CRIMINALIZE “fake news” about medicine, politics and government


Effie Trinket:

^  So, down the road, if you’re talking about the globalists, and exposing the vast deceptions of whoever the current puppet President is, or if you even dare say that the President IS a puppet–you’re going to prison.  No need for “mass death camps”, when all they have to do is SELECTIVELY TARGET THE PEOPLE WHO ARE AWAKE, AND “SURGICALLY REMOVE” YOU FROM SOCIETY, WHILE LEAVING ALL THE REST OF THE SHEEP TO LIVE ON IN THE ILLUSION CREATED FOR THEM.  The vaccines, “non-GMO”, GMO’s, radio frequency radiation will kill everyone just like if they deployed nationwide Zyklon B into the atmosphere, over time.


5 thoughts on “Regionalism And Cognitive Dissonance 101

  1. Guess i’m stuffed assuming we have camps here in Australia.
    Love the gif/ poster by the way. Comes from a great movie as well.
    Could see how some fell for Obama but have no idea why anyone could not see Trump for what he is.


    1. If you had a pair of those ‘They Live” sun glasses in Australia, you would see your own leaders like old Trump boy above here.

      Yes, they certainly have ‘black sites’ for Ozzies. If they don’t ‘soft kill’ us all first.


  2. I know some Trump (former) supporters who are spitting mad at him. Just because he ran as an outsider/populist doesn’t mean anything. Many of us see him for what he is and what he’s doing. Once one realizes that an elite few rule from behind the scenes, then every governing body and single politician are beholden to their bosses behind the curtain… including Trump.

    On another front, I live in a small California coastal town where a significant amount of the residents are out marching to demand that government enact more gun control. Just as they did in many other little locales around the country. What these brain-addled people don’t understand and refuse to address is: “who is going to enact gun control on the government?” We have to abide by laws that our governors laugh at. They say “save the children” yet have no hesitation when it comes to dropping bombs, shooting missiles and guns around the world killing untold numbers of children.

    Until the government, military, police, criminals give up their guns, my family and friends are not giving up any guns. I suppose we are the type of people that the controllers are trying to obliterate.


  3. Here’s another ripper to look at. Its shows how deep the subdifuge goes. I have no doubt that this is another part of the psyop right down to the actual program and the information contained in it. Looks way too staged to me. ABC TV= Government=Australian Intelligence Services. It shows how difficult it is and will be to discern if we are being played. Hopefully you can view on the net.,-data-and-dirty-tricks:-cambridge/9642090


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