#nationalschoolwalkout Earns Horrible Social Credit Scores


  Asymmetric Operations Against The US Constitution

The globalists have chosen Columbine high school to rally THEIR so-called ‘grass roots’ #nationalschoolwalkout across USA.  Ironically, on the second floor of Columbine high school itself, is their mascot of a continental soldier ‘with his own personal fire arm‘.  No, the firearm is NOT an AK-47, the more important lesson to be learned, is that this Columbine High school mascot’s firearm in the hands of this ‘militia’ soldier, is that it is ‘HIS OWN personal fire arm’, which is equal to that of the military’s of that time.

What these students ‘waking out’ / registering to vote ‘against the US constitution second amendment’ have NO clue what-so-ever about, is that a US citizen’s personal fire arm was the ‘equalizer’ to the state having a ‘monopoly’ on the military itself.  Meaning, that in USA for the first time since ancient Greece, the ‘people had control over the military’ as each armed citizen was in fact the ‘state’s military’.

What does this lesson have to do with modern times?  It’s NOW a more important concept than ever before…

The main points to this article will be as follows…

How the globalists are using this ‘color revolution’ of theirs to… #1 set forth the ‘narrative’ that these “courageous students” ‘single handedly’ changed the political landscape to… #2 start a purge of politicians who back the US constitution’s 2nd amendment then… #3, repeat the ‘plausibility illusion’ narrative over and over that these ‘walkout students’, NOW old enough to vote, were the difference in electing  ‘left paradigm’ globalists, first at the state level, to counter the ‘right’ Trump globalist el president.  These left paradigm globalist local politicians will be more than happy to ban all sorts of weapons in order to… #4 use local police / FBI to go door to door in Boston bombing fashion, to purge law abiding citizens of their firearms and… #5 use the raids themselves to confiscate ALL ‘legal’ fire arms, and… #6 use ‘the globalists own corporate media’ to cheerlead police as they gun down law abiding citizens who refuse to have their legal fire arms taken by the same globalist controlled police and FBI in these ‘raids’… #7 Where the globalist corporate media will paint those the police state gun down as ‘The Gun Owners Who Kill Students”, in alas, “The dictator who gasses his own people” globalist demonization fashion. With #8, the endgame being that the last population able to stand up to the nightmare Agenda 2030, one world hell hole that ultimately uses ‘Social Credit Scores‘ to allow one to have existence at all, will in fact,  be finally eliminated once and for all.

Well, the globalist controlled ‘color revolution’ against the US constitution has now set the globalist controlled media’s ‘future narrative’ on how the second amendment was destroyed in USA.

So, how exactly did the globalists disarm the biggest roadblock to their Agenda 2030 one world hell hole?  Globalist written / approved history books will read something like this…

“Courageous students walked out of their class rooms to demand no more school shootings… One courageous student actor and son of an FBI agent David Hogg single handedly led an entire nation of students to walk out of their schools to demand the end of what would one day, be the end of the second amendment to the US constitution…

“… David Hogg survived a horrific Gladio style paramilitary operation masked as a school shooting  by men dressed in paramilitary accoutrements as witnessed by actual victims who did NOT see patsy student cruz…

“…These courageous students stood up to the schools that threatened to flunk them if they walked out of class.  State capitols refused to let them be heard.  The national guard was called in to disburse the crowds of students.  The news media completely backed out their protests… Yet, against much objection, these ‘courageous students’ prevailed to single handedly, with the help of well funded globalist resources,  dismantle the second amendment that cost so many students their lives, using the vehicle of globalism democracy to get the job done.”

Of course future history of this globalist controlled gun grab masquerading as a ‘student movement’ will have obvious omissions and embellishments.

The question should be asked, “what will this ‘post armed America’ world look like?”

The globalists have written extensively on what their nightmare of a world will look like when there are no ‘armed populations’ left to oppose it.

The globalists do their best to make Americans, Europeans… believe they are at odds with China but truth be told, the globalists have made China the center of their universe, and if you want to know what is in store for a toothless American population look no further than China were ‘social credit scores’ are not just being of ‘normalized’ and enforced human right violations by the globalist Chinese police state.

The globalist goal is to ‘regime change’ the US constitution, using a ‘color revolution’ against gun ownership. The #1 target of this NGO style operation, are law abiding gun owners. The ‘plan’ is to disarm the American people at the State level.

The American people have already been ‘normalized’ to police shooting dead, citizens who in many cases didn’t even have a gun but, was ‘thought to have one’ by the police. Also ‘normalized’ via the beta test during the Boston Bombing ‘boy hunt’, are images of everyday citizens being forced out of their homes by fully militarized police, pointing guns at their heads.

The globalist bought and paid for media will not only cheerlead the shooting of gun owners by police but law abiding gun owners who dare stand up to the police will be labeled as ‘the gun owners who allow students to die” as a form of demonization.  The goall  / objective of targeting US gun owners like terrorists and gunning them down in front of the cheerleading corporate globalist media will be to greatly encourage millions of Americans to VOLUNTARY turn in their own fire arms to avoid them and their family being gunned down by fully militarized police.

Up Next…

How hard would it be for a global ‘peace keeping’ occupation force to police an unarmed USA population?


One thought on “#nationalschoolwalkout Earns Horrible Social Credit Scores

  1. And so it has begun. Good luck citizens of the USA. Time to choose- freedom or tyranny. I fear you will choose the latter by default and allow it all to just happen.


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