School Shootings Fueling The TRUMP DECEPTION

Deadly Shooting At Santa Fe High School In Texas Leaves 10 Dead

Contributor Effie Trinket

All these false flag school shootings are also instrumental in perpetuating, fueling the TRUMP DECEPTION.


1)  The globalist controlled left gets endless “fire and fury” to rail against Trump “because Trump isn’t talking about guns, he’s talking about mental health”.  Or “arming teachers” (which is a complete, deliberately intended to fail “solution”.  Remember, ALL ROADS lead to a Cybernetic panopticon/behavioral modification, sense and respond, artificial intelligence, autonomous (self enforcing) dictatorship (Minority Report in real life, but far worse [and this was planned originally by H.G. Wells 100+ years ago (yeah you read that right, before electronic computers even existed).

2)  Because anyone who has half a brain cell, IS going to be Pro-gun, and they’re going to scramble to counter the enraged globalist controlled left, WHICH MEANS they will automatically “have to” defend Trump, because Trump is PERCEIVED as being pro-gun (still, and to most).

3)  Remember I’ve said several times, the globalists agenda for Trump is in part, to USE Trump TO DISCREDIT the Second Amendment (which is part of Trumps “pro-nationalist” psyop), so people BEG for globalism as “the solution”.  SO people are going to continuously be killed via false flags, and “it will be Trump that failed us, ‘Goddamned Republicans’, and that NRA lobby who only cares about profits”.  [Nevermind that the NRA has been an unbelievably effective deception all along, because the NRA is actually ANTI-GUN, masquerading as a Pro-2A, pro-gun organization.  The ULTIMATE wolf in sheeps clothing.

4)  Semi off topic, you read this here first:  Prediction:  Trumps SCOTUS appointments are going to be instrumental in DESTROYING THE CONSTITUTION, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what Trump supporters will have expected, it will be the ultimate f*ck you, to the globalist psyopped voters (and it doesn’t matter who you vote for).

5)  Even the DUPED “left” masses do not realize that:

Trumps “solution” of mental health bullshit is treason:

1)  It declares that THE GOVERNMENT KNOWS BEST, AND GETS TO DECIDE WHAT CONSTITUTES “MENTALLY ILL”–You f*cking dumbasses, pick up a real Goddamned history book for Christs sake.

2)  “Trump’s” “increased school security”, is bullshit, and treason (violates 4th amendment, persistent real time surveillance, datamining, facial recognition, real time recording and uploading your speech, thoughts, expressions to globalist military academia complex institutions (i.e. IBM).  ALso violates the 5th amendment (unalienable right NOT TO SELF-INCRIMINATERemember, ALL ROADS lead to a Cybernetic panopticon/behavioral modification, sense and respond, artificial intelligence, autonomous (self enforcing) dictatorship.

3)  Remember, Trump already revealed he was anti-gun–this fact is drowned out by the constant staged hatred by the globalist controlled left.  “Take the guns 1st”, “ban bump stocks” (gets their foot in the door to ban everything else).  Even the “left” that don’t even realize they are controlled by the globalists, are IN FACT getting EXACTLY what they want (disarmament of everyone except military and police)–“mental health” is JUST AS MUCH part of disarmament as actual disarmament (it allows for SELECTIVE disarmament, which allows to globalists to maintain THE ILLUSION OF FREEDOM IN SOCIETY.

You ARE NOT ARMED unless:

You actually KNOW why you need to be armed.

If you don’t KNOW, then it doesn’t matter if you had 100 guns and ten thousand rounds of ammo, you’ve already effectively NEUTERED YOURSELF BY YOUR OWN IGNORANCE.

Last Edit by Palmerston

What’s the ACTUAL solution to stop school shootings (AND vehicles running over people, AND IED/explosive narratives?  STOP CARRYING OUT FALSE FLAG, INSIDE JOB ATTACKS USING MK-ULTRA ASSETS.


One thought on “School Shootings Fueling The TRUMP DECEPTION

  1. Effie Trinket-
    “Trump’s” “increased school security”, is bullshit, and treason (violates 4th amendment,”
    “Trumps SCOTUS appointments are going to be instrumental in DESTROYING THE CONSTITUTION”

    Asymmetric World War –
    It’s important to point out how the globalists under ‘left cover’ planted the entire… “OH NO!!! THEY’RE OUT TO GET KAVANAUGH!!!! smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show, where the REAL issue concerning globalist puppet Kavanaugh, was his vile hated of not only the fourth amendment BUT the entire US constitution when it comes to the super surveillance state.


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