Hillary Clinton’s Globalization In Crisis


When globalist shills like Hillary Clinton say or use the word ‘democracy’, the reader must ‘always without fail,’ substitute the word ‘democracy’ with ‘globalization‘ / globalism.

As Harvard awarded Ms “We came… We Saw… He Died… cackle hysterically” with their ‘Radcliffe Medal for ‘transformative impact on society’,   which is a fitting achievement award for this self professed blood thirsty globalist, Hillary Clinton went to babble on and on about how THEIR democracy “globalization” is in a “crisis”.

Of course, her entire ‘crisis’ diatribe was to rattle the cages of useful dupes on the globalist left paradigm and warn of their counter parts on the globalist right paradigm.

That’s how the globalists roll.  They destroy civilizations and then adorn themselves with awards and grandstanding.  In this so-called “democracy” world that Clinton speaks of, I don’t recall that the people of Syria got a ‘vote’ let alone a say on the complete destruction of their civilization at the hands of the so called ‘moderates’ her State Department funneled weapons to.  Or the Libyans who got no say in the complete destruction of their civilization by the same State Department green lighting carpet bombing Tripolis and arming more ‘moderates’ who brought slave trading back into fashion.

So I’m writing this on behalf of the dead who never got a vote or a say in YOUR so-called democracy globalization aspirations.  Oh, one thing that you the reader need to know about Hillary Clinton, is that she knows not to ever let a “good crisis go to waste“.   There should be a globalist award for that.


4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Globalization In Crisis

  1. Great article. Please keep them coming. When I look at the absolute devastation that world (globalist) leaders have let loose in pursuit of their worldly power grab, my heart always responds, “we didn’t vote for this.” None of us (those who are awake at least) ever voted for this. Hillary should never show her
    face in public again; but then again there are many who should join her. So when I hear of the swamp being drained, or Hillary and Obama being investigated I laugh until my sides ache. I have to laugh, because otherwise like Vince I might cry ! 😦


  2. Looking at the latest news on the meeting of Trump and Kim. Are they doing a Chamberlain- Hitler – Stalin move? Are we heading for the big one. When Kim backs down will that be the chance for the US to say we tried, they won’t comply, we need to make them take notice. Or is this all for Trumps image and the upcoming mid term ‘selections’ ? I did note in our local rag it mentioned that Trump talked up North Korean real estate , beachside hotel opportunities at the summit. . Another chance to stamp the Trump brand somewhere else on the globe perhaps. As I have said befor – all so very confusing


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