Trump Erasing Boarders For Globalists

The Black African And Arab Muslim Invasion Of America And Europe Trump IS Bringing Them In – They’re NOT Coming To Assimilate But To CONQUER.

In this [above] headline, of all places, I have to agree. Globlaist and bankster controlled Trump is an asymmetric operation in of itself. Trump, like the big bad wolf, will huff and puff over this MADE-FOR-TV migrant crisis event, yet they WILL be allowed to enter while USA is distracted with yet another globalist Made-For-TV event.. However, the main goal of ‘opperation’ Caravan To Midnight, is to ‘normalize’ the idea of erasing borders in a one world globalist Agenda 2030 hell hole. I predicted that there would be distraction as this so-called grass roots caravan got close to the USA border. I’m certain a Made-For-TV pre arranged ‘event’ will happen at the USA border making the so-called ‘Mom lead’ march, victims of jackboot-esc brutality, to garner sympathy for whole sale disregard for someone else country and their borders.


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