Fake Pipe Bombs & Synagogue Shootings

Here are some thoughts I jotted down on the latest crisis theater USA.

If you were to do a video ‘man-on-the-street’ the average dumb down American would absolutely believe the synagog shooting was done by a ‘right-wing’ this and that, because the corporate media has trained them like Pavlov’s dog to think in this way.

Speaking entirely for myself.  I don’t know what to actually believe about what really went down @ the synagogue, the pipe bomb fakes, the caravan to midnight, the shooting at the gop…  Because USA has been in the ‘deception’ business for over a century.

It all seems a little to convenient right now, but one thing is for sure, it is ALL giving the globalists mega miles in the divide and concur department.

In a RECENT reply concerning ‘controlled right operatives’, I posted @ Natural News that I have noticed an unusual ‘uptick’ in ‘white supremacist’ rhetoric on alt-media website message boards. I warned that this ‘uptick’ means that the globalists plan on using ‘white supremacist / anti-jewish  rhetoric to shut down ALL ‘truther’ ‘alternative’ points of view that don’t jive with the globalist’s agendas.  This rhetoric internet shutdown, would be in conjunction with LIVE or other asymmetric Made-For-TV operations that the globalists could exploit publicly.

Unfortunately Natural News is becoming a very useful site for the globalists and their right vs left divide and concur ‘strategy of tension’, and did NOT post the comment [BEFORE the synagogue shooting went down] but, instead, censored it. It seems I was on the right track, but once you understand the matrix the globalist are constructing around us,  you’ll can see these things about to unfold a light year and a half away.

Social Media Posts Serving As The Hijacker’s ID On Top The Trade Center Wreckage 

The so-called posts made by alleged synagogue shooter Robert Bowers referenced globalists in his attacks on jews.   Thus ‘conveniently’ making the Jews = globalist connection.

I 100% oppose globalism and globalists, but globalists and globalism is a much larger topic than jews.

I tried to post at Natural News that I had noticed a unusual uptick in white supremacist / anti-Jewish rhetoric on alt-news message boards, and I believed that the globalists were planning to use the rhetoric in conjunction with an ‘operation’ to go after the internet itself.

If you read the TV22 article you sent me on the synagogue shooting they weave the shooting through the pipe bomb ops, operation caravan to midnight, Trump hater, gun control [AR-15], internet, even ‘globalists’… You have right operatives Natural News drumming up the right vs left divide and concur hysteria.

These so-called social media posts by this latest shooter is far too convenient for full exploitation to go after speech on the internet AND I can see Trump supporters crying for it more than ever now that the shooter “hated Trump”. ‘ALLEGEDLY’.

The left do NOT hate globalists. They absolutely are in ‘lock step’ with them. The social media comments alone make this latest ‘Made-For-TV’ event as predetermined as the recent FAKE bomber was.

This is so much more than trying to hijack US ‘SELECTIONS’, it is the globalists ‘strategy of tension’ to dived the USA population into Right and Left camps.

I just recently posted here @ NN but, it never got past the censorship that there has been an uptick in ‘white supremacist’ rhetoric on message boards at certain sites. I said the pointed out that this ‘uptick’ white supremacist’ rhetoric was verily new that the globalists were going to be ‘staging something’ very soon. Don’t be surprised if the globalists use THEIR media to go after internet speech regulation in the aftermath of this latest ‘crisis’

Synagogue Shooting / FAKE Bombing To Quell Globalist / Establishment Critics.

I was correct to observe, and document, that the ‘uptick’ in {most likely FED run] white supremacist commenting on various alt-news websites would lead to an event that the globalists would exploit to ‘deflect’ attention from themselves and place blame / shame squarely on their critics.   Dirty tricks, mixed with special operations then, exploited by THEIR ‘Mocking Bird media’, is how the globalists move their agendas along while demonizing ANY of their opposition.  “If you criticize globalism / globalists you are with synagogue shooting white supremacist terrorists who send bombs to Dems”  Makes ZERO sense but, the globalists know that in a dumbed down society they just may get some traction with this absurd meme.

GAB.com To Be Sacrificial Lamb To A Free And Open Internet.

GAB.com is known as a pro Trump right leaning social media platform.  GAB.com was most definitely the target of [most likely FED run] white supremacist ‘provocateurs’, Who in mass, slowly racked up their membership at the site.   Globalist run / controlled Pay Pal, discontinued services for GAB.com because Robert Bowers had an account there.  So, now we have free and open speech being targeted financially by the globalist charging GAB.com with ‘guilt by association’.

Now what is going to have to happen, is that there will be alt-news / views websites by default, doing by exactly what the globalists want, self censorship.  The danger of this, even when blocking out ‘provocateurs’ from taking over a comment section, is that it NORMALIZES censorship.  Of course, the globalists will have ready made comments on alt-media websites to roll out with each and every ‘operation’ that is rolled out.

A message to all NON FED / NON agent provocateurs…

I did quite a bit of research and listened in on how the globalists were going to infiltrate ‘truther’ / ‘patriot’ ‘freedom from the NWO’… forums, comment sections, social media platforms…

There were quite a few online lectures on this topic by NWO academics @ the CFR website just to name one source. Get ready for every dirty trick in the book as the feds have hired thousands of ‘agent provocateurs’ to post garbage to be blamed on YOU. Also you know and should expect, that the same [unconstitutional] lettered agencies are working with their duped patsies whose names are ‘registered’ with the online platforms they wish to go after.

One thing I found out real quick, is that mainline ‘alt’ ‘forums’ have been completely taken over by the bad guys while others are fed run altogether.

The rule is to just stick to posting the kind of stuff that made us their enemy in the first place, the truth.


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